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a brother's got a mighty fierce interest in colours all of a sudden. you ever notice how some people get a wicked cool connection all up and laid down between one colour and one emotion or some shit stuff like that? but then it's like who the hell now went and got deciding on that red should be all passionate and lusty while blue gots to be sad and gloomy? blue makes this here brother all calm and happy and quiet, why's it got to be negative?

anyway, back to the righteous shindig i was getting started on up in here! what's your most favourite of shades and why? :o)

Open lab

Apr. 2nd, 2013 03:13 am
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It has come to my attention that several students have been performing experiments or working on personal projects in their dormitories. While I strongly encourage creativity and extracurricular efforts, living quarters are not the best for such efforts. With that in mind, I will be setting up one of the empty classrooms for Ravenclaw students to use as they please, for scholarly pursuits or the practice of more practical magic. There will be cabinets set aside for storage, and each child that signs up will be assigned a secure space in which to store their supplies and the fruits of their labors. Anyone who would like assistance or someone to consult on their projects may approach me privately, and I will provide other supplies as resources allow, on an individual basis.

I should hope it goes without saying that no illegal activities should be taking place in this, shall we call it, open laboratory, but I know my House, and so I'll make it explicit. Any illicit activities performed in this room will be punished immediately.

Sign-ups for space and time can be done through this entry, or in person.


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