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Sep. 27th, 2012 08:01 pm
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Okay, so I know I've said that I don't think there wasn't anything too weird going on. Now I have to take that back.

[Filtered to all the other Gryffindor fourth years.]

Guys, I'm not sure if I'm going to be staying in the dorms for a while. I'm going to be staying in the infirmary if I can, just so you guys know and don't get worried.

[End filter.]

Does anybody know when all of this weird stuff is going to stop?
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Um. So.

I think I can smell colors now. This would be so much cooler if I wasn't surrounded by metal and spinach.


Hang on, I need to test something.

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I was minding my own business, thinking about how great it was that I got in to Advanced classes, trying to ignore how everyone is going about weird things. Then it got hard to breathe because my clothes became too tight. They didn't shrink, I started growing. I've finally stopped, and when I find out who caused this or why, I am going to make sure you can't hold a wand properly.

I need clothes, I can't walk around in a bed sheet until this gets fixed.
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[This was going to be a post about how she thinks she's pregnant due to a wish to have another child. But someone just thought about how she wished she were young again, to fix Kankri's death, to be that age.

And well.

Careful what you wish for. Also she's teen pregnant cause that wish didn't disappear either

:( < well i'm pawsitively furious.
:( < i'm purretty sure someone hid my uniform
:o < and someone switched my robe with one a size or two too big >:|
:| < wow i can't find my unifurm at all. how am i suppawsed to go to class like this
:( < sal can you tell the purrfessor that i'm going to miss class beclaws of some stupid purrank

:( < also i don't f33l so good. kind of sick.


Sep. 26th, 2012 10:20 am
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Not to add to the comments about strange things that are happening, but something very odd is going on with Nimh.

And by that I mean he is talking.

(ooc| So basically Baljeet found himself wishing his pet rat was more than just somehow above average intelligence. So responses could come from Baljeet or Nimh or both. Nimh will probably pretty much be Templeton in terms of personality. Favorite rat forever.)

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You know, it's the strangest thing, but I've been feeling rather nice all day. Even the stupid goat following me around isn't as annoying as usual. I wonder why it used to bother me so much?


That's not really the point of this entry, though I have noticed that people often like to write about very mundane things in their lives. No, I was actually a bit bored this evening, so I wondered if anyone needed any help with homework? I've gotten all mine done, and it just seems like it might be a nice thing to do for people. Of course, I wouldn't actually do it FOR anyone, but I could probably help make some of the difficult concepts clearer. I'm quite a bit smarter than most of the people in the school, not that that's really anyone's fault.


Holmes, we never did find you, I think, what happened with your goat?


You know, really looking on it, I think I might be a homosexual. It was bothering me for awhile, for all sorts of reasons. But it's like the goat thing - suddenly it doesn't seem to be so important.


Sep. 25th, 2012 08:29 pm
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I made Beater on the team so I hope you're ready. I can't wait for our first match and I definitely wouldn't count out Ravenclaw this year. I thought a lot of talent showed up. Papa already sent me a new broom when he heard though he's doing his usual protests.

Tony, we'll be having practices soon right?

Oh and I don't know who got me that beautiful dressrobe but thank you. I was just thinking about getting a new one.

1 fishy!

Sep. 20th, 2012 10:53 am
bubblingover: ([Happy] The world repeats)
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w)(ile i know a wedding is exciting and all, i )(ave an announcement to make myself.

I am planning Sollux's funeral, i don't know w)(en )(e is going to die but it probably will be very soon.

So you are all invited! I've already planned out w)(at flowers, w)(ich are going to be lilies and we've )(ave decided w)(at's going to be on his tomb stone.

But i will probably need more )(elp, so if anyone wants to )(elp organise t)(is funeral, t)(at will be great! I promise we s)(all an nice a wake afterwards as well.

[private to Eridan]
I know, you need someone to talk to rig)(t now, i'm )(ere.
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It has come to the Ministry's, and therefore my, attention that Hogwarts is in need of some... Assistance. Given the Headmaster's unfortunate inability to keep things under control at camp and even now under his very own roof, the Ministry has seen fit to appoint me High Inquisitor.

I can assure you that this is a very good thing, despite what you may be thinking and on behalf of the Ministry I would like to formally apologize for the events at camp. It is unfortunate that his carelessness would result in such an unfortunate occurrence. I can assure you that while I'm here, none of you will get so out of control.

You may have heard that it was dark magic responsible, but I can promise you that this was a lie made up only to justify a few rowdy teenagers. This will not be tolerated while I'm here, believe me. Everyone's safety is of my utmost concern, and it's up to me to prune the thorny hedges and keep everything nice and orderly.

