Jul. 1st, 2013

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I'm so so beyond furious right now.

Guess what I came home to? A f**king flood in my apartment. Apparently one of the pipes in my bathroom came loose and it's been slow dripping for a few DAYS before I got home. There was about five centimeters of water EVERYWHERE. And being a basement level apartment it's going to take me freaking forever to dry the place out again. Oh, and now I have to re-buy some of my furniture too. I hate shopping for stuff like furniture.

This shit has ALSO ruined two of my good amps, my X-box, my sterio and a bunch of my recording stuff. Good f**king thing I have insurance. I need to replace my electronics immediately though and I hear insurance takes forever to clear.

I'm just really glad I left my electric guitar on the kitchen table after I was done re-stringing it over Easter. That thing is custom made and can't really be replaced to me.

God this is depressing. If I was much of a drinker, I think I'd be completely pissed right now.


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