Nov. 11th, 2012 12:25 am
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Is anyone particularly knowledgeable about cats? 

Mine has taken to killing spiders and bringing them to me. I would very much like her to stop. Sometimes they're not completely dead and I have to put the poor things out of their misery. I'm not sure what I did that would make her think I'm incapable of hunting for myself or whatever thought is drifting about in her vapid feline brain, but any suggestions for deterrents would be appreciated.

[Filtered to Victoria Kirkland]
Are you writing home for this History of Magic assignment? I don't know about Aunt Chris and Uncle Tom, but my mother is going to be very interested in it.


Oct. 26th, 2012 12:33 am
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[The following comes in at about 7AM.]

26 October

Good Morning! It is not often I am so alert at such an early hour, however: today, I am seventeen. When I return home I can legally drive my father's automobile! If I am lucky, perhaps I will get one of my own.

For now, I will settle for treats. Please leave any sweets you may have for me on my bed, or if you are not in Slytherin then please feel free to respond to arrange a time for me to collect them elsewhere.

I enjoy chocolate. Preferably bold in flavor and not too sugary. Even better if it has taken the form of a baked good.

I do not trust any of you to make Apfelstrudel so please do not attempt it.



Oct. 16th, 2012 05:27 pm
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I have noticed something very interesting happening to me quite often lately!! At Hogsmeade, the people at Honeydukes kept offering to sell me blood pops, and it is very nice that they try to sell me things and make money, I do not understand why they want to sell me such items?? I was just there to buy chocolate frogs and licorice wands and Also, just the other day, I was outside enjoying lovely sun and nice cool weather and someone offered umbrella to me? I do not need umbrella it is not raining? It was very sunny not single cloud in sky!

And then last night, one of my roommates made comment about how difficult it must be to brush my teeth and how they must be sensitive? Perhaps my gums were red or something? I do not understand but these have been happening more and more.

Does it mean anything, or am I simply paranoid?

- Два -

Feb. 8th, 2012 06:01 pm
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[His handwriting is just the slightest bit shaky, and the strikethrough is a bunch of messy inkblots and scribbles in this entry - if one really cares to try, they can probably make out a the gist of what was written.]

I can't believe something like this happened here of all places... and for no one to know who did it, or why, or... I suppose I should try to be reassuring... It's what I am supposed to do, right?

Ah... I do hate to be the reminder of bad news, considering everyone seems to be getting on fine with their planning for Valentine's and Hogsmeade and other such fun studently things, but that doesn't change the fact that someone still used an unforgivable curse, and we still don't know who that someone was.

So I feel like I should remind you that I am always open to talk to, just stay after class if you're in mine, or come knock on my door, or both, or... or neither, if you don't want! But...

Just be safe, hm?


Feb. 5th, 2012 01:50 am
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[Filtered away from Maka and baby!Death Eaters.]

[There is a large ink blot here, this is a last resort ok]

I usually wouldn't make an inquiry like this of the student body, but. I hadn't found anything that informative on the subject that wasn't completely unrelated in the library and Madame Pince was not very helpful.

Well. What should you– If your friend were to–

If you at times feel that you are less in control of your actions in the presence of a certain person, what condition might that be indicative of?

[ooc: For the filter, use your own judgment! It does not specifically say that but you know who you are.]


Jan. 20th, 2012 10:39 am
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About four months to OWLs, and I see some of you are -- or were, before all that -- already starting to worry about studying.

I'd say that's early, but I suppose most of you lot need all that time to prepare.

Not everyone is gifted with genius.

Can anyone help me with Dueling?


Jan. 18th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Listen up, Slytherins.

I don't care if your parents are wizards or muggles or chimps or whatever. I care about the game next weekend, and I care about bringing it so hard Ravenclaw cries. On my team, we judge you on your badassness, not who your parents are. So you guys can either not be dicks or you can not play.

I want you on the pitch right after dinner.
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My... it certainly has been quite a while since I have been to the isles... Must say it is good to be back, though, especially given the circumstances. Oh-! I had best introduce myself-! Ivan Ivanovich Braginski, pleased to make your acquaintance. [there's the beginnings of what almost look like a doodled smiley face, hastily scratched out] I will be teaching your Duelling classes starting this semester, and hope to see many of you sign up and come and work out some of the frustrations I've been seeing with each other in a safe environment learn something.

[more odd scratches on the page, until the ink runs out, as he thinks of what else to say]

In light of recent events, I might as well get out of the way now that I will accept none of the blood-purity nonsense in my classroom. Before you feel the need to ask, yes, I am a pureblood, whatever that's good for these days, and no, I'm not the paragon of muggle sympathies. [he doesn't understand them, and has no care to look into them further than he already did as a child] That said, I do not hate them, either, so do not take my saying that as I do not want muggleborns in my classroom. Quite the contrary.

Now that I, perhaps, have said too much... I want to welcome students to my class, and to my office, and extend the offer to... ah... be bothered, for whatever reason.

[Filtered to staff]

Also in regards to recent events: I am more than willing to assist in... keeping the peace, I suppose. I do hope it will blow over soon, but should it not, I will certainly do my best to help.


-Professor Ivan Ivanovich Braginski

( ooc: Ivan is from an old family, with a ton of branches, etc, by now; some of whom gave a resounding NO1CURR to the war, and the rest were pretty extreme on either side. Based on his backstory (and the requsite changes I still need to make, har) it is safe to assume that his immediate family was pretty deeply enmeshed in the darker side of things. He, personally, didn't want any part of it, though, so don't be afraid of him going on about mudbloods and maiming students "accidentally" for their heritage and the like. )


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