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Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:19 pm
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Ravenclaw and Slytherin. It's been some time since I've assigned you work. I'd hate for your minds to wander while your professor is busy with near endless preperations, so I've taken the time to set you some busywork and warn you about your future curriculum.

First years, we will be studying the correct ways to treat and bandage wounds in an emergency. There will be practicals and you will be practising. I trust that the idea of bandaging a classmate won't throw you all into veritable fits of excitement.

In preperation for this I ask, Why put pressure on a bleeding wound?

Second years I'm sure you'll be thrilled to know we will be studying Cornish Pixies. If I'm feeling particularly magnanimous I may set one lose and have you attempt to catch it. I warn you, they do bite.

Third years can you tell me what the Lumos Duo spell is most commonly used in defence of? The answer will provide you with the subject of our next studies.

Fourth years as you've been informed, we are studying curses with a special attention to the unforgivable curses. I want you to name one and write me at least ten lines on why it has been deemed unforgivable.

Fifth years we will be studying the effective use of jinxes in battle and defence. I want you to name a jinx and write twenty lines on theoretical a situation it would be beneficial to use in.

Sixth years it is my great pleasure to announce that we are slowly ready to move on from the theory of nonverbal spells and we will begin to practise them. We will be starting with very basic spells, but remember that they take an immense amount of concentration. I advise that you rest up before classes.
You may rest, of course, once you write ten lines on the importance of nonverbal spells and what kind of things are important to perfect them. For example: To become proficient at nonverbal spells, one must become particularly good at focusing.

Seventh years will be going over theory with me and on Friday we will be having an in-class discussion about the psychological impacts of Dark Magic and curses. It will be a draining class, perhaps emotionally so. As with the sixth years, I advise you rest up and fortunately, you are free from the wrath of assignments.

Thank you and remember to ASK if you are in a state of complete and utter confusion. I would rather suffer through a stupid question than receive unsatisfactory work. It makes us both look bad when I grade you and I do so hate using red ink.

[[ooc: Homework goes here!! Also this is either back or forward dated so it doesn't clash with the event.]]
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[ In neat handwriting, this appears on the journal. Tiny hearts take place of where dots are supposed to be. That, plus the general tone of the note, tells you this writer is quite bubbly and evidently enthusiastic to share this piece of information. ]

Hey, hey, I found out something new today! Did you know that because chocolate has chemicals and stuff that makes our body release endorphins, it can cure you from a Dementor attack, too? Endorphins make us feel happy, so I guess that's why it does! Pretty neat, huh?

[ Then, the words take a little longer to appear. She writes this part more carefully, hoping to come off as more sincere somehow. ]

But you know... I lost the chocolate bars I bought from Honeydukes the last time we went to Hogsmeade. Does anyone know where they could be? If anyone ate them, I'll be really mad. I know! I'll give whoever finds them something nice♪ Please and thank you!

[ That's the end of that, it seems.

Oh, right. ]

Xiaomei ❀


Oct. 1st, 2012 05:04 pm
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I left a personal copy of An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe at the Slytherin's table in the Great Hall yesterday evening. It would not be a difficult thing to have it replaced and it isn't a book I need for any of my classes but I would appreciate it if the book made its way back to me. 'E. Aarset' is written inside the front cover if it makes it easier to specify. Thank you.
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Guess what!!?? As third years we can FINALLY go on Hogsmad Hogsmead weekend! 
I can't wait!

I'm going to spend ALL my pocket money at Honeyduckdukes!! 

Is there anyway other nice places to eat??


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