Jun. 13th, 2013 10:10 pm
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With all the excitement of finals, school wrapping up, getting ready to head back home, and one or two other rather momentous things, it kind of just occurred to me that I haven't bought my sister a wedding present yet.

And she's getting married at the end of the month.

Which gives me only two weeks.

Might not be the proudest realization of my life, but at least I've still got some time to scramble. Better than realizing it when I'm putting on what my suit before the wedding. She wanted me to wear a kilt but I think she was probably too drunk to remember saying that, thank God.

Does anybody have a solid wedding gift recommendation for a sister you love but who is also almost always incredibly frustrating?

[Filtered to Sherlock]

Whatever I end up getting Harry, I'll probably have to go to the city for it. Want to join me?


May. 5th, 2013 11:38 am
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I suppose I should be glad that, as tests and finals go, 6th year is kind of a breather year. The OWLs are behind you and the NEWTs are still looming on the horizon but otherwise not an immediate threat. I personally didn't think the OWLs were all that bad, even though my marks were just decent. Nothing to write home about, especially since the family wouldn't know what nocturnal birds have to do with tests anyway. Still, good luck to everyone who's got to square off against the big tests this year, especially if you're still trying to get your head sorted after the school's most recent bout with strangeness.

Ah yeah, about that, the odd mind and body stuff. The only thing I had to deal with was a body that was about 20 years older than it ought've been (and the same height I am now, of course). I remember the whole thing pretty clearly, but I think that's because my mind wasn't changed. So... for those of you who've been told that their brains were mixed up, do you remember anything about those days at all? Is it like you blacked out for a few days, or is it all a little fuzzy, or do you remember all of it clearly?

I ask because I'm sure I'm soon to have a certain conversation, and this'll give me some insight on where that talk will fall on a scale of "awkward" to "stupdendously awkward".
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This is perhaps the strangest hallucination I have ever experienced. Tactile is not generally a component nor do I tend to believe I've lived two different childhoods. Can't be H.O.U.N.D. and I haven't used. Lucid dreaming, perhaps? Most likely though in that case I have rather lost control. Very odd indeed, but then I do seem to harbor the belief that this book will populate itself with responses and that I'm at a school for learning magic. It hardly does to only call one thing odd when so much is absolutely ridiculous. But I believe it. That shouldn't be possible.

I'll have to consider carefully how to move forward from here. I'm not sure how but it could be Moriarty. Makes as much sense as anything.

[ooc - replies with not_a_hero. 4th wall breaking is A-Okay]
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Thank God the egg hunt thing is over with. Don't get me wrong. It looked like everyone who was participating was having a lot of fun... when they managed to stay the right shape, size, and species... but I just couldn't get anywhere near those things. After everything that happened with the snakes last month, I think I might still have some latent egg-related trauma. If someone told me I turn beet red or get the thousand-yard stare when big plates of boiled eggs are served at mealtimes, I probably wouldn't be surprised.

It all worked out for the best in the end, though. Avoiding the hunt gave me lots of time to study and practice Apparition. With any luck, I won't be splinching myself when the Trace gets lifted from me tomorrow. Easter just had to fall on my birthday this year, didn't it?
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I need volunteers for tests involving physical stimuli -- primarily oral but tactile engagement is not to be discriminated against. Male and female applicants accepted. Disclosure of previous experience is required. Collected data will not be published.

Reply to apply. Genuine inquiries only.


Feb. 19th, 2013 10:37 am
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If I ever think about snakes again, it'll be too soon. I'm officially done with their slithery ways. They can all either grow some legs and be proper lizards or just steer clear of me. All snakes the world over are officially notified. The ball's in your court now, snakes.

I'd also like to apologize to anyone who might've got distracted from what they were doing if they caught sight of all the snogging Sherlock and I were doing in the Great Hall. And the not-as-great halls. And the courtyard. And... you know, just. Take this as a general apology.

[Filtered to Sherlock... Oh god an actual filter??? This is serious.]

We need to talk.
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Today is V-Day. I have a V-Card for you. We should meet up.

Also, my roommates are intolerable this week so meeting someplace far from Ravenclaw is preferable.

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Snake eggs have a very interesting feel to them. Once I get some more equipment, I should be able to test different properties of the shell. Does this work like the goats did? Will I be able to get more at cost?
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[Filtered from teachers and any particularly detention-happy prefects]

[Inkblots. Oh God, inkblots, inkblots everywhere. And the following is scribbled hastily.]

Just woke up to quite a surprise and after nearly being shocked into having a damn heart attack, my biggest question is -

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I'm no longer under the trace. Still trying to decide what to do with this new found freedom.

