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I just found the absolute magnifique dress for the Yule Ball. It's even got flower patterns and a bow knot and it's almost like Auror Polgara's wedding dress from True Auror Tales #261 when she had to fake marriage to a dark wizard in order to bust him.

Raz, you need to see this.

Also, I seem to have misplaced my Beauxbatons robes. I know it might seem silly to keep hold of something, especially since I was only there a year, but I would appreciate it if you returned them.

[ooc: for the event, Lili's parents were around more and didn't have such stressful jobs, nor was she ever kidnapped as a result of being the daughter of one of the best Aurors around. She also spent a year in Beauxbatons before transferring to Hogwarts, so her personality is a lot nicer than usual and she's more openly nerdy.]
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Mamam? Mamam??? Là où est ma mamam?!
Je suis très perdu! Mamam? Où es-tu? :(
I think now no have papa et mamam. :(
Svp aidez-moi? :,(

...Help? Please?


Nov. 30th, 2012 08:33 pm
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That time of year again, huh? Yule Ball, Christmas, New Years... but I don't even know where my dress robes are now.
I mean, they used to be at the bottom of my trunk, but I think I took them out to make a nest for my cat. whoops

But uh, anyways--
Is anybody getting anything for their family for Christmas? cause I got noooo idea what to get my family.
At all.
Between studying and now Quidditch, I haven't even thought about it until now.

ϟ 11

Nov. 30th, 2012 02:29 am
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I don't know why I'm so worried about having a date to the Yule Ball. I bet there are tons of girls just waiting for a chance. All I have to do is sit back and wait for the girls to come to me.
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I have the best idea ever for something to give us an edge for our next Quidditch game. I just need to get it approved from the higher ups.

Oh yes, it will be awesome.

Anyways, this dance thing is coming up. I'm not really too big on dressing up but the Yule celebrations here are always a great time. I think I might go with a purple dress this year. I wonder if everyone else will have dates? I'd hate to go solo and be stuck being bored.

[Filtered to Tony]

My broom should be in your room now. Take good care of it and make it cool!


Nov. 29th, 2012 02:00 am
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Does anyone know if a regular repairing charm will work on an invisibility cloak? I got a rip in mine while avoiding everyone.

[[ooc; Strikes are heavily scratched out to the point of almost not seeing through them.]

11 ♒

Nov. 29th, 2012 03:10 pm
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So it would appear that the High Inquisitor is no longer gracing us with his presence. An unfortunate event indeed.
It is perhaps a little late to point out that the majority of you acted with absolute disregard for common sense, so I'll spare you the lecture for now. Though I do wonder if etiquette lessons are necessary.

On that note, I will announce that the wedding is now unnecessary and is in fact, cancelled. If you hadn't figured out why by now, there's no hope for you. Of course, we were never intending on allowing it to go so far, that would have been ridiculous.

I'm sure you're all very disappointed.

[If you are Constance, Bro or an Ampora kid he would have found you and talked to you prior to posting it. Whether you want to handwave that or not is up to you, but I'm down with doing action posts here.]
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 So it's that time of year again where I have to say sadly there is only one of me ladies, so don't get your hopes too high up thinking that I'm going to ask you to the ball. If I could please everyone, I would. But sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Possible sacrifices include multiple female dates to the ball.

Are the rumours true? Is Wrinklefucker really leaving? Has he left? Wrinklefucker I will miss you dearly. You'll forever have a place in my heart!


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