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I'd like to thank my house for their support and Sal for not killing himself with his bat, truly dear, Beater? You were not up to that.

[Pasted here is a very silly photo of Dierdre holding the Snitch with her arm slung around Sal's shoulders, grinning and letting the Snitch fly from her fingertips just to catch it again. Sal appears to be slightly bloodied but happy for his wife, waving.]

I'd forgotten how thrilling Quidditch is. I should have been a Seeker instead of a Chaser when I was in school.

I wish the best to Professor Matteris. I trust Dolores will take the very best care of her until she can return to her classes.


Sep. 27th, 2012 07:06 am
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okay, iim only goiing two a2k thii2 once.
diid 2ome a22hole 2uddenly iinvent a cure for lii2p2 or ii2 thii2 ju2t one more weiird thiing happeniing??

[ Change to voice. ]





Oh my fucking god.
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[This was going to be a post about how she thinks she's pregnant due to a wish to have another child. But someone just thought about how she wished she were young again, to fix Kankri's death, to be that age.

And well.

Careful what you wish for. Also she's teen pregnant cause that wish didn't disappear either

:( < well i'm pawsitively furious.
:( < i'm purretty sure someone hid my uniform
:o < and someone switched my robe with one a size or two too big >:|
:| < wow i can't find my unifurm at all. how am i suppawsed to go to class like this
:( < sal can you tell the purrfessor that i'm going to miss class beclaws of some stupid purrank

:( < also i don't f33l so good. kind of sick.
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I'm not entirely certain what kind of illusion this is, but it is a very convincing one. A...very. Convincing one. I have no idea how it was accomplished, but whoever did it should be commended for their creativity, as well as for their talent.

[Filtered to Sal]
Sal, something's happened.

courier and bright red under cut )
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[Filtered from Snow and students]

He won't be punishing the students who attended camp. And I can rest assured that he is spouting lies?

I have a few different kneazels tailing him. They're the most intelligent that live with me and they know to keep quiet.

He certainly made a bad impression didn't he?

[Filtered to Shinra Kishitani]

Ten points to Ravenclaw for standing up for reason.

Now that the first few w33ks are done, the shenanigans are over, yes? I rest assured that everyone will be on their best behavior. Hufflepuff, I expect much of you. And come to me if you've any problems or complaints.

Gr33tings High Inquisitor. I hope you're not allergic to cats, my class is home to many of them.
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I would like to make sure my prefects know that abusing any privileges won't go over well. Not that I imagine any of you would. Just a friendly reminder. Also I'm exc33dingly glad to be your Head of House my dear Hufflepuffs. I know many people who came from our house that have grown into wonderful people. I hope to s33 you all do the same.

On a different note, I hope you all have done your essays. School is nearly here! Remember, I want an essay on one magical creature that lives near you, in as much detail as possible.

Oh yes.
Good luck with Quidditch tryouts!
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As much as I enjoyed getting to know my fellow professors better
It's wonderful to be home

Now summer homework! I furgot to assign any so I'll be giving everyone a quick assignment I expect on the first day of class.
Find one magical creature that lives near you and describe them in as much detail as you can. I will not be counting off for short descriptions of fast moving or elusive creatures but I do know the different children. I can see how much effort you put into your essays.

And no Nepeta, you may not use kneazels. <3


For any that are interested, I've been thinking of having a little get together. Nothing fancy, just a few drinks. I'm planning it for most the day on the 11th, starting just after noon. You can of course attend at whatever time you please.

I would ask that any that got into fights with Artollo on the trip please not attend or if you trully wish to attend, bring your manners. Understood?
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To my third years, we'll be working with salamanders this week. Now if you're not properly prepared, you may get burnt, so I would like twelve inches on the proper care and handling of salamanders, to be handed in to me at the beginning of class, or you will be sent back and lose a house point for each of you.

