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[Filtered from teachers and any particularly detention-happy prefects]

[Inkblots. Oh God, inkblots, inkblots everywhere. And the following is scribbled hastily.]

Just woke up to quite a surprise and after nearly being shocked into having a damn heart attack, my biggest question is -

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It's nice that things are properly quiet, finally.


Jan. 2nd, 2013 09:55 pm
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HOGWARTS. I have a terribly difficult question for you. One that has plagued the minds of many since the dawn of man. One could say wars have begun over such a complex question.

Which do you prefer! Dogs OR Cats?
Now I know a lot of you will be quick to claim cats, particularly when you may take them to and from school and they may also perch on your shoulder and breathe down your neck as you answer. Do not be biased, friends! Look into your heart.

Do you prefer playfulness, curiosity/fearlessness, chase-proneness, sociability and on some occasions aggressiveness?!??!

Or do you prefer the curious, sweet, playful, grace and entitled nature of the cat?

Personally I find myself preferring dogs! I do not say this simply because Geri and Frecki could very well smother me if I gave the wrong answer, but because they have been my best friends for my entire life!


Dec. 1st, 2012 01:05 pm
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im sorry if im bothering anyone but...
could anyone tell me if you find a nimbus 2000?
my dad will be mad at me if he knows i lost it.
and sorry for making more questions and for unintentionally spamming your journal,
but why are my preview entries so weird? why am i writing with numbers? thats the way mom and dad write, not mine.
im sorry but im really really confused.

(OOC: All my tags will be mostly done with the [personal profile] notsoradical account, since Latula didn't have her hair dyed at that time and she's 13. She was more shy and calm at this time, and really insecure too.)


Nov. 8th, 2012 11:46 pm
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[How are you all doing Hogwarts? Hope you're doing well because Molly has no idea that the journal is on right now]

Hm...I wonder if this is right. Oh, I don't want to disappoint Toby by drawing him like this! Maybe I could add some more whiskers...

[Hi, Hogwarts, be prepared. There will a lot of cat drawings on her journal]


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