Feb. 9th, 2013

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Guys! Hey guys! Everybody listen up, cuz I got some news! And lots of it!

So first up I tried out for Quiddy and I made the team! You're lookin' at Hufflepuff's new Beater! That's right, the guns are ready to hit all them bludgers reall good. Y'all should all be afraid, cuz I've been told I got a mean hit!

And now second, and man this is a real doozy, but I was made a prefect! I was sure it must'a been a mistake, so I went an' asked Dumbledore, but guess what! It ain't a mistake! How cool is that? Now I can give y'all detention if you act up and shit- I mean crap. See! Ya ain't supposed to cuss.

So... well. I guess I get detention now. Detention, Ellis! Okay, sir...

[There's a long pause, almost as if he's finished speaking, and then he comes back onto the journals sounding as enthusiastic as ever.]

Oh! Oh, Nick! Ya wanna be my egg partner? I bet we'd make the best darn egg parents in the entire school! Did I ever tell ya 'bout this one time, Keith thought it'd be a good idea if we tried to raise a flour baby? Maaan, we was doin' so well and then-

[He cuts off and then you can hear him murmuring something in a slightly annoyed and disgusted voice.]

An owl just pooped on my shoulder...
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i dont wwant to talk about the match

in fact dont evven bring it up in this journal and if you try to im goin to fuckin hurt you and that is not a threat that is an actual promise you wwill get hurt
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If you make a love potion at least research the potion properly first - the next student I have come in with boils growing on their backside thanks to one gone wrong will be given to Professor Rhydderch for extra Potions lessons. If I catch any students brewing love potions on-campus, the same will still happen.

And then I will send you to Professor Donoghue for sex education.

We don't want that now, do we?


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