brothor: (But not this time)
Thor Odinson ([personal profile] brothor) wrote in [community profile] sortinghat_rp2013-06-15 03:23 am

ellifu [backdated to the quidditch match]

I am incandescently happy right now! Gryffindor, you played beautifully! Never have I seen such skill and glory upon the pitch, you have done your captain and dare I say, your house proud! Surely this will boost us to victory in all areas of the school!

Stark! In case you did not hear me on the pitch, I asked you to suck my Norwegian Ridgeback.  You should be ashamed for such petty moves you insolent manchild, you are certainly lucky not to have been knocked off your broom.

Moving on! I've quite forgotten how many places I've promised to visit through the summer, but I shall also offer my summer-home in Norway! The moose and the vast space of it all makes it quite worth the trip, I assure you all. We must have a party or I shall forget all of your faces.

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