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I Hope That Everyone Is Making The Most Of This Wonderful Sunshine!
I Am Looking Forward To Seeing A Number Of You On Our Summer Trip.
If Any Of You Have Any Questions About What To Expect Please Do Ask!
I Would Hate For Anyone To Miss Out.
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I believe it is already shaping up to be a wonderful trip.
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I will, though muggles and Muggle Studies are not my area of expertise.
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Is it a tradition in non-wizarding families, then?
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I gather, since there seems to be so much excitement about the trip.
I have done some research, but you seem to know what to expect.
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Perhaps, then you can describe the kinds of muggle devices that are likely to be there.
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I'm still not sure if I want to go all the way to Florida or not. I think visiting the parks would be cool but I'm not sure if I could handle that much heat and humidity.
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I think the parks would be awesome but I'm worried about that much sun. Even with the potion don't you think it might be hard to cope with?
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I suppose I shouldn't. How are we traveling there?
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By plane then? That's great! I like flying a lot better than using a Portkey.

Do we have to buy our own tickets? If so, you gotta fly first class on such a long flight. Coach is just miserable for that long
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I'll pay for my own ticket then. I can pay for yours as well if you like. We can sit up there and be all hoity toity for a day.
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No, but surely I can't be unsupervised? Someone will have to sit with me..it might as well be you right?
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What can i say, it's a gift.