Jan. 15th, 2013 12:19 pm
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Over Christmas it became clearer to me than ever before that Muggles seem to spend a great amount of time waiting in places, for vehicles to take them to other places.

I have no idea how they tolerate it.
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Does anyone have any good book suggestions?
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It's nice that things are properly quiet, finally.
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I'll never understand why everyone makes such a fuss of the Yule Ball. I fail to see the point of making everyone dress up just so that they can dance while other people stare at them. The royalty nonsense is just a big popularity contest, it doesn't have anything at all to do with merit, as many of the nominees so clearly illustrate. I, for one, am abstaining from all that rubbish and choosing to do more useful things with my time.


Dec. 14th, 2012 11:49 pm
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I don't think my feet have ever been this sore, even after ballet lessons. I'm going to cancel dancing lessons for tomorrow, or else I won't be able to walk next week. Sorry Usagi and Clint, but my toes are more important. If you need help, maybe a teacher can help out tomorrow.

Tony, I need your opinion on something. I'll give you... five questions in regards to the situation.
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[Someone has been spending a lot of his free time on one of the Slytherin common room sofas, keeping to himself and a couple of texts on Arithmancy. If it wasn't obvious by the dark circles under his eyes, he had not been sleeping enough and probably spending far too much time writing papers, testing theories and reading.]

I've taken notice to the startling reality that hardly anyone understands anything about Arithmancy other than it being a class, and those that do have a plethora of misconceptions about the study.

Bridget Wenlock first discovered the magical properties of seven - many might know how seven is generally a rather lucky number. Stir a potion seven times do a little jig and you've got one lucky batch of whatever you're making - that was me being facetious, I hardly advise dancing whilst making potions. That doesn't alter the fact that the number seven is used in potion making and even in other fields of magic aside from Arithmancy and Potions.

Most scoff at the idea of being able to predict the future through science or through magic, but what you get with Arithmancy is an intriguing mix of the two. A practical way of going about it, one might think. )


Dec. 8th, 2012 05:41 pm
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Hello, my name is Cassie Ainsworth and if you're reading this I'm already dead.

Wow! Just joking, but I totally had you fooled for a bit, didn't I?

Oh... maybe it's too soon for jokes, but we're all fine now, right? Everyone had their epiphanies, and we all learned what we had to learn about ourselves.

Is anybody staying for holiday? It must be sad to be alone, especially the New Year. Almost like an omen or something. All by yourself, when you could be celebrating the beauty and potential that is to come.
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Congratulations to the winners of the quidditch match. :) I missed most of the game, what happened? Is everyone alright?

[Filter To Sherlock]

[His writing seems more excited a bit messier than usual.]

I'm not very patient, yeah, you know that, well, I had a really great time. Check under your bed when it's convenient. I was going to wait but there's no fun in that.

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Good afternoon students. It's been awhile since I've assigned some homework, but I'll keep it simple given that Quidditch and Hogsmeade is coming up. I'd like all of you to revise and practice what you've been learning in class so far. There'll be a test waiting for all of you the Friday of the week after Quidditch is over, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for that. The test covers all topics from the start of class till the week before, so make sure you study and practice hard.

For fifth years and seventh years, you guys, unfortunately, have a little bit more work. Fifth years, I want you to cover your year one and year two material. Seventh years? You'll have to go the extra mile and cover years one to four. There'll be more focus on what you've learned this year, but you'll be surprised at how relevant a first year spell could be in a dangerous situation. I'm not looking too much into the details, but more into execution and application, so don't spend too much time on the theory for the spells.

Also, I appreciate that most of you didn't give Professor Donoghue a hard time when he substituted for me on the 29th of October. I'd like to thank him once again for taking up my slots on such short notice.

[Filtered to Shinra]
Mr Kishitani, may I see you in my office as soon as possible?

[OOC: So, what Coulson means by a "small test" is actually a short practical course that he's going to set up on the grounds! Students will have to run through the course and overcome creatures and situations that have been purposely set up according to their years. Simply state over here at the homework post on how they fared during the course!

Also, Coulson was actually absent on the 29th of October, which was the day after the full moon. It's the first time he's called in sick, and Murdoc took over his classes for that day.
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Morality. Must the ends of something justify the means? Is it morally acceptable to kill one to save many? Is killing wrong regardless of the outcome?

The line between right and wrong can be muddied rather easily.

All this talk about book privileges is boring, let's talk about something interesting.
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Things are much better. Have been much better. I doubt there were a great many concerned but for the few annoying individuals who would not leave well enough alone, I am quite alright. The less said the better, honestly.

I'm not certain what Snow is thinking. Dark Magic like this is not something that could so easily infiltrate Hogwarts. He knows as much. I am beginning to suspect rather than being stupid, he is intentionally trying to hide something.

