Feb. 8th, 2012 08:48 pm
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[there is a scratching sound, a thud and the sound of paper being ripped. silence, for a second, then a young sounding man starts talking]
Now let's see what they are, my dear. Some might even be thinking!

[writing starts to appear on the page, all while the man hums to himself]
Hello! I'm the Doctor, not the professor or anything other silly nonsense people sometimes call other people in places like these. Even though I suppose sometimes the other people are called doctors even in these places but that's in the muggle world and not in the wizarding world I guess because we

[the sentence cuts off, and the man starts talking again]

Hello, Hogwarts! Writing is boring, and I much rather prefer hearing my own voice instead! But yes, I'm the Doctor, and I'll be teaching you all about muggles. Which I know more about than anyone else, including the muggles themselves. I expect everyone to choose this subjects, since not liking muggles and not wanting to know more about them is idiotic and stupid and dull.

And yes, I very much planned to talk instead of write. I just didn't know it when I started writing. Or I did, just not consciously, which is an excellent way of doing things.

♥ 5.

Jan. 30th, 2012 01:47 am
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I call shenanigans on the Quidditch game. Obviously, Ravenclaw cheated. They used performance enhancing potions to win. There's no other way they could've beat Slytherin.
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Well, with all of the negativity from some people lately I'm almost happy to see all the cute lizards running around. Maybe they'll distract everyone from their crappy attitudes.

And you know what? The more crappy attitudes from people regarding Muggle borns I see, the more I really want to work in Muggle Relations when I get older.
I'm pretty sure that the Wizarding world could use mediators for some things and who better to do something like that than someone who knows about both worlds right? I really think it's something I'd be good at!
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I know most people here only pay attention to the new year that falls on January 1st, but what's so special about that? The answer, of course, is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, unless you're a major fan of drinking too much champagne and throwing up half-way through a half-remembered rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Booooriiiiiing!

No, Lunar New Year is the best New Year, no contest! There are countless reasons why, but one of the biggest is that each year gets an awesome animal symbol! Can't say that about stupid solar New Year!

In a few hours, the Year of the Rabbit will end. And I thought it would be fitting for the new year to come just a liiiittle early and chase the dusty old bunny year out! And not only that, but do it in style and power!

... basically what I'm trying to say is that's what's up with the hundreds and hundreds of lizards running around. I wanted to use the real deal, but would anybody sell a black market dragon to somebody underage? Noooooo. I tried. Besides, lizards are pretty much tiny dragons, right?

Happy soon-to-be Year of the Dragon, everyone, and be sure to treat the hundreds of Spikes running around with the respect... he?... they?... deserve as a symbol of luck and prosperity!
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Right, that was a good break. I love christmas time - any time when we can rest, relax and spend time with family is rare enough as it is, these days. I spent some time with Taiga, and she's doing well. She sends her love, by the way. Though that isn't exactly how she phrased it.

Anyhow, I got the school a present, myself. A couple of new bludgers. The enchantments on the old ones were wearing out, and were getting hard to keep maintained.

Anyhow, I hope you're ready for the new year! I look forward to it.


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