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[Someone is nightblogging on Dumblr]

So... Has anyone else noticed some... uh, well, weird things going on, because um. There are some pretty weird things going on right now. Like a lot of weird things.

Right, anyway.

Why do we bake 'cookies' and cook bacon? I mean, come on, you think we could have named things better here.

[Someone might be a bit hungry also.]
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Is it normal for cups of perfect Turkish coffee to appear when one isn't looking? Thank you to whoever took the time to do something so thoughtful Maxim?, but I don't actually think we're allowed to have food or drink in the library. You're lucky I'll bend rules for coffee.

[Filtered to Rapunzel]

We ought to talk, I think. I've been putting it off and that's stupid of me and not fair to you or him besides.

003 ♒

Sep. 20th, 2012 09:38 pm
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[Filtered away from Murdoc, Sybille and of course Snow.]

i knoww its a tad bit early in the year to be thinkin about this
but uh
does anyone havve room for one more durin wwinter break
and summer perhaps
because id appreciate it
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I suppose I might as well join in the recent wave of announcement posts. I have also been given the honor of being made a fifth year prefect, for Hufflepuff. Congratulations to all of my fellow prefects and a hello to those now under my care! Rapunzel, if you'd like to talk whenever you have time? Since we're both Hufflepuff prefects I think it might be prudent to discuss how we're going to handle our duties.

Those of you who volunteered to help with the filtering charm, I haven't forgotten you! I've been researching theory and it really shouldn't be difficult at all to create the charm we want. If you are alright with waiting until school is back in session, as most of us can't do magic, I think we can have it in effect a few days after the start of term.

In slightly less serious news and in the spirit of heading Maxim off before he starts to brag too obnoxiously about it, he and I have finally given in to the inevitable and

[A pause, some blots]

we are

[Blotttt. He's thinking how best to phrase this, okay?]

officially dating. If he seems particularly smug and unbearable, you now know why.
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Due to a recent influx of entirely inappropriate entries into the network of journals we all share, I'm proposing a last-minute summer project!

We need to invent a spell that will direct away and/or effectively blank out entries containing subjects we don't want to see. That way those of you that wish to be inappropriate can do so with wild abandon and those of us that don't want to see it don't have to. Everyone is happier all around!

The only issue is that none of us can use magic outside of school, so this may have to wait until school is back in session. Unless of course a Professor wants to help, or to sanction it? 
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[Van hasn't been using his journal all summer; he's been busy with the shop and keeping the Jaegers in line. Apparently he hasn't been doing as well as he'd hoped, because there's Maxim, half-naked in a journal entry even the little firsties can see. Good thing the Von Mekkhans are masters of PR.]

I would like to publically apolo


I'm sorry that Maxim Jaeger is a ter

[I N K S P L O T C H 


This isn't working

Maybe face-palming into the void will restore the karmic balance]


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