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To Whom This Letter May Concern,

I'm a bit confused here. It was my understanding that I was to be expelled from this institution. Therefore, I am curious as to why I seem to find myself here once again.

Also, even though I have been gone for a couple of months I seem to not recognize anyone here?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to be able to shed some light on this subject and please inform me of what I can expect to happen next.


Marshall Lee Rutherford

[OOC: For the event it will be for Marshall like he had never died. So to him it's still 1833 when he was first expelled from Hogwarts. He'll write more formally and if you speak to him in person his manners and speech will be just as old fashioned.
And yes, that's his real last name. He dropped it years ago and just made his middle name his last one.]
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It seems the powers that be have quite the esoteric sense of humour. I arrive to take up my new duties and a large portion of the student body has been rendered incapable of reading anything more challenging than the most simplified versions of "Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump".

In any case, greetings, Hogwarts. My name is Ezra Fell. Headmaster Dumbledore has requested I take up the mantle as Librarian of this school, as apparently my predecessor was found lacking in some way. Some of you may be familiar with the bookshop I run in Soho down in London; it's a popular location for youngsters to duck into to try to pluck up the courage to try to sneak into some of the more... illicit establishments in the area.


Er, I might as well speak this part as some of the potentially interested parties may not be able to read at this juncture. If any of the small children would like to see a presentation of Muggle sleight-of-hand "magic", I am something of an enthusiast and would be pleased to put on a show.



Nov. 16th, 2012 03:59 pm
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I have been pondering the topic of music. I know, I know - what else is new? But I was wondering if I could get some opinions.

How do people feel about the concept of music as a manipulative device?

I am aware that to some, it may not be effective. But others are quite sensitive to the effect of various tones, producing various results as well based on each individual's personal experience. But think about it - as practitioners of magic, we are constantly manipulating others, manipulating fate, and the physical appearance of those around us.

In terms of human emotion, is making music the closest a muggle can get to using magic?

I've taken conducting classes back home, at summer programs, and I have to say that holding the baton in my hand, taking that command over a large group of people to create exactly what I wanted, was not so different from holding a wand and casting a spell. There is a certain invigorating power that it inspires, having that control to realize exactly what is in your mind at the moment.

Is it dangerous? Can music, too, be used negatively? I wouldn't want to, mind! But it was a thought - obviously it doesn't have as direct an effect as a dark spell might, but if one were to manipulate another person, through music, for selfish reasons - is that dangerous? Think of the Minnesänger troubadours, think of the serenades used to woo women from high towers, think of the patriotic music used to stir loyalty in troops in times of war. In Ancient Greece, it was believed that a king was stirred to battle simply by hearing a tune played on a flute in the Phrygian mode.

Can music, or any sound, really, be used to enhance our own magic? Maybe even to help us defend ourselves? I would also appreciate opinions from those of you who normally aren't as interested in music. Even if just to ensure that I am not thinking too idealistically through the eyes of a musician myself. Objective reassurance would be nice, if you can give it sincerely.

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What qualities do you find attractive in another person? Romantically or otherwise.
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Speaking hypothetically: If the student body does end up losing their library privileges, would that give us leave to explore alternative research methods?

Third Petal

Nov. 9th, 2012 06:56 pm
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I must apologize for the delay in addressing the Halloween incident. You can rest easy knowing that I've been hard at work on the matter ever since it happened, contacting the Ministry and coming to the best course of action.

The Ministry and I believe that a powerful, dark magical object was brought into the school as a prank intended to make the ministry look like a fool for disregarding the incident at camp. The situation got out of hand, as you are all well aware of. As such, the Ministry has decided that in the next couple of weeks, security in the castle is going to be tightened considerably. Random trunk checks will be conducted and anyone leaving or entering the castle will be searched thoroughly, as will mail.

Finally, I will be questioning everyone personally. I will find out who did this, and I will make sure they are punished accordingly, expulsion being the minimum.

If you have any questions or information regarding the incident, you can ask here. If you have information, see me in my office immediately.


Nov. 5th, 2012 06:10 pm
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You are all so friendly, gosh!

[Filtered to Students]
Out of curiousity! If any of you could punch Tony Stark in the face with no consequences whatsoever, would you?


