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Good afternoon students. It's been awhile since I've assigned some homework, but I'll keep it simple given that Quidditch and Hogsmeade is coming up. I'd like all of you to revise and practice what you've been learning in class so far. There'll be a test waiting for all of you the Friday of the week after Quidditch is over, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for that. The test covers all topics from the start of class till the week before, so make sure you study and practice hard.

For fifth years and seventh years, you guys, unfortunately, have a little bit more work. Fifth years, I want you to cover your year one and year two material. Seventh years? You'll have to go the extra mile and cover years one to four. There'll be more focus on what you've learned this year, but you'll be surprised at how relevant a first year spell could be in a dangerous situation. I'm not looking too much into the details, but more into execution and application, so don't spend too much time on the theory for the spells.

Also, I appreciate that most of you didn't give Professor Donoghue a hard time when he substituted for me on the 29th of October. I'd like to thank him once again for taking up my slots on such short notice.

[Filtered to Shinra]
Mr Kishitani, may I see you in my office as soon as possible?

[OOC: So, what Coulson means by a "small test" is actually a short practical course that he's going to set up on the grounds! Students will have to run through the course and overcome creatures and situations that have been purposely set up according to their years. Simply state over here at the homework post on how they fared during the course!

Also, Coulson was actually absent on the 29th of October, which was the day after the full moon. It's the first time he's called in sick, and Murdoc took over his classes for that day.


Nov. 17th, 2012 12:41 am
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[Filtered from Snow]

I don't know what happened on Halloween, but apparently I'm the top suspect? All I did was take a walk and skip out on a memorial. I didn't even go out in to the forest or do anything remotely suspicious.


I'm thinking of canceling outdoor Archery club meetings until Spring. We can try and do some work indoors, but it might not happen. There are other clubs to join this time of year if you need something to do. Like choir or something, that's an okay kind of club this time of year.
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As some of you may know, Sybille's thirty sixth birthday will be coming this week on the eighth. If you're a friend or acquaintance of hers, I invite you to join us for dinner in Hogsmeade if you are able.
If possible, dress nice and bring a gift. I'll pay for dinner but drinks are your own problem.

We will be meeting at 8pm at the restaurant called Le Nuit a few places away from the station. Don't be late, it's tacky.

↣ 3

Nov. 1st, 2012 08:12 pm
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Guy Fawkes Night is comin up. I can't wait. I gotta few things I need to burn.


Oct. 18th, 2012 01:07 am
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Halloween is coming up and it's a shame to hear that the school won't be doing its usual banquet I've heard so much about. Back at Salems Witches Institute Halloween was the holiday. The senior students had a project every year, of making a haunted house for muggle tourists to go through. I suppose commemorating a war being over is more important. It's not every day that some kid survives The Killing Curse. If that can't kill you, you have to wonder what else you'd be able to survive...

On a lighter note, I'm sticking to Quodpot. I make a terrible keeper compared to Professor Kennedy who also managed to keep his hair in check the whole time.
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I've moved the date to the 26th. It shouldn't make a difference, but I want to make sure everyone is well informed that the party will be happening a day before.

But I need some help, mostly in decorating. I have food and refreshments already handled, but I'm at a loss as to how to decorate and clean up the entire classroom on my own. I'm looking for volunteers who would chip in to helping me. I will make it worth your while. I would not ask for labor without a reward.

Also, pumpkins. If anyone is interested in submitting a carved pumpkin, please do so. They will all be part of the decorations and the best pumpkin will receive a prize. This is not the time to joke and submit a pumpkin with a phallic image carved into it. I will not accept anything that isn't appropriate!

A prize will also be given out for best costume, so I encourage to dress up!

Also, could I perhaps request the Music club for entertainment? I will gladly join in, but I cannot be playing music the entire time since I am the host. I don't really have any other means for music and entertainment otherwise. Dancing will be involved so I would really hope that we have music accompanying it. You can't really dance without music. That would be rather silly.