Far too early to go too far with such speculations. But I will certainly keep good records of these events for future analysis. Jumping to conclusions is the worst we could do in the interim. This makes two attacks in less than a year. There will be more. There can be certainty in that fact alone.
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Speaking hypothetically: If the student body does end up losing their library privileges, would that give us leave to explore alternative research methods?

Third Petal

Nov. 9th, 2012 06:56 pm
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I must apologize for the delay in addressing the Halloween incident. You can rest easy knowing that I've been hard at work on the matter ever since it happened, contacting the Ministry and coming to the best course of action.

The Ministry and I believe that a powerful, dark magical object was brought into the school as a prank intended to make the ministry look like a fool for disregarding the incident at camp. The situation got out of hand, as you are all well aware of. As such, the Ministry has decided that in the next couple of weeks, security in the castle is going to be tightened considerably. Random trunk checks will be conducted and anyone leaving or entering the castle will be searched thoroughly, as will mail.

Finally, I will be questioning everyone personally. I will find out who did this, and I will make sure they are punished accordingly, expulsion being the minimum.

If you have any questions or information regarding the incident, you can ask here. If you have information, see me in my office immediately.

Ten ♒

Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:19 pm
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Ravenclaw and Slytherin. It's been some time since I've assigned you work. I'd hate for your minds to wander while your professor is busy with near endless preperations, so I've taken the time to set you some busywork and warn you about your future curriculum.

First years, we will be studying the correct ways to treat and bandage wounds in an emergency. There will be practicals and you will be practising. I trust that the idea of bandaging a classmate won't throw you all into veritable fits of excitement.

In preperation for this I ask, Why put pressure on a bleeding wound?

Second years I'm sure you'll be thrilled to know we will be studying Cornish Pixies. If I'm feeling particularly magnanimous I may set one lose and have you attempt to catch it. I warn you, they do bite.

Third years can you tell me what the Lumos Duo spell is most commonly used in defence of? The answer will provide you with the subject of our next studies.

Fourth years as you've been informed, we are studying curses with a special attention to the unforgivable curses. I want you to name one and write me at least ten lines on why it has been deemed unforgivable.

Fifth years we will be studying the effective use of jinxes in battle and defence. I want you to name a jinx and write twenty lines on theoretical a situation it would be beneficial to use in.

Sixth years it is my great pleasure to announce that we are slowly ready to move on from the theory of nonverbal spells and we will begin to practise them. We will be starting with very basic spells, but remember that they take an immense amount of concentration. I advise that you rest up before classes.
You may rest, of course, once you write ten lines on the importance of nonverbal spells and what kind of things are important to perfect them. For example: To become proficient at nonverbal spells, one must become particularly good at focusing.

Seventh years will be going over theory with me and on Friday we will be having an in-class discussion about the psychological impacts of Dark Magic and curses. It will be a draining class, perhaps emotionally so. As with the sixth years, I advise you rest up and fortunately, you are free from the wrath of assignments.

Thank you and remember to ASK if you are in a state of complete and utter confusion. I would rather suffer through a stupid question than receive unsatisfactory work. It makes us both look bad when I grade you and I do so hate using red ink.

[[ooc: Homework goes here!! Also this is either back or forward dated so it doesn't clash with the event.]]
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Now that everyone is done celebrating boorish feats of strength, I was wondering if I could get 5-10 volunteers to help me test a new spell that I've been working on. It's a very simple security spell, and I can guarantee with 82% certainty that you won't get hurt if you agree to be a subject. It's not intended to be harmful, we'll put it that way. (You might, however, experience residual tingling in the extremities, and possibly loosened bowels. I'm still working out the kinks.

For liability reasons, I'll only take volunteers third year and up (I would say fifth and up, but, well, I wouldn't want to exclude anyone my age). My name is Billy Harris, Slytherin 5th year, and if you leave your name, house, and year I will contact you within the next few days to sort out the experiment.
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Has anyone read the Grimm Fairytales? I've always been quite fond of them; as a kid I found the story of the Strange Violinist rather interesting.

It makes me want to learn how to play. Perhaps I'll teach myself.

Anyone know how to play?


Jryy abj, V trg ybj naq V trg uvtu, naq vs V pna'g trg rvgure, V ernyyl gel.

Pner gb trg grn yngre? 

1 ❀

Mar. 6th, 2012 05:48 pm
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I've been looking into patronuses lately while studying for OWLs.

...Or is that patroni? Maybe patronae?

Well, whatever, in any case I've found that they generally take the form of something most significant to you. That's usually an animal of some type, because you know, animals and magical symbolism are fairly close to each other.

What sort of animal do you think yours would take the shape of? I've been thinking it over and I'm a little convinced that mine would be a magpie. If I wanted to try and make one, that is.

I think I should try it.


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