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It's certainly been a long time since I've done any teaching. And a very long time since I've written in one of these journals - I'm amazed it was still here, and in my old office, even! If only the ink had stayed good as well.

But ah, let's see! My name is Antonio Fernández Carriedo - that's Professor Fernández to you! - and I will be filling the post for Care of Magical Creatures, starting this semester. Headmaster Dumbledore very graciously offered me my old post and really, it's rather nice to be back at Hogwarts after so very long, too. I used to teach it before- ( A few ink blots. ) Well! I used to teach it years and years ago, but here I am again! Rather lucky for me that the spot was open again, and on such short notice, too!

But let's see again, ah - yes! If you're in third year or above, you can sign up for my class! I'm afraid any of you younger years are just going to have to wait - far far far too dangerous for you if you're that young, even though it's really rather quite fun. But oh, don't worry if you don't want to take it - it's an elective after all, so no pressure. It's lovely if you want to learn things about all sorts of strange creatures, though! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I will be here to help you and answer them for you if you need any help or anything like that, okay!

Ay... I wish I had Lovino with me.

( OOC: For those of you who are curious - here is a little information on the changes to Antonio with the time jump. Basically, he was a Death Eater, and a known one - but has been cleared of all charges due to his claims of being under the Imperius Curse. Have fun with that. I'll have more information up later, but feel free to ask me anything if you have questions or want in on more plot details! And feel free to be horrible to poor Toño here. :') )


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