C'est tellement fatigant ...

Day 2

Oct. 12th, 2012 10:25 pm
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I gotta say I'm really looking forward to this weekend's Quidditch match!

Not only does it mean the start of Quidditch season (!!!) but I'm especially looking forward to the teacher's match. It'll be so cool to see some of Hogwart's best players take the field again :)

Does anybody have any favourite teams they root for over the sesaon? And I don't just mean in school I mean in the Cup itself. Personally I go for the Wimbourne Wasps - gotta support the home team after all!


Oct. 1st, 2012 11:10 am
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I Would Like Anyone - Student Or Staff - To Pay The Hospital Wing A Visit Should They Still Be Suffering Any Ill Effects After The Events Of Last Week.
I Understand That This Has Been A Highly Distressing Time For Some Of You.
I Cannot Heal That Kind Of Pain As Much As I Would Like To But It Is Often Said That A Friendly Ear For Your Troubles May Work Wonders.
Please Do Not Hesitate To See Me If You Should Have Need Of Someone To Speak To Confidentially.

[Filtered to Murdoc Donoghue]

Well, Now.
That Was Exciting Wasnt It?
I Trust You Have Returned To Your Usual Self Now.
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No class this week. Sorry. Just reread the stuff we've been going over last week.

[Filtered to staff.]

He's gone again.

I have no idea what to even think or feel right now. Why did it even happen in the first place if he was just gonna leave again?

Doesn't seem very fair to me.

But now I've got a kid who just lost his dad for the second time. I don't even know anymore. Why's it seem like being in this castle's nothing but suffering? It almost makes me wanna quit. Homeschool them from now on or something. At least I can count on myself not to screw with shit like this.

I just have a hard time wishing it didn't happen though. It was good while it lasted, I just

I dunno. Whatever.

[004] Text

Sep. 14th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Good morning students. I've taken a look at some of your quiz results. Some of you did great and for those who didn't, don't feel too bad about it. Instead, take this as an idea on where you stand in Defence against the Dark Arts and encourage yourselves to do better in the next quiz. Your results will be filtered to each of you along with some advice on what you need to work on.

I know Quidditch tryouts are happening this weekend so I'll try to keep the workload light, but just for this week only.

First years, I'd like you to practise the Knockback Jinx. There'll be a practical class next week and I'd like for all of you to give the spell a try in a safe environment.

Second years, revise Verdimillious Uno. We'll be learning Verdimillious Duo next week, and having an understanding of the first spell would definitely help you. You don't need to write an essay on it, but just come to class with an idea of how the spell works.

Third years, we'll be covering Boggarts in our next class. I'd like you to write about your greatest fear and how you'd attempt to dispel the Boggart if it transformed into it. Please be serious about this assignment; joke answers will have the writers locked into a cupboard with a real Boggart. You can be as detailed or as brief as you like, but in general having a clear idea on how the Boggart will react to the Riddikulus spell will increase the spell's effectiveness.

Fourth years, you get a job similar to the second years, except I want you to revise both Verdimillious Uno and Duo in preparation for the final level of the spell, Verdimillious Tria. Similar to the second years, you don't have to come to class with an essay. Just read your books and make sure you understand the spells well.

Fifth years, I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing how important this year is, so I'll spare you the lecture and jump straight to your work. Read up on the Patronus Charm from your textbook and write about its effects and why it is difficult to cast. I'd like your essay to be at least 20 centimetres long, but I've extended the deadline to next Friday, so you'll have ample time to give me a good write-up on the spell after the tryouts.

Sixth and seventh years, congratulations on making it this far. You're far from done though, so make sure to keep up with your studies. Sixth years, we're covering non-verbal spells. Read up on the theory and the history behind it and try some basic spells over the weekend. Seventh years, we're having a practical session, so if you're having troubles with non-verbal spells from Year 4 and onwards, let me know what you're finding difficult and we'll see what we can do about it.