Oct. 23rd, 2012 01:29 am
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I'm not at all surprised that Gryffindor caught the snitch. I'm excited for Ravenclaw to play, it should be fairly exciting, but probably not as much as a tie.

I wrote home a while ago to say that I'll be staying for the winter break. I got a letter back and my Father didn't mind too much since we celebrate Christmas in Januray because he's Orthodox. I'd be here anyways and we'd just spend December 25th at the cinema. I'll have to write to my Uncle Logan and let him know. I hope he doesn't ask if I'm staying because of some boy like my Father did. I should just tell them it's some dashing seventh year if they keep asking. Does anyone else have a nosy family that just assumes it's because you like someone that you don't want to go home?
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I sometimes wish we had a Wizard Studies class. It would be interesting to hear about the different cultures.

History class does not count.


Oct. 9th, 2012 02:21 pm
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I got a lot of art supplies while I was in Hogsmeade! This is going to be so fun. If anyone wants me to make them something crafty, I'm still offering!

Did anyone else have an exciting time?

[Filtered to Sollux, Graham, Tulio, Marina, Kankri, Dolores, and Dean]

Can I meet you all somewhere after dinner? Ms. Maryam, do you know a place for us to meet?


Oct. 7th, 2012 03:10 pm
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Friends! I bring you news!
I can't believ

I am of a higher powe



As such, I should like to practice! If you have a question THAT BURNS YOU TO THE CORE I shall answer it with my majestic new tool.

[[ooc: Steve got Thor a magic 8 ball. He thinks he can see the future.]]

Eight ♒

Oct. 2nd, 2012 04:24 pm
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I suppose now is as good a time as any to formally apologise for my behaviour under the influence of the unexplained events. We all know that it's an entirely blameless situation and that nothing can be done, so, any further mentions of the situation involving myself in particular may be reason enough for me to remove points. Let's not be counter productive about this, let's just move on from it.

This journal is also an opportunity to share some more positive news regarding Slytherin and Ravenclaw students taking my class. I have acquired a boggart and there will be a practical class in the next few weeks. As such, any concerns should be brought to me. However, if you skip without my consent I will make you regret it every day for the rest of your school life. Thank you.

Now, an assignment for all of you in my class, though the lengths will vary. I want you to consider the events of the previous days and then think about the risks and consequences of uncontrolled magic, even if it's not necessarily Dark Arts, it's still a situation one must understand and prepare for. I want you to take a long thought about why we have rules and regulations to adhere to and how they benefit us.
First to Third years I want to see at least three good paragraphs. Fourth to Fifth should write at least five. Sixth to Seventh I expect a convincing, well thought out essay with an argument for your opinion. The length is up to you.

I will finish with a friendly reminder that you may not use my situation as an example in your analysis unless you're particularly interested in failure.

[Private to Tulio]
15 points to Slytherin for impressive negotiation skills.

[[ooc: Homework goes HERE also Murdoc was a pirate for the wish event don't judge him. There will be a boggart log up in about two weeks!]]
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My homework appears to have done itself. In my handwriting. Using my diction.

I was of the mind that these odd happenings were some sort of prank, but what sort of prankster does your homework?
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Now that everyone has settled back in to the daily routine of school life, I have a few exciting announcements to make.

Firstly, I would like to welcome Professor Inquisitor Snow. I will be working with the Ministry to find out about the odd occurrences going on since last year. Please treat him like you would any other teacher at this school.

Secondly, next week we'll have our yearly week long talk about the human body and things that happen to it.

Thirdly, the first week of October, Professor Matteris and a few other Professors will be running survival training for any students wishing to participate. Those interested should meet her bright and early the first Wednesday morning in the Great Hall.

Fourthly, With Quidditch season starting next month, we'll be kicking off the season with a friendly match between the teachers. I would like the Heads of Houses to head off the two teams, but if they are busy, that is quite fine. There is an incentive of 100 House points to the winning team that has a Head of House on it.

