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What is a good place for a date?

Nothing so tedious as "dinner and a movie"; something actually fun.
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Bruce has a thing for the library?
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Well, Bruce doesn't really get a kick out of heart racing things.

Take him to a pub quiz, that'll engage his mind. Alton Towers, try that.
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Pop-culture, sports, TV, random facts.

You wouldn't enjoy it, but John probably do. And one thing I know about dating, is when you are taking them, it's all about them having fun over you.
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Some place that sparks conversation, because the last thing you want is awkward silence. Local festivals, the aquarium, farmers market. Then go out for lunch or dinner.
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Then make up stories about each of the fish and their adventures with other aquarium inhabitants and tell them to your date, let them get involved in the story telling and build the story together. Boring is what you make of it.
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Imagination required.

Sometimes hard to find, but concerts in the park are cool. Also why not just find a cool part of town to walk around and look for things you wouldn't normally notice, talk. Sometimes simple works best.
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the second one sounds like where I live

Then think about what your date would like or want, and work off that. Gives you a starting point to build from.
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Then research the mountainous wildernesses that you can travel to and figure out the safest one you can and go for it. Take a picnic. Those go over well.
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Make things up on the fly if it gets dull. It's not all about what's happening, it will more often than not fall on you to be the thing that interests and keep your date from being bored.
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Define fun.
I could say skateboarding or fencing, but you might not find those interesting at all, and that would render my suggestions useless.
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With parameters like those, you could jump straight to sex.
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That's the default for a majority of relationships.
Since you were talking about a date, and dinner and a movie, it was an assumption that could be made.
Also, mentally invigorating wasn't included in your original parameters.
You could always try a duel.
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Normally I suggest hitting up a concert and going out for a drink afterwards. It doesn't really leave much room for conversation during the show though.
Street festivals are always interesting and if they turn out to be dull just grab a bite to eat and sit and people watch.