All the best to the students participating in the tryouts.

[OOC: Turn in your homework here.]


Aug. 19th, 2012 06:21 pm
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A scar does not form on the dying.
A scar means, I survived.

How many here have a scar on the inside or outside?

003 [Text]

Aug. 14th, 2012 07:24 am
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Good afternoon everyone.

I know we've had a bit of a rocky summer holiday, but I'd just like slip a gentle reminder that there is a quiz for Defence against the Dark Arts students in week 2 of your semester. If you haven't started studying, now might be a good time to open your books.

Homework aside, I'm sure some of you have unanswered questions regarding the food fight that got out of hand during summer camp. Per investigations, it's been discovered that someone cast a hex on certain students that caused the irrational behaviour. The Ministry are pursuing leads and the councillors of the camp are being questioned, but I'd just like to take this opportunity to assure all of you that no there will be no disciplinary action for those who had been caught firing jinxes.

I look forward to meeting all of you when school starts.

[OOC: Takes place after this log.]
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I am very sorry I initiated a discussion on masturbation over the school journals and while I still don't really understand why that was wrong of us to do, I can assure you that it won't happen again.
Makara, Jaeger and I were just trying to determine a statistic and weren't intending to get any of you into any kind of trouble with your parents. We are sorry that we ended up doing so.
But in any case, this was all primarily my fault. Makara and Jaeger were only peripherally involved so they shouldn't be held responsible.

Captor, I'm also very sorry for breaking your nose while we were at camp. In fact, I think I'm probably more sorry about that than anything else. Principally because I can't remember why I did it. In any case, I hope you're feeling better. And you're very good with jinxes! I was impressed.


Jul. 19th, 2012 11:01 pm
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[The following is all done in voice.]

As most of us are aware the journals aren't working properly. Professor Peixes has sent an owl to Professor Dumbledore, so hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. Till then, I'd just like to ask everyone to be patient and wait.

I'd also like to request that we keep all shenanigans out of our journals. Older students, remember that you've got to set an example to the younger ones, especially those first years who already have a journal. Keep your entries rated G please.

[Potentially a small hint towards his fellow professors as well to keep their arguments outside the system and away from the students.]

Also, a reminder to keep up with your readings. They may not be compulsory, but I do highly stress how much they will help when it comes to the quizzes.


Jul. 7th, 2012 09:22 am
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[Students, there is a new announcement awaiting you in the morning, written in unfamiliar handwriting. Griffindors and Hufflepuffs, take note!]

Good morning students. I am Professor Coulson, and I'll be joining the staff at Hogwarts as a teacher; specifically, I'll be teaching the Griffindor and Hufflepuff students Defence against the Dark Arts.

Now, it's come to my attention that Professor Donaghue issued all of you homework over the summer? Griffindors and Hufflepuffs, this homework is not compulsory for you. There will be a light test awaiting you at the start of the second week of school though, so the choice is yours. Personally, I really recommend not cramming everything into the first week. Know the theory and practise your spells consistently.

I'll see all of you when school starts. Happy holidays.

[Filtered to Murdoc. Unhackable.]

If you wouldn't mind, could I have a private word with you?
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As much as I enjoyed getting to know my fellow professors better
It's wonderful to be home

Now summer homework! I furgot to assign any so I'll be giving everyone a quick assignment I expect on the first day of class.
Find one magical creature that lives near you and describe them in as much detail as you can. I will not be counting off for short descriptions of fast moving or elusive creatures but I do know the different children. I can see how much effort you put into your essays.

And no Nepeta, you may not use kneazels. <3


For any that are interested, I've been thinking of having a little get together. Nothing fancy, just a few drinks. I'm planning it for most the day on the 11th, starting just after noon. You can of course attend at whatever time you please.

I would ask that any that got into fights with Artollo on the trip please not attend or if you trully wish to attend, bring your manners. Understood?


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