3houseswatson: (What is happening with these lips)
John H. Watson ([personal profile] 3houseswatson) wrote in [community profile] sortinghat_rp2013-06-13 10:10 pm


With all the excitement of finals, school wrapping up, getting ready to head back home, and one or two other rather momentous things, it kind of just occurred to me that I haven't bought my sister a wedding present yet.

And she's getting married at the end of the month.

Which gives me only two weeks.

Might not be the proudest realization of my life, but at least I've still got some time to scramble. Better than realizing it when I'm putting on what my suit before the wedding. She wanted me to wear a kilt but I think she was probably too drunk to remember saying that, thank God.

Does anybody have a solid wedding gift recommendation for a sister you love but who is also almost always incredibly frustrating?

[Filtered to Sherlock]

Whatever I end up getting Harry, I'll probably have to go to the city for it. Want to join me?

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