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Apr. 2nd, 2013 03:13 am
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It has come to my attention that several students have been performing experiments or working on personal projects in their dormitories. While I strongly encourage creativity and extracurricular efforts, living quarters are not the best for such efforts. With that in mind, I will be setting up one of the empty classrooms for Ravenclaw students to use as they please, for scholarly pursuits or the practice of more practical magic. There will be cabinets set aside for storage, and each child that signs up will be assigned a secure space in which to store their supplies and the fruits of their labors. Anyone who would like assistance or someone to consult on their projects may approach me privately, and I will provide other supplies as resources allow, on an individual basis.

I should hope it goes without saying that no illegal activities should be taking place in this, shall we call it, open laboratory, but I know my House, and so I'll make it explicit. Any illicit activities performed in this room will be punished immediately.

Sign-ups for space and time can be done through this entry, or in person.
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I want two feet each on the topic of your choice:
1. The history of love potion use in Europe.
2. A brief biography on one of the major developers of the modern love potions, your choice.
3. The ethics of the use of affection altering potions or spells.
4. The legal history of love potions in the United Kingdom.

Due February 11.

Clearly, from the questions I've been getting, some students are not very well versed in the laws surrounding these potions and philtres - I would suggest number four for those to educate yourself.


Jan. 29th, 2013 01:38 am
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Your Attention Please, Students.

First Of All I Am Afraid That I Am Going To Have To Take Matters To The Headmaster If Another Student Comes Into The Hospital Wing After Falling Through The Ice At The Edge Of The Lake.
It Is Not Strong Enough To Hold Your Weight, Please Do Not Walk On It!

Secondly, I Understand That There Are Important Exams Fast Approaching.
For Those Of You Whose Nerves Are Adversely Affecting Your Studies The Hospital Wing Has Mild Calming Draughts On Hand.
Do Not Hesitate To Approach Us If You Find Yourself Needing Help.

[Private to Kurloz Makara]
Do You Have A Free Period Later This Week, Dear?
Your Help In The Hospital Wing Would Be Appreciated.
I Am Very Impressed With Your Progress So Far.

[Private to Rhys Rhydderch]
Rhys, May I Have A Few Moments Of Your Time?
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I'm sure you all just fucking love essays, don't you? Well it's been too long since I assigned one and considering my last assignment mysteriously went missing, that's what you're gonna get. So pick a language of your choice, I don't even care which one. It could be pig Latin for all I care at this point.

Got your language picked out?

Write me ten inches on why people suck.

The first person to complain about this assignment gets 100 points taken away, so just shut up and do it.

Whoever has the most compelling argument on why people suck gets 150 points and the essay blown up and stuck in the entrance hall for everyone to see every day.


Jan. 1st, 2013 05:00 pm
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so do any of you fuc people got know how on how to be convincing the parentals on letting a brother stay at school?

not sure why but me mam all of a sudden wants to be getting the move on to some other place and wants me to leave hogwarts.

but i like it here. :o(


Dec. 5th, 2012 02:56 pm
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It Is A Relief To See That Everything Has Been Put Back To Rights.
When One Speaks Of Reliving Their Youth It Is Not Often Something That Happens!
I Do Hope That I Didnt Embarrass Myself.
And Of Course, Anyone Who Stopped To Help Me Has My Sincerest Thanks.
If Anyone Is Still Feeling Ill Effects The Hospital Wing Is Open As Usual.

[Filtered to Ezra Fell]
On Another Note, Mr. Fell, I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Welcome You Properly.
My Name Is Dolores Maryam And I Am One Of The Nurses Here.

♊ 001

Nov. 9th, 2012 06:19 pm
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So I'm a bit late in making this introduction.


I'm Professor Captor, and I'll be teaching Flying. I know it's a bit late to just show up and start teaching, so I'll apologize for that. There were a few complications, but I'm here now.

I'm also offering one on one practice, if anyone wants to really improve their techniques, or are too nervous and shy to ask for help in class. So, just. Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Flying classes will resume on Monday, so I hope to see everyone in this coming week.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:23 pm
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[Filtered to students 5th year and up]

I need help with something. I need to know about any charms that can make a certain type of weather happen in a room.


If enough teachers get injured in their Quidditch match, are classes on Monday canceled? I can't see all of them recovering as fast as a teenager.
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have you actually slept with Strider yet?

