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Jun. 8th, 2013 10:39 pm
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So then what are everyones plans for the summer? I know that personally i will be taking at least a few weeks off from everything if at all possible after those bloody owls.
Naturally ill start up the summer curriculum homework afterward but golly do i need a break.
Maybe ill go camping. That sounds like a splendid idea. Would anyone like to join me?

--ah, mister Rogers, I think this textbook is yours.

[[ooc; Jake is packing his things in his trunk to leave. Anybody that wants to bother him in his room is also welcome, though the not-network part of this post is directed at Steve.]]

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Jun. 3rd, 2013 10:02 pm
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Oh yeah. What's that sound? That's the sound of Gryffindor kicking some hardcore ass. It's the sound of the snakes getting flushed down the toilet as lions reign supreme. Hear THAT? It's the sound of a lion rawring in the distance as it devours a snake.

If it wasn't obvious, Gryffindor is the best. We kick everybody's ass and take names. You wish you could be like us, don't you? Hell yeah.

[And then sloppily filtered to Murdoc.]

I'm topping tonight, it ain't up for negotiation. Winner sticks it in, after all.

Jun. 1st, 2013 07:53 am
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Greetings, to students and teachers both.

An introduction is in order. I am called Professor Yu, and I will be teaching a course on Magical Cultures in the coming school year. We will be learning about the history of magic in places beyond the boundaries of the Ministry of Magic here. If you have interest in the course, please approach me with your questions. My job is not yet to make your lives miserable.

As I understand it, yesterday was the last day of exams. Congratulations to those who took part. I have no doubt your hard work will be rewarded in time.

(OOC: signups are here.)

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A public service announcement, since it seems that all of you are extremely in need of the reminder:
There is less than a month left of school.
(You're welcome.)

To be precise, there are twenty-three days left. Slightly more than three weeks. Only seven of those are exams, so approximately 30% of our remaining days will be spent in torture.
In terms of hours, it's even less. 23 days is 552 hours. There are 40 total hours of exams remaining. Comparatively, that means 7% of our time, and all of it before the end of May.
I could compare that to the amount of time in your lifespan, or that the universe has existed, but I don't want to write that many fucking decimals.
It will be over soon. Don't give yourselves aneurysms.


May. 20th, 2013 12:46 pm
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any fifth year motherfuckers got the feel on for doing some group study work for them exams what be coming up? :o)
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So with the end of the term drawing near I'm going to be offering some extra office hours. I can be available to you right before it's lights out for you kiddos. Anything from the drawing of your runes, perhaps I could help you translate something, maybe we can go over some runic scriptures together? Hey, whatever you want.

With that being said! Everyone's favorite time, homework time.

You guys remember those last couple of runes we went over? Just practice drawing them, and then turn your notes from the last class to me so I can check them and make sure you've got all your information right. Ooooone more thing! Turn to chapter ten of Ancient Runes Made Easy, read the chapter and write me a one page paper on what you've learned. Not too hard, right? Cool!

[ Turn in your Homework here! ]
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Let's talk about dreams today.
And by that, I felt the need to talk about mine in specific.

It was fantastical and surprising. All of us were muggles! Well, I mean, those who were in my dreams. Some of us were trolls even. It was so very odd. We played a game that destroyed our worlds and we played even when we were meant to fail. I have it all written down. Every event of my dream. It would take much too long to talk about on here, but it made me wonder quite a bit.

Do you believe in alternate worlds? Universes? A time where you were something else completely. Perhaps you were a mere human with no magic to you. Or perhaps a god.

Have you ever had dreams where you felt that there was some truth to them before?

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Apr. 4th, 2013 06:27 pm
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hallefuckinglujah its april
in a couple months we can kiss this year good bye and thanks for all the fish
im pretty happy that i havent died this year either by my own hands or by my sisters
shes fucking insane ok
shes the queen of hearts so be careful with your heads
or vocal chords
or hands
shes not picky when it comes to severing body parts from your anatomy in violent ways all in the name of science and vengeance

ps jane crockers birthday is in a few days
april 13th
anybody got an idea for a place to hold a party
cant be in the gryffindor common room since shes got friends in other houses and shit
its also johns but i dont think hell be able to attend this year
ive already sent his present though so my best friend duty has been completed

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Apr. 4th, 2013 05:58 am
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So! Um.
Entertain a hypothetical situation with me here if you would chaps!
Say someone you knew and were friends with had been dancing around a topic for a good two months and some change due to a bit of a personal fear of how others might react to the knowledge.
Say erm... That this person was dancing around a topic that possibly had a bit to do with romance!
A lot to do with romance really. *tugs collar*
Lets just... hypothetically assume that perhaps this person is a bit afraid to... um. Tell folks...
About a romantic endeavor of theirs.
Because um.
Well you see...

Ah, yes. I feel like this would have happened so I will take it from here. Jake is pursuing a romantic relationship with I, Rose Lalonde. I worry that if I don't interject now, he may pass out and never get this done.
A good day to you too. ;)

Well yes there you have it!!