With that said, I do not tolerate disobedience of any kind, and if I catch any kind of behaviour like what was displayed at camp, the consequences will be severe. This is the only warning I am going to give anyone. I fully expect to get along with every student here, however, so do not let my faith go unrewarded.

Finally, along with my position as High Inquisitor, I have also been appointed Herbology Professor. But considering the importance of the position, it would be best for you to refer to me as Inquisitor Snow rather than Professor.

002 ♒

Sep. 15th, 2012 12:47 am
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is this month ovver wwith yet
is it october first yet it still cannot be september
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I hardly see what the point is of naming all these goats and putting up pictures of them. No one does it with the cows they get milk from or the chickens they get eggs from. They're there to produce potions ingredients, not to coddle. In fact, I'm guessing the feeding behaviors I've observed from some of the students are actually fairly deleterious to a goat's health, unless you want a really fat one.

Mark V

Sep. 14th, 2012 06:24 pm
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 This is probably the dumbest thing I've met.

But it doesn't mean you can touch it.


Sep. 13th, 2012 05:32 pm
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This year has certainly started off with a kick. The Ravenclaw tower was damaged and students seemed to think summer was still going on. I hope it's all out of your system by now.

Ravenclaw, congratulations on leading in the House cup already. I expect you to keep it up.

For Potions students fifth year and up in all Houses, I'll be opening up my room for extra use on weekends. This is to help you prepare for OWL's and NEWT's, not for goofing around and trying to make your butter beer a different color.

For students in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, you'll be taking part in a year long project. Each student gets a goat and has to take care of it. Why? Bezoars come from the stomach of a goat, so we'll be harvesting them all year long. Don't worry, you won't have to kill them. There is a way to do this so they regurgitate it. So don't wear any new uniforms, wear an older one that you won't mind getting stomach acid on. Goats don't come in the school, they stay outside. If you get it killed, you owe me a goat and the money for the one you killed.

Quidditch tryouts are this weekend. Go see Tony Stark if you'd like to tryout for the team. Just because we're a House of higher learning, doesn't mean we can't play sports.


Sep. 8th, 2012 04:42 am
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Thank fucking god that's over. I swear if I spent another minute with those nerds I would've stabbed something. You're lucky I didn't at all.

Probably would've if my knife hadn't been confiscated, but that's beside the point. How any of you can even stand being a Ravenclaw is beyond me, it's a miserable time just being in the same room as you.

Fuck all of you.

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I just wanted to extend my thanks to the Slytherin students for sharing their dormitories with us. It was a very generous offer and is greatly appreciated.

And to strongly encourage anyone who might be interested on biology as it relates to magic to join the Medical Science and Magic Society. Because from what I can tell, it promises to be very interesting!

[Filtered to Eriq and Herbert]

Just out of curiosity, have either of you been collecting a jar of hearts?

[Filtered to Baljeet]

Are you alright?


Sep. 6th, 2012 08:59 pm
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Hello everyone. My name is Ib Amano. It is nice to meet you.

I am interested in joining a club. I am already in the art club, but my parents say I should join one more, so I would like to ask for recoman recommendations.

I apologize if my English is not so good. I am trying to get better.

Thank you for your time.

~Of Guilt~

Sep. 5th, 2012 08:45 pm
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i do not wish to alarm anyone
but there is a little lizard ghost thing following me around telling me how awful i am
i do not know if it is just me or if one of you is next
but be warned
the guilt lizard exists

☀ 001 ☀

Sep. 3rd, 2012 11:30 pm
seeringlight: Credit by <lj site="livejournal.com" user="partyhard"> (A dangerous Rose.)
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I would like to formally extend my hand to all our new additions to Slytherin. May you show success in your endeavors befitting of this House.
But I'd like to now talk about the current dorming situation.
I am sure all of you are shining examples of good behavior, but let it just be forewarned that no tom foolery will be acceptable. That goes for those of my House and those who will be temporarily staying.

If anything comes to light that I become aware of?
Bonne chance à vous.

Besides that, I'd like to know who has what classes and whether or not we will be sharing courses together. Other than the standard, everyone must be taking something fulfilling for their electives. I feel like I haven't seen any of you enough with me being abroad for the Summer. I hope I didn't miss too much.

I suppose that is all.
Et avec ce bonne nuit.


Sep. 3rd, 2012 06:35 pm
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And here we are again.

The dratted cat has already run off somewhere. I think he does it on purpose. As certain as I am that he'll come back when he's hungry, if anyone sees a small Scottish fold, white with a brown patch over one eye and a brown tail, try and corner him and let me know where he is. He's kind of noisy.


And welcome to the Ravenclaws sharing our dorms for the week, I guess.


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