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Jun. 30th, 2013 08:48 am
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Maaan, not bein' at school is so boring! There just ain't that much to do. On the bright side though, I been workin' on my zombie survival plan, y'know. Just in case. Lookin' up old news that happened while we were all at school, If found some articles about some people eatin' other peoples faces! That just proves there're zombies out there and we all gotta be ready, don'tcha think?

Y'all should get your zombie survival plans done too. And make sure they don't involve no magic, 'cuz ya can't use that shit outside of school. If y'all got any questions or need any help though, I can do it! I'm somethin' of an expert of zombies, trust me.

Anyways, somebody should come visit me! It's kinda lonely over here at home without no friends. I'm sure momma wouldn't mind! She'd probably cook a real nice dinner, she's always sayin' I need more friends around. She's a real good cook, too, so you should come over so I can get a good dinner. I mean, not like a regular good dinner, but a special good dinner, the kind she only makes for guests and stuff.
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I sincerely never thought I would say this but I am so tiered tired of baking.
I can't do it anymore!
Dad's stocked up on so many mixes that I can hardly not use them at all, but!
I miss making potions!
I don't suppose those fall under some loophole in regards to the "no magic outside school" rule, hm?
Hoo hoo, I'd be whipping them up left and right if that were the case!
There's only so many times you can flip on a mixer before your brain wants to short-circuit, I suppose.
At least I can re-re-re-read my mystery novels...
Though, I will say it is much less interesting when you know how the story will end up! :B

Anybody doing something particularly interesting this summer?
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Guys! Hey guys! Everybody listen up, cuz I got some news! And lots of it!

So first up I tried out for Quiddy and I made the team! You're lookin' at Hufflepuff's new Beater! That's right, the guns are ready to hit all them bludgers reall good. Y'all should all be afraid, cuz I've been told I got a mean hit!

And now second, and man this is a real doozy, but I was made a prefect! I was sure it must'a been a mistake, so I went an' asked Dumbledore, but guess what! It ain't a mistake! How cool is that? Now I can give y'all detention if you act up and shit- I mean crap. See! Ya ain't supposed to cuss.

So... well. I guess I get detention now. Detention, Ellis! Okay, sir...

[There's a long pause, almost as if he's finished speaking, and then he comes back onto the journals sounding as enthusiastic as ever.]

Oh! Oh, Nick! Ya wanna be my egg partner? I bet we'd make the best darn egg parents in the entire school! Did I ever tell ya 'bout this one time, Keith thought it'd be a good idea if we tried to raise a flour baby? Maaan, we was doin' so well and then-

[He cuts off and then you can hear him murmuring something in a slightly annoyed and disgusted voice.]

An owl just pooped on my shoulder...


Feb. 26th, 2012 04:24 pm
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It sure is awkward when ya dream about somebody tellin ya that theyre gay and ya think it was real and ask him about it! I sure dunno what was wrong with my head there...

Oh but anyway, holy shit I cant believe we won the match! Were the best damn team in the school for sure!


Feb. 25th, 2012 12:33 am
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Oh my god I think this febuary has been pretty much the best one of my life ever. I used to not even like it! But shit i think its my favorite month ever now. I cant beleive its almost over!
Yknow if we moved my birthday and christmas and easter and everything else to febuary i think i wouldnt ever want it to end forever. Thats how much i love it!

Number 70.

Feb. 14th, 2012 01:08 am
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Whoever said taking two girls on a date was a great idea doesn't know what they're talking about. There was nothing great about it. I'm just waiting for this whole day to be over.

Amber, is this string your way of getting my attention?
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I can't believe the levels of ridiculousness in this castle at the moment. Do some of you want to be expelled? Or close down the school? Because those things are a possibility if these antics continue.

I realize that it can be hard going to a teacher with any issues that some of you might have, but Prefects are here as well. We don't just roam the halls looking to give out detentions you know! We're your peers and as such probably have a better idea of where you're coming from.

Also, it seems like the homework is piling up on a few of you and I'd like to remind everyone that I still do tutoring sessions and all you have to do is tell me what you need help in and I'm here for you.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:33 am
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Well holy shit i was surprised to find out this month was gay month! Yall are lucky, i mean considerin it falls on valentines day. Thats pretty cool!

But on a sorta different subject I kinda just wanted to say that Im real sorry Puck. I was bit of a ass. Turns out it was just a misunderstandin and one that was my fault. Sorry man... can we be friends again?

[Filtered away from Amelia]

Oh and uh, back to holy shit stuff. I GOT A GIRLFRIEND!


What the hell do i do?!
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Happy February, everyone!

I feel like it was this time last year that people all started getting into a fuss about Valentine's Day. I don't see the big deal, especially not for someone as young as me. Mother didn't meet Father until she was nineteen.

