Apr. 29th, 2013


Apr. 29th, 2013 06:20 am
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[Filtered to Feferi. Easily spellhacked.]

H1 F3F???
1 W4N73D 700 45K YU0 50M37H1NG
1F 177H 0K
W0ULD YU0U W4N7 70 G0 0U7 7H0M371M3
L1K3 0N 4 D473


Apr. 29th, 2013 02:19 pm
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Well! That was all interesting, was it not? I think we have had more than our fair share of time to recover from whatever silly tricks the castle saw fit to play upon us recently though, would you not say? So I am afraid that I must assign you all some homework!

Do not fret, it's simple work to make sure your minds have not gone wandering from your studies!

I would like for my third to fifth years to write an essay detailing the uses of electricity in the home, and to give me examples of at least 2 electrical appliances that Muggles require every day. Not for leisure, but for practical use. Do not turn in less than two paragraphs.

Sixth and seventh years, I would very much enjoy twice as much information on the subject of television and how integral it is to the lives of Muggles. Your paper should successfully answer this question: "Is television a necessity or a luxury to a Muggle?" The choice is yours, and your papers will be graded on how well you convey your opinion to me!

Prepare for an in-class discussion on these subjects next time we meet! And if you would care to earn some extra credit in class for participation, let me know and I will arrange for you to read your essay in front of the class. ♡

[[Homework Post btw, I forgot. New to this. D=]]


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