Feb. 8th, 2012 08:48 pm
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[there is a scratching sound, a thud and the sound of paper being ripped. silence, for a second, then a young sounding man starts talking]
Now let's see what they are, my dear. Some might even be thinking!

[writing starts to appear on the page, all while the man hums to himself]
Hello! I'm the Doctor, not the professor or anything other silly nonsense people sometimes call other people in places like these. Even though I suppose sometimes the other people are called doctors even in these places but that's in the muggle world and not in the wizarding world I guess because we

[the sentence cuts off, and the man starts talking again]

Hello, Hogwarts! Writing is boring, and I much rather prefer hearing my own voice instead! But yes, I'm the Doctor, and I'll be teaching you all about muggles. Which I know more about than anyone else, including the muggles themselves. I expect everyone to choose this subjects, since not liking muggles and not wanting to know more about them is idiotic and stupid and dull.

And yes, I very much planned to talk instead of write. I just didn't know it when I started writing. Or I did, just not consciously, which is an excellent way of doing things.


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