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I'm no longer under the trace. Still trying to decide what to do with this new found freedom.

Suggestions welcome.

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Jan. 7th, 2013 02:26 am
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Hello to everyone. I guess it's back to the annoying bustle of school life. But then again, I guess I'd feel strange without it for too long.

My parents bought me a sweater from Greensboro...well...no, my brother did. They think that it's cute, but honestly, I'm pretty sure my brother bought it out of spite.

[there's a doodle of a sweater with a huge tree, before it's quickly crossed out. Ah, family love.]

How were everyone else's holidays?
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I have the best idea ever for something to give us an edge for our next Quidditch game. I just need to get it approved from the higher ups.

Oh yes, it will be awesome.

Anyways, this dance thing is coming up. I'm not really too big on dressing up but the Yule celebrations here are always a great time. I think I might go with a purple dress this year. I wonder if everyone else will have dates? I'd hate to go solo and be stuck being bored.

[Filtered to Tony]

My broom should be in your room now. Take good care of it and make it cool!


Nov. 29th, 2012 02:00 am
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Does anyone know if a regular repairing charm will work on an invisibility cloak? I got a rip in mine while avoiding everyone.

[[ooc; Strikes are heavily scratched out to the point of almost not seeing through them.]


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Oh my, it's been a while since I used this old thing. I found it at the bottom of my trunk and decided to crack it open again. So many things have been going on!

Congratulations Hufflepuff on winning Saturday's match. You played very well.

Who all is staying in the castle for the Christmas holidays? I will be as Ashura has a business trip. It'd be nice to have some people around!

Oh, also! What is everyone planning to wear to the Yule Ball? Is anyone going over the top this year?
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I fully expect Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw to have a brilliant match this upcoming weekend! Best of luck to both teams, but extra, EXTRA luck to the Honeybadgers (a.k.a. the Hufflepuffs), I quite like the idea of team mascots. Shall we think of one, Slytherin?

Also, say you are in a bakery filled with cakeys and you see mint chocolate truffles and you see tiramisu, and you like both A LOT, but you cannot have both because it would be A LOT to have, and I mean that A LOT.

Is it better to sample each to figure out which one you want? Or just flip a coin, and the devil-take-the-hindmost?
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Good afternoon students. It's been awhile since I've assigned some homework, but I'll keep it simple given that Quidditch and Hogsmeade is coming up. I'd like all of you to revise and practice what you've been learning in class so far. There'll be a test waiting for all of you the Friday of the week after Quidditch is over, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for that. The test covers all topics from the start of class till the week before, so make sure you study and practice hard.

For fifth years and seventh years, you guys, unfortunately, have a little bit more work. Fifth years, I want you to cover your year one and year two material. Seventh years? You'll have to go the extra mile and cover years one to four. There'll be more focus on what you've learned this year, but you'll be surprised at how relevant a first year spell could be in a dangerous situation. I'm not looking too much into the details, but more into execution and application, so don't spend too much time on the theory for the spells.

Also, I appreciate that most of you didn't give Professor Donoghue a hard time when he substituted for me on the 29th of October. I'd like to thank him once again for taking up my slots on such short notice.

[Filtered to Shinra]
Mr Kishitani, may I see you in my office as soon as possible?

[OOC: So, what Coulson means by a "small test" is actually a short practical course that he's going to set up on the grounds! Students will have to run through the course and overcome creatures and situations that have been purposely set up according to their years. Simply state over here at the homework post on how they fared during the course!

Also, Coulson was actually absent on the 29th of October, which was the day after the full moon. It's the first time he's called in sick, and Murdoc took over his classes for that day.
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Morality. Must the ends of something justify the means? Is it morally acceptable to kill one to save many? Is killing wrong regardless of the outcome?

The line between right and wrong can be muddied rather easily.

All this talk about book privileges is boring, let's talk about something interesting.
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Speaking hypothetically: If the student body does end up losing their library privileges, would that give us leave to explore alternative research methods?


Nov. 10th, 2012 11:54 pm
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Hogsmeade is next weekend, and I'll skip Quidditch practice to go. I don't care if we play the week after, I'll do late night practices after classes if that's the case. I'm ready for the match regardless of if I skip a practice.

