Feb. 14th, 2013

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Today is V-Day. I have a V-Card for you. We should meet up.

Also, my roommates are intolerable this week so meeting someplace far from Ravenclaw is preferable.

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So! Since it's Valentines Day and I see so many of you mooning over each other in the halls, I think it would be fun to do something for the holiday.


That's right! Give me messages for your loved ones and I'll try to write it up in the sky for you with colored smoke!

Muggles do things like this with airplanes but I figure it be done a LOT more easily with brooms. I figured it'd be a fun way for me to get flying practice in AND help out all of you couples out there.
Just leave your message, who it's to, and what color smoke you want it left in here. I'll note you back and tell you the location and time I'll write it and starting at 1pm I'll go outside and begin writing them!
Keep the messages kind of short since there's only so much room around the castle and I don't want them to overlap!
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[The text on the page is a looped cursive, to the point where all B's begin to more resemble 8's. Or maybe she's doing that on purpose. Who knows.]

Good afternoon students, and may I introduce myself. You may call me Professor Sekret, or simply Professor. Fellow staff members may know me as Charlotte. I've recently returned to take over the divination classes, so I suppose I will only see a select few of you. Those who show interest in the craft.

Now, I'm not sure what most of you would expect from a divination teacher, 8ut if you expect to 8e slacking off in my class, or that it'll 8e an easy way to get marks you'll 8e sorely mistaken.

The art of divination is an ancient art, and one to 8e respected. In our classes we'll 8e studying the history 8ehind it, as well as many various forms. It will not all 8e guessing the meaning 8ehind 8lotches of tea leaves in cups, or making up little dreams that you think will fool me. I expect work and I expect the 8est. You may not think you have the skill, or you may, 8ut either way this will not 8e a class you can coast through.

If you think you cannot meet these standards than don't even 8other attending. I won't waste my time on idiots.

That was all. Questions?

(ooc: and here is an ooc post you might wanna check.)


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