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Oct. 23rd, 2012 10:46 pm
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first off
wwonderful wwin for the house evven though it is as expected considerin just wwho wwe are so im really not goin to add onto much since theres been such a big uproar about the match anywways and im pretty much just echoin evveryone else so yeah

im bored as shit at the moment and thus demand entertainment
so get on it
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Something I’ve wondered about for quite some time now: do students always align their preference in Quiddich teams based on their house? Would it be a breach of fealty to root for another house even if they are superior in skill? We wear our house colors to matches so in order to root for another house, would we have to go and find robes of their colors so as to show preference?

I really don’t understand the houses anyway. Seems like an intentionally antagonistic means of categorizing people by their basic personality types. Smart students can be in any house just as students with poor marks can be in Ravenclaw and not everyone outside of Gryffindor is a coward. We’re sort of dealt with imposed prejudice by being grouped with people “like us” who are in fact no more our kin than any other student in any other house.

Did you know that statistically, women do not work well together? There is constant completion in the ranks because they share enough similarities just in their gender that the need to stand apart becomes the driving force rather than working together. I would imagine this would be the same for the houses. Outside of Quiddich, the competition exist inside the houses between each student in an attempt to not just be a Ravenclaw, let’s say, but the Ravenclaw.

There are no studies where Hogwarts was not segregated to compare to but it seems a flawed system. If we were to remove Quiddich alone, and forgo that major source for commonality and community, would the houses tear themselves apart rather than engage in different cross-house hostility?

I wasn’t actually paying attention but I hear Slytherin did well. As Ravenclaw and Slytherin are currently locked in a house points war, I suppose I should be disappointed? I’m not.


Oct. 1st, 2012 05:04 pm
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I left a personal copy of An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe at the Slytherin's table in the Great Hall yesterday evening. It would not be a difficult thing to have it replaced and it isn't a book I need for any of my classes but I would appreciate it if the book made its way back to me. 'E. Aarset' is written inside the front cover if it makes it easier to specify. Thank you.


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