Oct. 11th, 2012 11:23 pm
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[Filtered to students 5th year and up]

I need help with something. I need to know about any charms that can make a certain type of weather happen in a room.


If enough teachers get injured in their Quidditch match, are classes on Monday canceled? I can't see all of them recovering as fast as a teenager.
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In the interest of an unbiased study into muggle behaviors and cultural discrepancies, I require a ^muggleborn female student to associate with me or at the very least permit me to engage in observational behavior including but not limited to tailing, watching from the shadows, and keeping close records on all activities, correspondence, and so on. Do not waste my time if you are already well aware that you are annoying and generally distasteful.

Please respond to this message with your interest. I will select the best candidate once all volunteers have come forward.



Oct. 9th, 2012 02:21 pm
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I got a lot of art supplies while I was in Hogsmeade! This is going to be so fun. If anyone wants me to make them something crafty, I'm still offering!

Did anyone else have an exciting time?

[Filtered to Sollux, Graham, Tulio, Marina, Kankri, Dolores, and Dean]

Can I meet you all somewhere after dinner? Ms. Maryam, do you know a place for us to meet?


Sep. 29th, 2012 01:49 am
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[Handwriting is a bit messy, clearly written by a shaky hand.]

Does anyone know about any transfiguration spells that can change your sex, and if yes, anyone have any information on how to reverse said spell?

[He's been made into a girl, bear with his panicking.]
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Everyone is invited. I will not tolerate any complaints about who decides to attend. If someone you dislike happens to come, you will just have to be the bigger person and either be civil or keep your distance.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Tea Party, please contact me with your inquiries. Thank you.

Things have been...odd haven't they.

[Filtered to Roxy Lalonde]

I need to speak to you in person as soon as possible. Please.
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Is it normal for cups of perfect Turkish coffee to appear when one isn't looking? Thank you to whoever took the time to do something so thoughtful Maxim?, but I don't actually think we're allowed to have food or drink in the library. You're lucky I'll bend rules for coffee.

[Filtered to Rapunzel]

We ought to talk, I think. I've been putting it off and that's stupid of me and not fair to you or him besides.
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You know, I thought Snow was a pretty big asshole just like everyone else when he first made his announcement, but now he makes me nervous as shit.

He's teaching the same subject as my older sister! It makes me nervous to know that he's going to be working so close with her so often...

I know Chia already warned me to hold my tounge around him, but I don't know how much I'll be able to hold myself back if he upsets her, Feli or Alice. Treating family like shit is something I'm not cool with other people doing. Feli and Alice are super sensitive at that.
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I don't offer advice very often, but it just so happens that I'm feeling relatively altruistic today, so listen closely.

If you don't want to be on the Quidditch team for whatever reason -Speaking personally, I can think of a number of perfectly valid justifications for wanting to stay on terra firma- maybe you shouldn't show up for the tryouts

But I think this advice probably comes too late for most of you. My gold's on Hufflepuff this year.


Sep. 20th, 2012 08:45 pm
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Oh my! It's been quite a while since I've been here, especially using these journals. I wonder if that old journal of mine is still in the Gryffindor common room… Or is it in my old office? I know I had one when I was a teacher. Was the one I had as a kid different? I think it was different. I think it was! I don't remember. Hmmm. Ah well! I feel like a kid again, being back here in school with everyone again!! How exciting!

It's quite nice to find myself back here though, especially in my old post of your professor of Care of Magical Creatures! The creatures didn't seem to remember me much - minus that one very very very very very old one, what is his name again? I don't remember it, but he didn't seem to be too happy to see me again. I wonder if he still hates tomatoes! What a silly thing to hate. They're so tasty! And red! And delicious!

-But ah! Getting away from myself. It's wonderful to meet all of you! And to re-meet some of you, I'm sure. I don't think I remember very many people, it's been quite a while - plus I never liked England or Scotland much, it's far too cold. Don't want to remember it. Yuck. But. Anyway!! I look forward to being a teacher here again!
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okay, lii2ten up.
ii dont really liike the viibe 2now giive2 off, but not iin the way everyone ii2 concerned about.
ii mean, thiink for a moment.
ii wont 2ay how obviiou2 iit wa2 that 2omething unnatural wa2 at hand, ii mean, ii got out of there wiith a broken no2e and 2hiit.
what ii mean ii2, thii2 all 2ort of cliick2 when you thiink about iit.
ju2t put your tiny braiin2 two u2e for a moment and con2iider:

1. obviiou2ly dark magic wa2 at hand at the camp.
2. 2uddenly 2now come2 iin, usiing the i22ue2 cau2ed at the camp a2 a very conveniient excu2e two put hii2 fat ugly haiiry a22 down on our 2chool HMMMM UNCANNY.
3. he dii2mi22e2 all claiim2 agaiin2t dark magiic, and iimmediiately punii2he2 tho2e that argue agaiin2t hiim on the matter of dark magiic.

ii dont know about you, but ii thiink that thii2 wa2 orche2trated from the 2tart.

2now either did heeby jiinkiie2 on u2 at the camp hiim2elf or u2ed hii2 network two get 2omeone two do iit for hiim.

iit wa2 all a plot two pave the way for hii2 entry, ii thiink.
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[Filtered away from Snow Because she doesn't want to cause anyone problems]

In regards to all the issues we were having previously, mostly in respecting personal 8oundaries and space, I was considering starting up a clu8. It's 8asic function would 8e to teach us all a8out respecting each other, and what is and isn't ok to do to one another without asking for permission 8eforehand.