Fourth and fifth years, eighteen inches on the uses of unicorn tail and hair. Bring your cloaks to class, we'll be heading into the Forest. As usual, no antics in the forest or you'll be giving an essay on the dangers of the forest creatures. The list in my office is inclusive, so I'd put aside a day or two for that at least.

Sixth and Seventh, no homework is due, but I do ask that if you have any strong feelings about thestrals, you speak to me before class. I assume you covered them in previous classes.

If there are any questions, reply here or see me in person.

-Professor Vantas-Leijon


Apr. 4th, 2012 05:23 pm
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[New writing all over the journal, kind of large and...enthusiastic is a good word. Also, doodled (and fairly well, at that) around the words are sketches of fairy wings. Yeah.]

{>Haha! I guess requesting two classes was a little much.<}
{>They didn't need more Care of Magical Creatures professors but a spot was open for flying.<}
{>So come Monday I expect you all to be there with your brooms and smiling faces! I'm even giving you time to pick them up at home over break!<}
{>No excuses. Flying might not be mandatory for upper years but it's the fun you all need to keep going with your studies!<}
{>You know what they say about all work and no play.<}
{>Autographs to everyone who does well first day.<}
{>Oh. Right. I should introduce myself.<}
{>Peter Banks at your service!<}
{>Yes. The quidditch player and yeah I'm taking a break from that to teach the next generation of fine flyers.<}
{>I know you won't disappoint.<}


Mar. 28th, 2012 09:44 pm
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So many exciting things lately! Where do I even begin?

First let me extend the warmest of welcomes to all of our new staff members! It's an honour to have you all on board, and I can't wait to get to know everyone. In fact, would any of you be interested in coming to my office for tea before the Easter holidays? It would be lovely to have you.

To all of you students, and not just the ones in my house, I have a question! As you know, back in the beginning of the year when I became Head of Hufflepuff, I mentioned taking the house on a field trip as celebration! Well, one thing or another has delayed it but I'm finally putting the plans into serious... well, planning. And I have decided to make it a school-wide field trip!

But of course, I am the Home Economics Professor, so I will be incorporating teaching into it, so you all get to experience how wonderful my class is! And then you may sign up for it... But I digress.

I need a few ideas! What are some muggle places you would be interested in visiting, that you think would be relevant to Home Economics? I would love to have your suggestions. I was definitely considering a Muggle tea house, so you can see how they make tea! As well as perhaps a few electronic stores, to allow you to spend muggle money for budgeting lessons- you will of course be able to keep anything you buy.

But please, do give me ideas, I need them. I would also very much appreciate volunteers for chaperoning, just to keep an extra eye on the students, if anyone is interested.

And finally, Homework! Recent events have inspired me to give everyone something a little different, and while it's not particularly relevant to Home Economics, I would still like you to all write an essay on who you admire most. I think it ties in nicely with parents day as well as us acquiring new staff! I would like for it to be around ten inches, and it is due after the holidays, so you have plenty of time!

Oh look at me rambling on, I do apologize. Nevertheless, that is all! Happy early Easter, everyone!
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i tried.
i tried really hard.
but oh my god i just couldnt help myself.
parents day awoke something within me that i didnt know was there.
it unleashed the passion of teaching.
im back bitches.

okay no im still at home.
i start after easter.
but im watching all you little shits.
ive been watching all you little shits actually.
but now i get to do it with some fucking authority.
dont think i dont know who to watch out for.

oh i guess i should clarify ill be your flying teach.
sign the fuck up for my class or ill cry.
itll be fun.
well all be high as kites.
any of you lookin to go pro should def check it out.
i got the fuckin moves.
moves like strider.
i can take you places.

btw parent orgy in the staff room.
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A general note

I have acquired some potions for cat allergies that should last long enough for students to attend class so I will be strict with attendance. Being allergic to Fluffy and Karkitty Leo are not accepted as excuses.

I would also ask that you don't f33d the cats. A few are looking a bit rounder than usual and catching animals on the grounds is already plumping them up as it is. Thank you fur for your time!

♋ 1

Mar. 18th, 2012 12:20 pm
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