♏ 007

Oct. 4th, 2012 08:11 am
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Congratulations, Slytherin. I was almost worried you all would fail miserably with points and we'd be losing right now.

Let's just hope you can keep this up.

Speaking of losing, the teacher match is getting closer with each passing day. I'm sure you're all terribly excited to watch your teachers fail miserably, but who knows, maybe we'll actually do quite well. Perhaps a practice session would be beneficial?

I also want to take this moment to talk about something personal to me. I know I'm late with this announcement, but I can't have my fiancé receiving all of the attentions and congratulations. As most of you should know by know, I will be marrying Murdoc Donoghue on some unforeseen date in our future. We haven't made any solid plans, because between our excitement over finally being engaged and how busy it can be to be a teacher here, we haven't had the time. We'll have a date set soon, if any of you are truly nosy enough to want to know about our private lives.

Though talking about this on the journals makes it seem a lot less private, doesn't it?

Eight ♒

Oct. 2nd, 2012 04:24 pm
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I suppose now is as good a time as any to formally apologise for my behaviour under the influence of the unexplained events. We all know that it's an entirely blameless situation and that nothing can be done, so, any further mentions of the situation involving myself in particular may be reason enough for me to remove points. Let's not be counter productive about this, let's just move on from it.

This journal is also an opportunity to share some more positive news regarding Slytherin and Ravenclaw students taking my class. I have acquired a boggart and there will be a practical class in the next few weeks. As such, any concerns should be brought to me. However, if you skip without my consent I will make you regret it every day for the rest of your school life. Thank you.

Now, an assignment for all of you in my class, though the lengths will vary. I want you to consider the events of the previous days and then think about the risks and consequences of uncontrolled magic, even if it's not necessarily Dark Arts, it's still a situation one must understand and prepare for. I want you to take a long thought about why we have rules and regulations to adhere to and how they benefit us.
First to Third years I want to see at least three good paragraphs. Fourth to Fifth should write at least five. Sixth to Seventh I expect a convincing, well thought out essay with an argument for your opinion. The length is up to you.

I will finish with a friendly reminder that you may not use my situation as an example in your analysis unless you're particularly interested in failure.

[Private to Tulio]
15 points to Slytherin for impressive negotiation skills.

[[ooc: Homework goes HERE also Murdoc was a pirate for the wish event don't judge him. There will be a boggart log up in about two weeks!]]
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Slytherins and Gryffindors:
In looking to the year ahead, I believe we will have time for one extra project per year, outside of the usual curriculum. I will be taking suggestions from students for this project, and the student in each year who comes up with the idea I will be using will earn twenty points for their House.

The criteria for project suggestions is as follows:
It must have something to do with potions (I am of the belief this should go without saying, but I find I cannot have as much confidence in every student as I would like).
It should be something interesting and original - do NOT merely look through your textbooks and choose something from there.
It should have a practical purpose - this is subject to interpretation, and I will accept arguments for each idea as to why it might be useful.
It must be challenging, this is not a way to earn easy marks.
It will not involve goats.

[Filtered private to all staff.]

if any of the female professors have the time,
whatever magic has been at work in the school these last few days
that i cannot seem to undo with a counter-curse or potions.
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I realize this introduction is somewhat late and for that I apologize. My name is Klaus Wulfenbach and as of this year I am teaching Political Magic, an elective for third year students and above who are interested in magical government as a career or simply as a subject. I have been working at the ministry for several decades now, first as a hit-wizard and then as a member of the Wizengamot, and I have met far too many young hopefuls who have no idea what sort of system they're trying to become a part of.

Those of you in my class, this is a reminder that you have due five inches (for third through fifth year) or ten inches (for sixth through seventh) on everything you currently know or believe you know about how our political system operates. Simply writing 'I don't know' until you meet the length requirement is not only not advised, it will lose you points for laziness. On the other hand, there is no requisite knowledge I am looking for and no 'right' answer. Magical government is a very complex subject and I don't expect any of you to know it intimately right out of the gate.

[Filtered from Snow and Students]

To my fellow faculty -- I feel it my duty to remind you that Snow has thus-far done nothing wrong since his arrival and arguably even before then. I worked in close quarters with him for several years and I can certainly tell you I dislike him, but dislike does not cause for suspicion make. I understand that he has insulted many of you and your children and students, and I believe this High Inquisitor business is quite obviously more sinister than he would perhaps like it to appear, but again, he has not actually done anything he is not allowed to, even if taking points for ridiculous reasons and threatening to sack teachers should not be within his power.

