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[There's some slight mumbling and grumbling in Chinese going on in the journals today students. Those familiar with Mandarin should be able to understand.]

How does this thing work, the ink just keeps seeing through all the pages, this is ridiculous-!!

[To accompany the voice, there are some big black splotches on the journals today. They look really thick, almost as if someone had used a paint brush. In the end though, there's a slight frustrated sigh on the other side, before Shifu clears his throats and addresses the school through the journals for the first time.]

Good morning students, this is Master Shifu, your Duelling teacher. I've been told that you all usually receive your homework through these journals; I'd just like to clarify that I don't approve of all this coddling. Though I will make an exception just this once as a personal favour to the Headmaster, there will be no more spoiling. I will give you your homework during class and you are expected to remember it. No complaints.

Now, a review of this week's class. Most of you did well...if you were aiming to disappoint me. Frankly speaking I haven't seen such bad duelling in all my years as a teacher. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I see that I will have to assign more work to get those of you in my classes back up to scratch.

For every year, I want you to submit a forty centimetre report on any spell of your liking. Describe the spell and mention why you feel it's appropriate for use in a duel, as well as its weaknesses and any counter or support spells you would use to back up your chosen spell. I'd better be able to hear you practise your incantations from my house during the weekend or there will be double homework the next week.

((OOC: Homework post here. Also, a reminder about Shifu's permissions here. His class is opened to 4th years and above only, given how demanding the course is, but younger students can get permission to attend so long as they ask for permission.

Also, Shifu's class is very practical, so be warned that your character will be asked to demonstrate his/her spell chosen for the assignment in class. That is actually 50% of the marks for the homework, so when you're filling up the homework post make sure to also include how well your character would do against a spell from Shifu.


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