Oct. 10th, 2012 01:24 am
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It's disappointing that I wasn't able to find everything I wanted in Hogsmeade. Only to be expected though, and I have everything that I need...

Would anyone like to volunteer their time to help me with a little experiment?

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[Filtered to Sybille]

Are you sure about this?
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I realize this introduction is somewhat late and for that I apologize. My name is Klaus Wulfenbach and as of this year I am teaching Political Magic, an elective for third year students and above who are interested in magical government as a career or simply as a subject. I have been working at the ministry for several decades now, first as a hit-wizard and then as a member of the Wizengamot, and I have met far too many young hopefuls who have no idea what sort of system they're trying to become a part of.

Those of you in my class, this is a reminder that you have due five inches (for third through fifth year) or ten inches (for sixth through seventh) on everything you currently know or believe you know about how our political system operates. Simply writing 'I don't know' until you meet the length requirement is not only not advised, it will lose you points for laziness. On the other hand, there is no requisite knowledge I am looking for and no 'right' answer. Magical government is a very complex subject and I don't expect any of you to know it intimately right out of the gate.

[Filtered from Snow and Students]

To my fellow faculty -- I feel it my duty to remind you that Snow has thus-far done nothing wrong since his arrival and arguably even before then. I worked in close quarters with him for several years and I can certainly tell you I dislike him, but dislike does not cause for suspicion make. I understand that he has insulted many of you and your children and students, and I believe this High Inquisitor business is quite obviously more sinister than he would perhaps like it to appear, but again, he has not actually done anything he is not allowed to, even if taking points for ridiculous reasons and threatening to sack teachers should not be within his power.

I think it prudent that we not give him reason to make good on his threats to abuse that power in future. As I mentioned to Sybille, the more on-guard he is against us, the less likely it is he will slip, if a slip indeed is going to occur. Subtlety may work better for us than aggression. Just a thought.

[Sign-ups for class are here!]


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