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Hello, darlings! I hope you are all having a very fun and safe summer holiday so far. My name is Milla Vodello, and starting in the fall I'll be your new Charms professor! Well, for some of you, anyway. I will be sharing classes with Miss Matteris, and I'm not sure how we are splitting them yet. Don't worry, though, I'm sure you'll get just as rewarding a class whichever one of us you're assigned to, darlings! I am looking forward to meeting you when the new term starts! And of course, if you'd like, you can get a head start by talking to me with the journals. Don't expect me to play favorites, though! [ And she laughs brightly. Gosh, sure is lots of friendliness and cheer in here. ]

So, who here is doing something fun for their holidays, mm?

[ filtered to teachers; ]

Hello, hello! I haven't played with this too much yet, but I certainly see a lot of familiar faces from my own days at school here. Unless my eyes are playing tricks, of course! What a lovely coincidence, that so many of us from around the same time are back here now. It's almost like a reunion! Anyway, how is everyone feeling about the retreat?

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Jun. 24th, 2012 10:54 pm
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Congratulations on surviving another year, students. I'm sure you'll appreciate your break. However, I would not want for you to become bored.

First, Second, Third and Fourth Years:
Review chapters three through to six of The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts. Be sure to remember the essentials, you will be greeted with a quiz.

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Years:
Review chapter nine of The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts with great care. There will be a paper in regards to it.

On top of that, because you will be without the use of magic throughout the holidays, I would like for you to consider a question.
In a hypothetical dangerous situation, how would you defend yourself without the use of magic? I expect answers sent to this entry, those who fail to will be finding the answer the hard way.

[Private to Teachers]
If any of the more childish members of the staff have plans for the upcoming teacher prison camp, take my advice, just don't.
We're adults, honestly. If any of you have an nasty little plans you should consider a career change.


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