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Amber, how would you like to divide up the care time of the egg? It can't be left alone so I figured we should probably come up with some kind of schedule and then meet up a few times a day to take care of it together.
I've made a pouch for it that has little inserts that you can enchant to help keep it warm as well!

How are everyone else's dragon eggs coming along?


Apr. 20th, 2012 04:29 pm
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I wonder how long this has been sitting in my trunk? I guess it's been a while, Soul had to remind me that we have these in the first place...but it seems kind of pointless to me. What do you even do with it all day? Complain about homework? It's not that hard to write an essay on werewolves, geez.
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Congrats to Hufflepuff on their win. I wasn't at the match either but I could hear all of you cheering all the way up in Ravenclaw tower as well as Mr. Karkat's shall we say..colorful commentary.

Not that I really expect to have much time to do so I think that instead of studying over break I'll actually read for pleasure.
Is anyone reading anything exciting that they'd like to recommend?
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I think I've finally got a menu planned out for Easter dinner:

-Roast lamb with mint chutney
-honey glazed carrots
-roasted potatoes
-side salad of mixed greens
-chocolate soufflee with cherry-wine topping

I know ham is more traditional but I think this will help make the dinner a bit more unique and make more of an impression on our guests.

Does anyone else have any good suggestions? Maybe even on decor?
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This year's Easter break is going to be rather stressful for both my family and myself I think. Father sent me a letter announcing that we would be having company for dinner. Apparently it will be one of his associates and his wife and their small child.
I suppose I'd better begin planning on what to make for dinner since there's going to be three more mouths to feed.
Thank goodness I probably won't be expected to really make an appearance.
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In the interest of correcting some misinformation, leap day actually happens because it actually takes slightly longer than 365 days for the earth to fully orbit the sun. Without the addition of an extra day every four years, the calendar would eventually slip out of sync with the seasons. In fact, the current Gregorian calendar was designed to keep the date of Easter correct with respect to the vernal equinox.

Interestingly enough, although leap years usually occur in any year that is divisible by four, years that are evenly divisible by 100 but not by 400 are not leap years. Just to keep everything even.

Now, isn't that much more interesting?
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I can't believe the levels of ridiculousness in this castle at the moment. Do some of you want to be expelled? Or close down the school? Because those things are a possibility if these antics continue.

I realize that it can be hard going to a teacher with any issues that some of you might have, but Prefects are here as well. We don't just roam the halls looking to give out detentions you know! We're your peers and as such probably have a better idea of where you're coming from.

Also, it seems like the homework is piling up on a few of you and I'd like to remind everyone that I still do tutoring sessions and all you have to do is tell me what you need help in and I'm here for you.


Jan. 25th, 2012 10:55 pm
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I find the need to apologize to my fellow Ravenclaws for the loss in points. As a prefect, it was irresponsible, and I assure my housemates that it won't occur again.

And I hope that no one allows their pet to come in contact with Yong Soo in the future, the number of lizards in the Ravenclaw Commonroom is obscene.


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