2nd Card

Apr. 23rd, 2012 07:05 pm
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Homework time for all those in my class... And there's still time to sign up for those who didn't join when I first came here.

First years, I want at least nine inches on any aspect of Shamanism you like.

Second years, give me eleven inches on how Shamanism is still practical today.

Third years will make time to come see me in my office for a Tarot reading.

Fourth years, you'll be writing up what you find from a Tarot card reading you do on your own, either for yourself or a willing participant.

No homework for fifth years, but we will be working  quite rigorously on our hoodoo in class.

Sixth years and seventh years will give me fifteen inches on the topic of their choice and its place in the world today.

(ooc| Feel free to respond with general comments regarding the class or just whatever, this isn't just for homework listing. Those playing third years are welcome to play out the Tarot reading, but I'll need to contact you OOC to figure some things out!)


Apr. 21st, 2012 11:14 pm
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Alright, students. It's time for this week's assignments!

First years, I want an essay reviewing the different hand motions of all charms covered in class, at a minimum of eight inches. Second years, again an eight inch minimum, but on building and maintaining magic within a wand. If you copy The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 in anyway, I will know.

Third years, 18 inches minimum on the benefits of proper pronunciation. It may seem trivial and basic, but with the sheer amount of you becoming distracted by personal relationships, I feel it necessary to return to the basics.

Fourth, 16 inches on the pros and cons of summoning and memory charms.

For fifth years, I expect no less than 20 inches on the most commonly used offensive and defensive charms, and their various counter-charms. Try not to forget that your O.W.L.s are approaching.

Sixth years, 24 inches on nonverbal spells, any disadvantages and advantages the nonverbal charm may have, and how concentration and mental ability affect the power of spells cast.

And for the seventh years that have remained in charms, I want an essay on the charms you have found most useful over your time in Hogwarts, why you find them useful, how you have used them, and how they will benefit you in the future. There is no length minimum, but I expect you to cover at least six charms, and I will grade based on how much detail you put into your reasonings.
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To my third years, we'll be working with salamanders this week. Now if you're not properly prepared, you may get burnt, so I would like twelve inches on the proper care and handling of salamanders, to be handed in to me at the beginning of class, or you will be sent back and lose a house point for each of you.

Fourth and fifth years, eighteen inches on the uses of unicorn tail and hair. Bring your cloaks to class, we'll be heading into the Forest. As usual, no antics in the forest or you'll be giving an essay on the dangers of the forest creatures. The list in my office is inclusive, so I'd put aside a day or two for that at least.

Sixth and Seventh, no homework is due, but I do ask that if you have any strong feelings about thestrals, you speak to me before class. I assume you covered them in previous classes.

If there are any questions, reply here or see me in person.

-Professor Vantas-Leijon
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i tried.
i tried really hard.
but oh my god i just couldnt help myself.
parents day awoke something within me that i didnt know was there.
it unleashed the passion of teaching.
im back bitches.

okay no im still at home.
i start after easter.
but im watching all you little shits.
ive been watching all you little shits actually.
but now i get to do it with some fucking authority.
dont think i dont know who to watch out for.

oh i guess i should clarify ill be your flying teach.
sign the fuck up for my class or ill cry.
itll be fun.
well all be high as kites.
any of you lookin to go pro should def check it out.
i got the fuckin moves.
moves like strider.
i can take you places.

btw parent orgy in the staff room.
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Congrats to Hufflepuff on their win. I wasn't at the match either but I could hear all of you cheering all the way up in Ravenclaw tower as well as Mr. Karkat's shall we say..colorful commentary.

Not that I really expect to have much time to do so I think that instead of studying over break I'll actually read for pleasure.
Is anyone reading anything exciting that they'd like to recommend?

1st Card

Mar. 25th, 2012 09:48 pm
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Well, now, boys and girls, it would seem you have yourselves a new Professor here.

I am Doctor Facilier, and I will be teaching you what you might call... Muggle magic. Now, don't you scoff at that. Voodoo, Tarot card reading... They're just as much magic as any wand-waving you all do, and even more so than peering into a crystal ball or tea leaves.

Voodoo is my specialty, now, but I also practice Hoodoo and read Tarot cards, and I'm not too shabby with Shamanism, if I do say so myself. And we'll be covering all that and more in class.

'Course, my class isn't for everyone. It takes a great deal of skill to master these arts, not to mention an open mind.

Now, who's up for the challenge?
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you have got a hell of a lot of explainin to do
where does a dirtscrapin fuck like you get off callin FEF
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Aww yeah! How'd you like them apples, Slytherin?

Hufflepuff are back on board and risin' to the top.


Mar. 25th, 2012 07:14 pm
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Alright, so maybe we didn't beat Slytherin in our match, but at least we've crushed 'em in standings. Looks like they're gonna come in dead last.

I think that's a reason to celebrate. Help us make it through 'til the May match?


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