Lastly, there will be many things for the students to look forward to in the coming months, this Halloween we will have a memorial for those lost during the war against Lord Voldemort and during December, we will have our yearly Yule Ball. The winners of King and Queen of the Yule Ball will get a certificate to Madame Puddifoots Tea House this year.
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Let me tell you a sad, sad story. It's a story filled with tragedy and the slings and arrows of cruel, cruel fate, so get some tissues ready. You'll be bawlin' your eyes out!

You see, once upon a time - a time that is now - there was a boy. Is-was?! Tenses. What am I supposed to do with tenses in a framing device like this?! I'm talking about now, but convention dictates past tense for tales of tragedy and woe like this, ones on par with the sad stories of the Ancient Greeks, where people accidentally married their mothers and the like. Which frankly I never understood. Now, I like older women - I like them a lot! - but there comes a point where you just gotta look at the situation and think, "This broad could conceivably have given birth to me." I'm just sayin' it should give you some pause so you can evaluate your life choices.

Now what was I - RIGHT, the tale of anger and frustration!!

Anyway, this boy kept seeing people moaning about getting on a certain sports team - let's call it Shmidditch for anonymity's sake. And this boy - ah - he loved Shmidditch. And he was good at it. Great, even. And while he'd normally be a shoo-in for getting on the team, a pack of cold-hearted wizards who spend all of what little time they've got on this great earth sitting around in dusty rooms and always, always, always sneering down on anything and everything that doesn't fit just so into the neat little boxes of conduct that they approve of conspired against him to prevent him from even trying out!

So the boy was sad. No, the boy was angry. No, the boy was... - the boy is a lot of things all of the time.

But what you should take away from this little fable is that the boy hates it when people don't appreciate what they have, especially when they rub their false, pretend tragedies in everyone's face. And the boy has very particular ways of dealing with the things he hates.
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[permanent student-only filter]

Setting aside Inquisitor Douchecanoe for the moment--and setting aside the fact that I don't know what a douchecanoe is supposed to be--what is this about dark magic? It seems to have been confirmed by several students and a professor from what I've seen, but I had not heard a thing about it before coming here.

Is it safe at Hogwarts?
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[Filtered away from Snow Because she doesn't want to cause anyone problems]

In regards to all the issues we were having previously, mostly in respecting personal 8oundaries and space, I was considering starting up a clu8. It's 8asic function would 8e to teach us all a8out respecting each other, and what is and isn't ok to do to one another without asking for permission 8eforehand.

Would anyone 8e interested?


I think 8y now we've all gotten enough coursework to justify the first meeting of the study clu8. Everyone is welcome, and if you're already one of my peers that I already tutor, you're dou8le welcome. Unless you'd prefer to remain in a more one on one situation, then just talk to me and we'll find a time that suits us 8oth.

Now I think I'm going to spend some time with Templeton. I'll 8e there if any8ody needs me.

[Filtered to students]

So how many of us have gotten detention from Inquisitor Snow. Are we all digging up the garden?

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Currently there is more talk about how much people hate hearing about capybaras than talk either pro- or anti- capybara. That makes the people who are against talking the most talkative of any of the three groups.

Is this sort of thing normal human behavior?
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It has come to the Ministry's, and therefore my, attention that Hogwarts is in need of some... Assistance. Given the Headmaster's unfortunate inability to keep things under control at camp and even now under his very own roof, the Ministry has seen fit to appoint me High Inquisitor.

I can assure you that this is a very good thing, despite what you may be thinking and on behalf of the Ministry I would like to formally apologize for the events at camp. It is unfortunate that his carelessness would result in such an unfortunate occurrence. I can assure you that while I'm here, none of you will get so out of control.

You may have heard that it was dark magic responsible, but I can promise you that this was a lie made up only to justify a few rowdy teenagers. This will not be tolerated while I'm here, believe me. Everyone's safety is of my utmost concern, and it's up to me to prune the thorny hedges and keep everything nice and orderly.

With that said, I do not tolerate disobedience of any kind, and if I catch any kind of behaviour like what was displayed at camp, the consequences will be severe. This is the only warning I am going to give anyone. I fully expect to get along with every student here, however, so do not let my faith go unrewarded.

Finally, along with my position as High Inquisitor, I have also been appointed Herbology Professor. But considering the importance of the position, it would be best for you to refer to me as Inquisitor Snow rather than Professor.


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