Jan. 16th, 2012 08:17 pm
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Now, children.

I must say I've had about up to here with some of the disgusting words I've been seeing coming from both "factions" as of late. If I see one mention of violence or hateful rhetoric, you'll be in detention with me for the rest of the year. The war was much more serious than some schoolyard squabble.

[l-lol salt in the wound much??]
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8r8k is over and I keep reading is the same monotonous gar8age over and over again.
Do you all just read the post and repeat like some imit8tion parrot? Isn't there SOMEONE out there with the 8alls to admit that may8e things aren't as pretty perfect as you like to think they are?
Oh yes, poor muggles. Let's all feel sorry for them!
I guess if that's what we're doing, it's my own duty to 8e the perfect of example of helpfulness!
If you're a mud8lood
[ She does a horrible job of scratching it out, obiviously leaving it for people to still read. ]
Oops! I mean, muggle, I know it's not really your fault. Some of us just have all the luck! 8ut don't worry. Your luck starts today 8ecause you have me to help you through these oh so trou8led times.
Since the incident which everyone is suddenly toooooooo scared to talk a8out, there's clearly more reason for you to fear for your lives! What a horri8le position to 8e in! Whew, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with it! 8ut I can help you prepare for the imminent genocide that wants to rain down on your kind.
I'll help teach you to defend yourself against any 8ig 8ad Dark Lord!
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I missed my birthday last month. Hn. It's highly unlikely it mattered though.

It seems we have a few fools in our midst. Those who allow such people to rile them up are even bigger fools.

[ooc: strikes can be hacked if you really want to :3]


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