Feb. 5th, 2012 01:50 am
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[Filtered away from Maka and baby!Death Eaters.]

[There is a large ink blot here, this is a last resort ok]

I usually wouldn't make an inquiry like this of the student body, but. I hadn't found anything that informative on the subject that wasn't completely unrelated in the library and Madame Pince was not very helpful.

Well. What should you– If your friend were to–

If you at times feel that you are less in control of your actions in the presence of a certain person, what condition might that be indicative of?

[ooc: For the filter, use your own judgment! It does not specifically say that but you know who you are.]
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[shabbily filtered away from teachers]
Mouths are puckering, boy entrancers are fluttering, and luuuuurve is in the air!

To get to the short and the short of it, as a public service Cas and I have decided to host a SNOGGING PARTY. It is this thing where you show up, grab a number and get snogging! Don't have a snoggee? WELL, you could prepare for a life all aloney on your owney and become a Buddhist monk, or if you look naff in orange you could meet one there! It will be fabby and marvy and also double cool with knobs on.

And because we know that some of you spend all of your days doing daft things like Arithmancy homework and have never used your gobs for anything other than shoveling food in them, we have provided a scale for you to research beforehand:


It will be on the 10th, but not NUMBER 10, if you catch my drift (and I think you do). Be there if you don't want to be as lonely as an elk.

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Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:17 pm
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Everyone's got their panties in a twist about so much stuff. First quidditch, and now Valentine's Day. Quidditch, I can see getting worked up about. Do we have to play Ravenclaw sometime? Let's try not to loose as badly to them as we did to the Slyths and really kick some butt! That should be the rule no matter who we're playing, though.

Valentines Day's a whole 'nother story. I guess if you really like someone, it's okay. You guys who're just going to throw around a bunch of sweets and stuff are the ones I'm worried about. Aren't most of you a little young to be going around and falling in love in the first place?
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Okay, guys, it's important for everyone to stay calm. I've got some super serious news here. So, try to find your zen zone and we can all just -


We might have a snow golem invasion on our hands! Oh man, there's this supremely creepy old dude who lives a few towns away from me who is always trying to get minty fresh with the young witches in the area. He specializes in ice magic! Do you guys think he might be lurking around the castle?!

Ladies of Hogwarts, if you see a gross old man who isn't one of our teachers, let me know and I will gladly protect you!


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