Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:49 pm
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I got the job at the restaurant near my home, and I get to help out for the festival this year. It sounds like good news, but my neighbor keeps coming to the restaurant and sitting in the area I work in. He said it's so I can learn to deal with jerks, like himself, and still get tips. He also asks if I spit in his food, I haven't, yet.

I hope I get to teach kids to shoot arrows instead of being ye olde serving girl at the festival.
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Filtered Text under the cut )

[After a few seconds, he adds an unfiltered part as an after thought, because he really just needs to get his mind off of this shit.]

so i hope you little shits all had a fantastic time at the party.
you owe me some fucking lube though.
and condoms.
because seriously who uses a mans condoms.
thats just rude.
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[Those who open their journals to this entry will be met with irate sounding pre-pubescent Norse]

Thor I can't believe you started a fight! I knew you were dense, but really?! This close to the end of the year and you've barely gotten in trouble and then you pull this?!

Father is sending his howler now, I can hear him bellowing from up in my room.

Mark I

Jun. 8th, 2012 07:40 pm
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About the dance, I'm going stag.

That way, I can dance with all the girls. And believe me, you never forget a dance with Tony Stark.

Speaking of things you can forget.
Steve, going stag, too?

[The following is sent to the students, trying to get around the teachers seeing it.]

Also, what are the chances of getting an after party going? Dances are great and all, but after parties are where the real fun starts.

ϟ 3

Jun. 7th, 2012 11:35 pm
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That dance is coming up pretty quick.

It's not required to have a date, is it?
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Where do I even begin?

What words could I possibly use? Are there even enough words, STRONG enough words, to cover what is percolating in my brain right now?!

I'm taking, of course, about my uncharacteristic silence in regards to the Quidditch results. I'm sure some of you have been watching the journals. Waiting. Seeing each. and. every. excruciating second tick by, wondering when I'd finally say something. Heightening tension! Making easy but accurate bomb metaphors!!

Well strap yourself in because that time is now.

I know what went wrong with that damn match. I didn't throw myself into the match as much as I could have - SHOULD have! A Quidditch victory is like the birth of a majestic phoenix: only achievable with the flames of destruction ripping the previous body apart in an all-consuming inferno! Yes, yes, yes, that's the problem; my self-destructive tendencies were weakened. And that is why we failed.

And yet what a stunning success it all turned out to be! The egg Shinra and I were charged with hatched gloriously, and when I stared into Ladd Jr.'s mad, beady eyes, it was worth it. To sacrifice one's own dreams is the fate of all parents! Trampling hopes and aspirations into the fertile soil used to cultivate the next generation is the cycle which links us all inexorably, end over end, past blending to future, forever!! It's natural to make that sacrifice! Accepting a harsh fate for familial love!!

Oh and speaking of Ladd Jr., I haven't seen him for about 10 hours now. I don't know if Shinra has him or if he's off on a wonderful adventure, but the phrase "severe psychopathic proclivities" came up when his health was being evaluated. So take that as you will.


Jun. 4th, 2012 09:06 pm
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So is it totally weird for you guys to have your pets see you naked now that you know what they think about?
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Has anyone bothered checking out the Owlery lately?

You might want to do that.


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