Would anyone 8e interested?


I think 8y now we've all gotten enough coursework to justify the first meeting of the study clu8. Everyone is welcome, and if you're already one of my peers that I already tutor, you're dou8le welcome. Unless you'd prefer to remain in a more one on one situation, then just talk to me and we'll find a time that suits us 8oth.

Now I think I'm going to spend some time with Templeton. I'll 8e there if any8ody needs me.

[Filtered to students]

So how many of us have gotten detention from Inquisitor Snow. Are we all digging up the garden?



Sep. 18th, 2012 11:08 pm
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All right, art club members, we're going to have our first meeting this Friday! We'll be outside, weather permitting, by the lake! Bring whatever you want to make art with! It should be a ton of fun, and we're still open to new members!

And on a prefect note, while you all should have been already, I hope you'll be on your best behaviour with Inquisitor Snow here! Thank to the Headmaster, I'm working on a project that should help keep folks out of future detentions if they do get in trouble. But you'll hear more about that later!

Oh, also, I'm always looking for things to work on in my spare time! If anyone has some sort of craft they'd like me to make them, feel free to ask! I'll get some more supplies in Hogsmeade come October if I need to.
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Well now, I'm glad to see everyone back at school safe and sound and ready for what has already begun to be an eventful year. I know that the first little while has been quite busy and exciting for many of you, but now is not the time to forget that you are attending this prestigious academy first and foremost to study.

Now that everyone is back for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to repeat my previous assertation which I recognize may have been overshadowed by more pressing matters in the past weeks, which is to say that for those of you who would be comfortable speaking to someone who can offer an unbiased perspective and also who can be approached much like one would a peer, I am willing and able to offer my unique and unbiased perspective as a not-quite-peer mediator. This goes for faculty and students, I remain unbiased either way and will be willing to listen to any concerns that any individual might wish to raise. I also will be willing to provide advice as to appropriate avenues to carry these concerns on, should the individuals in question wish to do so, in order to minimize offense taken by any party and, ideally, help to foster a deeper sense of camaraderie and understanding between fellow students, fellow staff, and between the faculty and the student body, as well.

I do not wish to come across as obtrusive in any way, particularly as my transcorporeal privilege can make some reticent to approach me, and I recognize and respect this, and will refrain from approaching anyone who may be triggered by my appearance. However, should anyone wish to reach me, they need only inquire into the whereabouts of Kankri Vantas, and you should find me in fairly short order. I will do my best to be readily available and approachable for students and faculty alike, but of course not in a manner that could be construed as obtrusive, obnoxious, or offensive.

Courier, bright red text, and 96n9xi9us quirk beneath the cut )
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For some completely unfathomable reason, Robinson is lobbying to bring hordes of capybaras into Hogwarts. And for those of you who don't know, these creatures are both large and potentially dangerous. Therefore, you shouldn't be signing Robinson's petition under any circumstances.

In fact, you should all sign my petition to ban capybaras from Hogwarts in the interest of keeping us all from being killed and devoured.


Tulio Garza
Marina Prescott
Marceline Abadeer
Karkat Vantas
Dean Winchester
Professor Theodore Purple
Rapunzel Gothel


Sep. 14th, 2012 11:27 am
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I'm really pretty excited about the goats, but I have to wonder why we Hufflepuffs are each being assigned one, too. I know Professor Mercer is head of Ravenclaw, so that makes sense, but us? It's not a bad thing at all, I'm just curious about it.

Day 1

Sep. 14th, 2012 03:17 pm
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...In case you can't tell, I'm excited for Quidditch try outs :)

I've been trying to think of a name for my goat ever since Professor Mercer made the announcement. I've never had a pet before! Well, mum and dad haven't let me keep anything aside from fireflies, and they're kind of easy to deal with, plus they don't mess with dad's allergies. A goat's going to be different.

I'm thinking maybe Clover, Snitch or Seasalt? I guess I could always wait to meet it before deciding. I'm open to suggestions though!

[Filtered to Oggie]

I forgot to tell you that I brought my Struggle equipment with me! I'm ready to teach you when you are.
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 With our goats.

Are we allowed to name them? Because I think Parsnip is a particularly sweet name for my little goat.

Does he look like a Parsnip?

❁ 2

Sep. 13th, 2012 04:26 pm
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I'm quite happy to hear there will be an Art club here at Hogwarts. I've never actually spoken to any other students who are interested in art. It will be nice to see what talent is hidden here.

Perhaps I will stop by to watch the Quidditch tryouts. I could always use an excuse to practice life drawing..
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Now that I've had a chance to go over your summer assignments, I must say, there are some...creative interpretations here. Creative meaning 'I don't know how you came to this conclusion'. I'm also shocked at how many of you charted the wrong constellations.

That's why I'm giving an additional assignment, on top of what I've said in classes.

The Western Zodiac has traditionally been broken up into twelve signs, each associated with a particular constellation. I expect an essay from each of you on the very basics about each constellation, as it applies to magic. The types it's associated with, the elements, all of it.

Also, I'm making this clear right now: I am no longer tolerating any disrespect from any student. All future detentions from me will be served on the days of Quidditch matches and on Hogsmeade weekends, whenever possible.


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