The bonfire the other night was fun, I went through the fire first thing. Doing something with the possibility of danger gives such an adrenaline rush. Finding out your friend burnt off his eyebrows after is a bit of a downer though. I've done my fair share of dumb ideas as well, and I'm not talking about letting someone use an apple on top of my head for target practice. That's fairly simple compared to attempting to jump from one broom to another broom while in mid flight, that was fun though.


Nov. 11th, 2012 02:40 am
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hey anyone out there mind doing a little sharing about what they up and dream about? and i'm not talking about the future and that kinda shit - i'm talking about when you're all cozied up in your beds at night and dead to the world.


Nov. 8th, 2012 11:46 pm
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[How are you all doing Hogwarts? Hope you're doing well because Molly has no idea that the journal is on right now]

Hm...I wonder if this is right. Oh, I don't want to disappoint Toby by drawing him like this! Maybe I could add some more whiskers...

[Hi, Hogwarts, be prepared. There will a lot of cat drawings on her journal]
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[There's only this picture greeting all students and staff of Hogwarts today.

Happy Halloween.

((OOC: A post to tie in with what happened to Ib when she met her shade here))


Oct. 19th, 2012 10:26 pm
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what2 up bitche2 a22hole2 miildly dii2functiional liitle 2hiit2 people.
ii know you cant handle more than 2ome tiime wiithout beiing expo2ed two the wonder that ii2 my per2on, 2o here, you can have your daiily 2ollux fiix.
youre welcome.
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I was talking to my stupid brother the other day and he had the idea for the Food Club to host an event of sorts. Even if you aren't in Food Club yet you should listen up because this is a pretty cool fuckin' think we're doing here!

The both of us would teach all of you how to make real Italian pasta! None of this store bought toxic bullshit. We'd start all the way from beginning and make it all from scratch. I think a good time to meet would be around this Saturday in the dining hall after lunch, that way no one has to worry about missing class partially because my sister would murder me if I had people miss her class of all things.

It'd be nice if you could tell me if you're interested in going or not, that way we know how much stuff to bring. Also, you'll be divided up in groups between Feli and I. I've been hand making pasta longer than he has so I'll have more people.

The two of us will have everything set up so all you have to do is come on time! If you're late, I'm not stopping and if your pasta turns out horrible, you're the only one to blame.

That should cover all the basic shit I guess, so if I left something out ask now instead of the day of.


Oct. 15th, 2012 03:12 pm
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Once again, denizens of Hogwarts, I must bring your attention to me!
When I announced my seer powers I may have...acted with haste. It has been confirmed that the ball does not have powers of divination, but it does not mean my predictions are entirely false either.
If I made a predicition in regards to your future, do not dismiss it. You do not need the amazing power of future telling to light your own path. You need a certain kind of strength and courage that only stems from a firm belief in your own abilities. If it helps any, I believe in all of you. Every one of us is destined for greatness!

I cannot, however, predict the outcome of dinner. So if you had a particular craving, for duck maybe, I do not think strength of character will provide you with it.

I am sorry.

[Filtered Private to Dean]
Usagi does not need your company, Winchester. She has mine.

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i don't care what anyone else says.
that game was awesome, and the commentary just made it better.
good work, graham!
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[Filtered to Coulson]

Dear Professor Coulson,

I understand that the Ministry has declared that there was no evidence of dark magic during the incident at summer camp, but I was wondering if that meant that all investigations have been concluded. I realize you have probably been quite occupied lately and that you may not know exactly what the status of the related investigations might be, but if you do learn anything about what might have happened, I would appreciate it if you would let me know as it is very relevant to my interests.

Thank-you very much for your time.


-Shinra Kishitani

[Filtered to the members of the Medical Science and Magic Society]

I'm very sorry for having missed the Medical Science and Magic Society's first meeting as I was very much looking forward to it. However, I am no longer having to serve detention, so I'll now be able to attend meetings on a regular basis and am eagerly anticipating seeing all of you in the near future!


In case anyone was concerned, Zazzerpan is feeling much better now.


Oct. 7th, 2012 10:25 pm
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So like. i think i've decided I'm pretty bad at dealing with people forever. especially girls. I mean seriously, I like girls and all, they're wonderful and sweet and beautiful to look at both inside and out.
but i just dont think im any good at/with/for girls.
any girls got advice for like.
fixing friendships?
or guys too. that'll work.
Seriously. im startin to get annoyed now. but I shouldnt be mad right?


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