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With all the excitement of finals, school wrapping up, getting ready to head back home, and one or two other rather momentous things, it kind of just occurred to me that I haven't bought my sister a wedding present yet.

And she's getting married at the end of the month.

Which gives me only two weeks.

Might not be the proudest realization of my life, but at least I've still got some time to scramble. Better than realizing it when I'm putting on what my suit before the wedding. She wanted me to wear a kilt but I think she was probably too drunk to remember saying that, thank God.

Does anybody have a solid wedding gift recommendation for a sister you love but who is also almost always incredibly frustrating?

[Filtered to Sherlock]

Whatever I end up getting Harry, I'll probably have to go to the city for it. Want to join me?
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Try a tagine. Everyone loves a tagine.
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Well it's better than a gravy boat for a start.

It's an earthenware cooking dish kind of thing. Makes some great Moroccan dishes.
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You know, Stark Industries do design and sell diamond studded giant robots.

But we sell them to mining corporations and concrete cutters. Any they're mostly just arms more than an whole robot. So I didn't think you'd really need to do some heavy duty mining, or drilling.

Besides, food's more interesting.
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A fruit basket that delivers fresh in season fruit every month is good. Or maybe one of those sweet stand things? They can be used for more than just sweets.

[Steve draws what he means by the sweet stand since he doesn't know what it's called, looks like this.]
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No it's a service. Maybe you guys don't have it over here, but my dad, who's a muggle, did it for my mom one year. She always bragged to her friends about it.

I'm sure you could find a stand like that that's sturdy.
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Where there's a will theres a way.

But I really don't see why the UK wouldn't have something like that, so I'm sure you'll find one. Might take a bit of a search, or the Internet, but it's gotta be out there.
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I'd recommend not getting her anything at all.

[Alec, projecting his sister issues? Yeah, that's exactly what he's doing.]
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Perhaps you should work on preparing yourself instead.
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I'd be delighted to accompany you. I am assuming all magic gifts are out of the question.
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I'm sure you'll find something suitably dull and practical.
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You came up with that nightmare scenario a bit too readily.
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They're lesbians, yes? Get them a gift voucher to a store that specializes in organization apparatuses. Married households have far too much stuff to contend with women enjoy finding accomplishment in being tidy.
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Generally with wedding presents it's a good idea to buy the couple things for their home, like kitchen appliances, furniture, that kind of stuff. Maybe you could organize the wedding album for them?
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Aunts can be like that. Maybe chip in to get a nice frame for a particularly nice wedding day photo for them to put over their mantel or something?
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That'd be a pretty memorable picture at least? :)
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I see the suggestions have already been made, but a useful gift is often the most appropriate kind, for a wedding. Having lived with her, you are most likely to know what that would be.
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You are more than strangers, even through blood, and that is a beginning. There is no harm in asking others in your family what gifts they plan, either. It may give you more ideas.
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Do The Couple Have A Bridal Registry?
It May Prove A Useful Starting Point.
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I See.
I Take It That It Is Not Simply Something That You Can Ask Her?
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If all else fails there's always gift cards. A card to a store that sells home goods is always a good bet.