Suggestions welcome.

Mark XI

Jan. 11th, 2013 02:06 pm
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Hey, everyone no doubt had an amazing fortnight off. I know I certainly had some, we'll go with, well, eye-opening in weird ways I guess.

And then we have the new term coming up. I've thought of some new plays and I'm looking forward to taking on Gryffindor and Slytherin, And I'm going to be taking you both more seriously than I did Hufflepuff.

And thanks to the one with the wide forehead an blonde hair. I will actually be in the Duelling competition that's coming up. Which really is an exercise in stupid, but hey, pretty sure I can make an impression, I always do.
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Sent away for two pairs of boxing gloves. Not fond of waiting. Anyone here happen to own a pair and have them on hand?

For purchase, lease, or to borrow.


Nov. 27th, 2012 11:03 am
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Did anyone else hear that bit about dress robe stores visiting the school in Dumbledore's Yule Ball speech? I'm almost afraid to ask how much that sort of thing would cost. I suppose if I end up going with friends instead of an actual date it wouldn't be as big a deal, but still.

But here I am getting ahead of myself and talking about something a month away when I haven't even mentioned how great Hufflepuff did at that Quidditch match! Our team really took no prisoners, and they've got a fantastic win to show for it! Better luck next time, Ravenclaws.

[Filter to Greg]

Are you doing alright? You looked thrilled just after the match, but it seems to have faded awfully fast for a captain who successfully carried his team to victory.



Nov. 16th, 2012 10:55 pm
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It's been a while since that shady business with those doppelganger-things, and a lot has happened. I think part of me worried that maybe I'd jinx it and everything would come tumbling down like a house of cards if I actually sat down and thought about it, but perhaps it's been long enough now.

Some of you might have noticed already, but for those who don't know... I haven't needed my cane since the last day the shadows were around. My limp hasn't been bothering me at all.

I'll not go into details since the particulars might get us a stern talking-to at the very least, but suffice to say, something that happened that day really unplugged all the sinking feelings that had been weighing me down for too damn long. (If the cryptic italicization makes zero sense to you, sorry - in joke.) Though maybe try not to go to such extremes next time, Sherlock. You're already brilliant without having to be so dramatic.

Anyway, it feels like it's been ages since I last went to Hogsmeade. I think I'll go this time since I can get around so much better now. Who else is going?
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Morality. Must the ends of something justify the means? Is it morally acceptable to kill one to save many? Is killing wrong regardless of the outcome?

The line between right and wrong can be muddied rather easily.

All this talk about book privileges is boring, let's talk about something interesting.
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Things are much better. Have been much better. I doubt there were a great many concerned but for the few annoying individuals who would not leave well enough alone, I am quite alright. The less said the better, honestly.

I'm not certain what Snow is thinking. Dark Magic like this is not something that could so easily infiltrate Hogwarts. He knows as much. I am beginning to suspect rather than being stupid, he is intentionally trying to hide something.

Far too early to go too far with such speculations. But I will certainly keep good records of these events for future analysis. Jumping to conclusions is the worst we could do in the interim. This makes two attacks in less than a year. There will be more. There can be certainty in that fact alone.
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Has anyone read the Grimm Fairytales? I've always been quite fond of them; as a kid I found the story of the Strange Violinist rather interesting.

It makes me want to learn how to play. Perhaps I'll teach myself.

Anyone know how to play?


Jryy abj, V trg ybj naq V trg uvtu, naq vs V pna'g trg rvgure, V ernyyl gel.

Pner gb trg grn yngre? 

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In the interest of an unbiased study into muggle behaviors and cultural discrepancies, I require a ^muggleborn female student to associate with me or at the very least permit me to engage in observational behavior including but not limited to tailing, watching from the shadows, and keeping close records on all activities, correspondence, and so on. Do not waste my time if you are already well aware that you are annoying and generally distasteful.

Please respond to this message with your interest. I will select the best candidate once all volunteers have come forward.



Oct. 7th, 2012 08:28 am
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[His tremor is acting up badly today, so his handwriting is shaky and occasionally slightly difficult to read.]

Right. This thing. How do I start something like this? "Dear Diary" sounds really stupid, the kind of thing you write in a journal that's pink with pictures of kittens on. This one's just... brown. With brown on.

That's an awful start too. How do I erase in this thing? Can I even erase in this thing?

So. Someone I talk to regularly about things told me to write about my life in the journal system. She thinks it'll help.

Not much of a point to that since nothing happens to me.


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