I think it prudent that we not give him reason to make good on his threats to abuse that power in future. As I mentioned to Sybille, the more on-guard he is against us, the less likely it is he will slip, if a slip indeed is going to occur. Subtlety may work better for us than aggression. Just a thought.

[Sign-ups for class are here!]

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I understand that it might be a little difficult to handle given that it's only the first week back, but I can't be the only one appalled by the behaviour of the students, can I?

Honestly. It's gotten to the point where detention has become a joke and removing points is a formality. I actually have no idea how I'm meant to deal with the amount of misbehaviour going on when they won't listen to a word I say! A student went so far as to

[Actually. He doesn't really want to announce that.]

It's a little difficult to comprehend. Is there any advice anybody can give me, because I am at a loss here. I think perhaps it's time for a discussion amongst ourselves before things get even more out of hand.

We're much stronger as team than we are individually, in any case.


Aug. 20th, 2012 11:52 pm
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I got a letter from the Headmaster this week, I've been appointed Head of the Ravenclaw House. I wasn't sure I would be considered since I went to the Salem Institute, but he said it wasn't a problem. I don't expect you all to be the bookworm types, I've talked to a few of you enough to know better, just behave, got it?

Five ♒

Aug. 15th, 2012 05:20 pm
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Now that school is nearly back in session, I have a question for the Ravenclaw and Slytherin students taking my class. I'd noticed a couple of you were going above and beyond expectations, but I'd also noticed quite a few of you failing to meet the standards set for you. As such, I am offering an hour long extension class for ALL years twice a week in which we will cover old topics more thoroughly and begin to study new things ahead of the usual regime.

These classes will, of course, benefit your grades. So if you are unhappy with your marks or looking for extra lessons, I would consider signing up here.

If it is of any interest, these lessons will also include swimming lessons and you do not need to be in my class to attend those. You will not be doing a repeat of camp, so be sure to bring actual swimming clothes if you attend. You may sign up here, and yes, we will be joining the squid in the lake. Even if you are capable of swimming, I am able to assist you with your form and speed.

[Filtered to Bruce Banner.]
Mr.Banner. Given the amount of classes you've missed, these classes will be mandatory and they will include practicals.
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Ugh, I'm so glad that's over and done with. He freakin' deserved to be kicked in the balls after what he did too.

Sorry, guys, but I'm not going to be able to be on the Quidditch team this year. Things got...complicated over summer. Let's just say I won't be seeing any sunlight soon and leave it at that, 'kay?
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Seeing as the summer is drawing to a close, cutting short all of the students' entertaining activities while away from your fellows, I thought now would be the appropriate time to assign an essay that will be due your first week back. I would take this opportunity while away from school to get the research portion done, and any questions that have not already been answered through the journals can be directed to me in person when you return to Hogwarts.

There is much to be learned from Muggle potions making, which is known as CHEMISTRY. Each student should pick something used in the Muggle world, such as a medicine, intoxicant, solvant, or other potions-like substance, and write an essay detailing the ingredients, uses, and manufacture of the product, as well as identifying the wizarding equivalent, and comparing and contrasting the two. There is no required length, however poorly written and researched essays will be marked down accordingly.

First through fourth years may pick from the following list, or chose their own, as they like, however fifth years and above are expected to find something not on the list of appropriate complexity. This will require investigating Muggle resources, as you will not find the required information solely through wizarding texts. I recommend that students work together to complete this assignment.

List for 1st - 4th years. )

003 [Text]

Aug. 14th, 2012 07:24 am
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Good afternoon everyone.

I know we've had a bit of a rocky summer holiday, but I'd just like slip a gentle reminder that there is a quiz for Defence against the Dark Arts students in week 2 of your semester. If you haven't started studying, now might be a good time to open your books.

Homework aside, I'm sure some of you have unanswered questions regarding the food fight that got out of hand during summer camp. Per investigations, it's been discovered that someone cast a hex on certain students that caused the irrational behaviour. The Ministry are pursuing leads and the councillors of the camp are being questioned, but I'd just like to take this opportunity to assure all of you that no there will be no disciplinary action for those who had been caught firing jinxes.

I look forward to meeting all of you when school starts.

[OOC: Takes place after this log.]
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was there a memo i was unaware of?
is it now standard policy to air all our personal grievances and business in front of the students?
i'd hate to think i wasn't being cooperative.

Translation. )


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