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Name:Sortinghat RP - A Multifandom Harry Potter RPG
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A Multifandom Harry Potter RP   
The Wizarding World has just come out of a ten year war. For the majority of Hogwarts students, it has been such a large part of their lives that the time before Voldemort's reign is no more than a hazy memory, if they can even remember it at all. Many lives have been lost, both wizard and muggle.

Then, late on Halloween night two years ago, Voldemort was-- miraculously-- defeated, and by none other than a toddler. The entire wizarding community celebrated that day-- and for several days after. Everyone knew the name of Harry Potter-- the Boy Who Lived.

But a few months later, as a new year dawns on the wizarding world, things are not yet completely at ease. There is still the matter of Voldemort's followers, of course-- though many were arrested proceeding Voldemort's defeat, and many others claimed to have been under the imperius curse and made to follow him against there will, there is still tension and distrust within the community, especially from those who lost loved ones in the course of the war. It is still hard to determine where the loyalties of certain players lie, and no one yet feels completely comfortable speaking the name of You-Know-Who aloud.

Welcome to the Wizarding World. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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