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The temperature around here sure has dropped rather quickly hasn't it? I feel even more cold all the time. I think I might start wearing thermal shirts under my uniform.

I've been thinking since we'll all be spending more time indoors would people be interested in maybe having game nights? We could get together in The Great Hall and play cards or board games.
I was thinking poker could be fun..instead of money we could play for candy or something.
What do you guys think?
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Quite the match, wasn't it? Not only was it an impressive athletic spectacle, but it certainly left me curious about what's going on with some of our professors.

I think I'll be knitting a Ravenpuff scarf for myself, for when we don't have to be in uniform. The blue and yellow and black and bronze... It all looks rather nice together. Anyone else want one?
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I'd like to thank my house for their support and Sal for not killing himself with his bat, truly dear, Beater? You were not up to that.

[Pasted here is a very silly photo of Dierdre holding the Snitch with her arm slung around Sal's shoulders, grinning and letting the Snitch fly from her fingertips just to catch it again. Sal appears to be slightly bloodied but happy for his wife, waving.]

I'd forgotten how thrilling Quidditch is. I should have been a Seeker instead of a Chaser when I was in school.

I wish the best to Professor Matteris. I trust Dolores will take the very best care of her until she can return to her classes.


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