[Dual-post! Replies will come from both Jake and Rose. It's about time they came out in the open with this, they've been dating since January 27th. Whoops.

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Feb. 23rd, 2013 06:53 pm
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So its entirely belated seeing as ive gone years with this problem but...
Well i suppose i wonder if anyone has any good studying tips?
Im plum well awful at the sport and i figure i ought to actually get my arse in gear before i run into important tests in my future.
Not like noticing this in my fifth year is doing me any favors as is haha.

[Tandem-posting! He's making this journal entry while hanging out outside, if anyone would like to answer him in person, instead. :>]
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I've been thinking about starting up the Explorers Club again..would anyone be interested?

We could explore the castle and make notes of what we find. I'm willing to bet there's all kinds of secret passages and hidden treasures around here!

Maybe if we got a Professor as our adviser we could take short trips around the grounds too. Like maybe a supervised visit to the Forbidden Forest or diving in the lake?

Could we do something like that? And would anyone actually sign up?

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Feb. 2nd, 2013 05:38 pm
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Well ill be damned.
Its february already!
Isnt february meant to be some wholly love related month with a willy nilly holiday involving chocolates and things partway through somewhere?
That seems awful silly to me. Why does there have to be a specific month to show the people you care for how you feel? I mean i guess it sort of makes it special or something.

No matter a holiday is a holiday!
What has everyone got planned for their sweethearts?
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Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks, so I feel like it's worth asking some romance related questions. Mostly, I ask now because I'm sure I'll be busy later. I'm mostly curious.

Do you believe in love at first sight or true love? I'm not going to ridicule your answer, that would hardly be professional. Me? I can't believe such sentiments, as nice as they sound.
[She'd love to believe that, but Rose was much too cynical for such rubbish. There's a lot of reasons as to why, but she isn't going to talk about those. Ever.]

If you're with someone and expecting them to do something for the occasion, what would you be expecting? I suppose I'm asking what your ideal would be. Just chocolate and flowers or the whole ten yards?

First beat

Jan. 22nd, 2013 10:16 pm
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Well, I can't say I've ever been this late to school before.
Unfortunately, I can't claim to be awesome enough to have played hooky for half a year.
Maybe next year.
In the meantime, I'm back.
I'm sure you're all either completely ecstatic or completely disgusted, so please, contain your looks of horror and/or joy.
A simple "Sup, Dirk" will suffice.

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Dec. 1st, 2012 10:43 pm
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[Despite the commotion of the event and half the student body being at an age entirely inaccurate to the norm, Jake is not only his proper age, but a year older today. Not that he's really told anyone. Instead, he spends most of the day sitting in the window near his bed with a small photograph, tying together a small collection of (fake, because it was far too cold for real ones) flowers together to make a wreath. When he was finished with that, and only then, did he venture out.]

Does it happen to be permitted to burn incense in the dormitories?
Its a bit of an occasion but i dont particularly want to get in trouble.


Dec. 2nd, 2012 12:19 am
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If you will allow an old man to regale you with a tale of his youth, I should like to inform you all that when I was a student here we had to FIT into our robes to be accepted. What has the education system come to, I ask! I thought I'd be professoring...professing? Not nannying!
Is it too late to call shenanigans? I'm calling shenanigans. I resign. I quit.

I'll be in my office if anyone over the wise age of eleven has anything of worth to mention.
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Mamam? Mamam??? Là où est ma mamam?!
Je suis très perdu! Mamam? Où es-tu? :(
I think now no have papa et mamam. :(
Svp aidez-moi? :,(

...Help? Please?
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[Filtered to students]

has anyone else noticed that our robes are long enough we could totally get away with not wearing pants
i have a proposal
no pants tuesday
every tuesday dont wear pants
and since i aint gonna go around checking up your robes just gimme a brofist if you see me on tuesday and youve dropped trou thats cool

go commando if you wish but dont come crying to me if chris hansen has a sit down with you cause peeves indecently exposed you to a firstie


so yeah i know the match was exciting blah blah looks like that toucan from the lion king was wro
but theres a much more important question here
on a scale of one to id hit that like a mack truck going seventy down the interstate with no brakes
crashing headlong into a school bus full of frontier children on their way to the schoolhouse to have their knuckles rapped by mrs wrinklebottom until theyre old enough to go to work in the coal mines and or start popping out babies

how does my broom make my ass look

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Oct. 23rd, 2012 05:54 pm
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[There are a lot of inkblots, like Jake is tapping his pen against the paper rapid-fire. Then there's an entire green smear across the page, like he knocked his entire thing of ink over onto it. Finally, there are words.]

Confound it i just cant stop shaking.
Dirk roxy i need to speak with you both posthaste im in a bit of a tizz here.

[He makes an attempt at a filter, but fails splendiforously at it.]

What would be a good halloween costume to pair with a flapper?

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Oct. 18th, 2012 08:02 pm
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So, I know that Halloween this year is a big memorial. What's it usually like? Do we get to trick or treat or anything or ...is that not something wizards do.

[A weak filter BUT A FILTER.]

Hey, Nepeta. Um, are you feeling any better? How did all of that go?


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