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I'm so so beyond furious right now.

Guess what I came home to? A f**king flood in my apartment. Apparently one of the pipes in my bathroom came loose and it's been slow dripping for a few DAYS before I got home. There was about five centimeters of water EVERYWHERE. And being a basement level apartment it's going to take me freaking forever to dry the place out again. Oh, and now I have to re-buy some of my furniture too. I hate shopping for stuff like furniture.

This shit has ALSO ruined two of my good amps, my X-box, my sterio and a bunch of my recording stuff. Good f**king thing I have insurance. I need to replace my electronics immediately though and I hear insurance takes forever to clear.

I'm just really glad I left my electric guitar on the kitchen table after I was done re-stringing it over Easter. That thing is custom made and can't really be replaced to me.

God this is depressing. If I was much of a drinker, I think I'd be completely pissed right now.
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You okay with a place to stay in the meantime?
Sounds inhospitable.
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I know fuckall about plumbing, but I'm reasonably certain that you could take precautions to prevent it from happening again.
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You've been calling it "your place." You live alone?
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I'll say. Sounds worth it for the occasional having to deal with fucked up pipes.

[Jealous? Only a little. He loves his family, really.]
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[They can trade.]

Hell, that's what the journal's for.
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Out other than school?
I bet.
Sounded like you go to shit like the music festival a lot.
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Trust me, I'm aware.
You've got a damn good arrangement there.

Seriously, Marshall could do worse. Like selling puppet porn on the internet.]
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[He wouldn't over the journal. He argues with Bro plenty, but he wouldn't want to do something that might get him fired, either.]

No actual jobs, nah.
Could probably find some Wizarding shit to do in London if I tried.
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Cripes, that sounds like one hell of a mess. I don't suppose you need a hand clearing up? William's been unbearable since David hasn't been around to keep him on a leash.
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I think I'll take you up on that. I imagine they'll want me back for my birthday, but that isn't for over a week.
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I'm flattered, but I'm going to need something a little more precise than 'The Fens'. That is a rather large area to cover.
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That's reasonable enough. How does Friday suit you?

[He'll need that time to persuade his parents that this is a good idea.]

((ooc: Wanna do a log for this? :>))
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Smashing. I'll let you know which train I'm catching.

((ooc: Go for it!))
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Do you need help with anything? It sounds like your situation isn't very comfortable. I really do hope that you don't grow mildew of any sort. It'll ruin your belongings, not to mention, make your place even less hospitable.
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I imagine that hardwood floors would look better than carpet anyways. There's something aesthetically pleasing about it that carpet just lacks.

Ah yes. I have tricked another person into thinking I'm actually nice. Soon the world. ;)
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A hardwood floor with a rug looks much more pleasant than stained carpet. Carpet can be so fussy and unforgiving when dirtied.

You will see. When I rule the world with an iron fist. You must have missed my speeches about my plan to rule the world via felines.
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[She gets enough dirt at the stables. She doesn't want to go rolling in it in her house too! That, and what do you expect of a spoiled rich girl in France?]

Of course. I have already made a list of people whom I will show mercy and even partial affection when I decide to take over with an iron fist.
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[You haven't seen her room. It's actually a mess. She just doesn't want dirt in her house. That doesn't say much for the fact that she doesn't tend to bother to pick up her clothes when she tosses them to the floor.

She's actually pretty messy, but she wouldn't throw dirt around her room, that's for sure.

Consider it done. If only because I must torture young, stupid girls. Their IQ will be so much better if they aren't fawning over boys who have yet to reach puberty.
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I'm sure everyone enjoys getting fawned over.
But let's be honest. Do you really want girls going for the boy that can hit higher notes than their shrieking fans?