And did you know there's more to February? Just look at the lovely snow! And I learned recently that it's LGD LGP Gay History Month. Homosexual History Month? I'm not sure what's the right thing to say. I'll admit, it's not something I think about often.

But still, that gives you two other things to think about this month. And there's also the Hogsmeade trip! It really is my very favorite part of being a third year! Well... Perhaps it's tied with Care of Magical Creatures. It's so interesting to learn about such wonderful creatures, and I really do hope we learn about pixies someday.

[8] voice;

Jan. 23rd, 2012 01:41 am
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Alright listen up everybody! Just thought y'all should know that somebody in this castle's a big huge buttwipe that tries to steals other peoples girls and then blames it on them! Oh and also calls'em real ugly names! I ain't gonna mention any names, but god he is a real big butt! You shouldn't even think about joinin his stupid Quidditch team! He'd probably steal your girlfriend! Or boyfriend- wait, no. Nah, I don't think he swings that way. But if he did, I bet he'd do that! So this is just a warnin', y'all should just stay away from him.

Oh and Puck I want that broomstick kit I got ya for Christmas back! After what ya did, I don't believe ya deserve to have your broom serviced! So give it back, cuz it cost a lot!

[Filtered to Amelia; text]
Can we talk?

like in real life! not on the journals. cuz its kinda important...

if you aint busy! but maybe if youre busy you could make time cuz it actually is real important

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I dunno 'bout you folk, but I'm looking forward to Summer. Y'all wanna know why?

Rodeos, that's why!

Ain't nothin' like riding on horseback and wranglin' cattle with the best of them! Quidditch comes close, but I'll be honest; gimme four hooves and a saddle any day of the week. And I'm competing in li'l old America this year! First time away from home and only 23 weeks left t' go!


Jan. 18th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Listen up, Slytherins.

I don't care if your parents are wizards or muggles or chimps or whatever. I care about the game next weekend, and I care about bringing it so hard Ravenclaw cries. On my team, we judge you on your badassness, not who your parents are. So you guys can either not be dicks or you can not play.

I want you on the pitch right after dinner.


Jan. 11th, 2012 10:43 pm
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blahblahblah yeah christmas was cool and shit but man whens quidditch gonna start? we need some action around here! and also why aint i even on the team? i dont even know to be honest. when are tryouts?! i got a new broom and it needs breakin in!
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The adventurers guide to the galaxy. London strain. Tomb hunter. European treasure?? Fisticuffs!! Oh blimey Scrums The lost skull Fisticuffs is actually a viable journal name No

Weekend at dangers
a Jake English journal

January 06 2012: A grand opening indeed.

Ahoy my good chaps! Lovely weather today aint it? My name is jake english as aforementioned. I am a fifth year hailing from the noble house of gryffindor. From this day henceforth this is officially now my journal! Or "wizard blog" as all the kids here call it these days.

Here i will recount all my smashing adventures -- tales of heroisms, intrigue, action, adventure and perhaps even romance. *A hearty wink for all the lovely ladies out there* It will be a primary source for all my peers out there fresh off the press!! I can tell this will be very gripping and i bet my bottom boonbuck you lot would also have a spanking ripsnorter of a time reading this.

Now onto the swashbuckling adventures!!

A couple weeks ago i brought out my arms and set off towards the one ruin of the island i reside in. The weather was rather harsh that afternoon. The rain splashed all over my face with an almost cruel intensity to make up for the absence of snows chilly ferocity. The sky was getting dark and the frightening fauna were sure to scour the area with blood lust in their eyes. It was as if the world was weaving an intricate web to deter me from my journey what with the way its coming together in perfect harmony to piss me the fuck off. Alas it did not win!! I gripped my pistols tighter and trudged on and persevered.

I reached the ruin at about seven. Hungry tired and excited i entered. The inside was pitch black. Luckily taking a page from ms lara croft the famous archeologist i came prepared with a flashlight. What did i find?

Friggin canned goods. The cans look so bloody old that it makes one wonder if the ancient mayans had can openers already. I went home disheartened and with an arm full of carrots and peas in a can. And then i played weekend at bernies in my dvd player! Have you guys watched it? If not i strongly suggest it. Its so friggin hilarious.


Jan. 6th, 2012 08:44 am
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[Today, Hogwarts, you will find a list in your journals, written in familiar grey ink with caps.]



[Someone seems to have forgotten that his journal is connected to everyone else's. That last one is also scribbled out several times over.]

[OOC: I have a permissions post if you'd rather not be replied to with angry grey caps.]


Jan. 5th, 2012 05:28 am
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So who else had an awesome Christmas? I had a pretty serious haul. I can't wait to get back on the pitch and try out my new gear.

Muggle Christmas is so cute. Did you know they have something called fairy lights but they're not actually fairies? They don't even look like 'em.


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