Feb. 17th, 2013

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As I'm sure you have all noticed, some of you experienced newly awaken feelings for a classmate, or, if you're among the staff, a co-worker.

it appears the snake eggs I gave you all last week were transported in the same crate of some vials of love potion. While I can't claim to know exactly what happened, I can speculate with some certainty that at least a few of the vials broke during the trip. It is my belief that the eggs contained the fumes of the potion until they hatched, at which time they were released in the school's atmosphere.

Therefore, I ask that you do not alarm yourselves at the behaviour and feelings you or your peers displayed the past few days. I'm quite certain that they are not permanent and should fade soon.

Should someone still be concerned that they, or someone they know, is still under the effects of the potions, I'm sure professor Rhydderch will be glad to make you an antidote.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope nobody's Valentines day was too wrecked by this incident.


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