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I fully expect Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw to have a brilliant match this upcoming weekend! Best of luck to both teams, but extra, EXTRA luck to the Honeybadgers (a.k.a. the Hufflepuffs), I quite like the idea of team mascots. Shall we think of one, Slytherin?

Also, say you are in a bakery filled with cakeys and you see mint chocolate truffles and you see tiramisu, and you like both A LOT, but you cannot have both because it would be A LOT to have, and I mean that A LOT.

Is it better to sample each to figure out which one you want? Or just flip a coin, and the devil-take-the-hindmost?
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(Anyone who sees Peter around on his free time is going to see him with someting wrapped around his neck with an ugly strap.)

So, hi. I don't really know how to offer this - I guess I should just spit it out figuratively, right? Okay, so, after what seemed like ages of people deciding that my aunt's gift to me wouldn't kill anyone. I mean, I guess you could be afraid that cameras steal your soul and stuff... Anyway! She got me a new camera, since someone decided... well, that my last one looked better in bits last year.

If any of the clubs want their photos taken or something, I wouldn't mind doing it. Get used to the camera and stuff.


I know the match is going to be coming up soon and I've been tinkering with the new broom I got from Tony Oh my god, it's so cool. I lessened the overall surface area as much as possible. If you want some help with modifying your broom or just to get an idea of how you can, I'd love to help!

It's really easy.. The best approximation to figure out the current surface area would be to get the length of the handle, the circumference of the handle, the width of the other parts, the thickness of them, and the length of the side of all parts. Then find the surface area of a cylinder (for the handle), the area of two triangles (faces of the brush), and the area of three rectangles (the bottom and sides of the brush).

Oh, I could take pictures for you to send back to your families too if you want, I don't mind...

006 [Text]

Nov. 13th, 2012 10:24 am
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I have to say I'm looking forward to this match! A little stress relief from studies never hurt anyone.

Ravenclaws, we'll see you on the pitch. I reckon it'll be fun.

[Filtered to Hufflepuffs and HONEY BADGERS]

Right, we're having our first game soon. You've all done a good job during training and I'm proud to be the captain of this team. We're going to have to do better than a good job this match though; I say it's high time we show this school that us Puffs aren't just a bunch of pushovers. I say, we rip the Ravenclaws to shreds and send out the warning to the Gryffs and the Slytherins that the Honey Badgers will be the ones to lift the cup this year!

And even you lot who aren't playing. I hope you don't go thinking that you're not part of this effort, because you all damn well are. It's actually a great boost to us, when people cheer for their house. If you all could spare the time to come down to the match to show some house pride, that's a great help you know? So I better see a full stand on that day.

Tsukino! I've spoken to Vargas already and he's agreed to help you on those banners if you're still keen on them.

Also, I'm sure you've all seen Feferi's post. I'm all keen for calling ourselves the Honey Badgers. If no one's got any objections, then that's what I'd like the team to be called.

[Filtered specifically to Honey Badgers only!]

OK, first game is coming up! I've got some advice I'd like to give to each of you.

Roxas. You're a great Chaser, but some times you get a little too excited and carried away when you get the ball. Make sure you share it with your other Chasers. I need the three of you to work tightly together and provide support. Feferi, you're great for support but I need you to be a bit more confident with the ball when you do have it. Be a bit more aggressive and don't be afraid to take those shots when you get the chance.

Vlad. Eliza. I know the two of you have your differences, but I'm asking the two of you to put them aside for this match. No arguing or fist fights or dirty looks, alright? Concentrate on your roles. Eliza, back up Roxas and Feferi. You're our most experienced Chaser, you've got to be there to help them out when they need it. And try to keep the rough play down a little, alright? They're Ravenclaws, I don't think they could take a hit without falling of their brooms, and we can't afford to lose points through fouls. Vlad, the Claws have got great Chasers, but I say we've got the better Keeper! You've always been sharp with catching the Quaffles, so all I've got to comment is that you've got to focus. Keep an eye if you see two of them coming toward you. The Beaters will do our best to keep them from ganging up on you, but I'm confident you'll be able to stop the goals.

This is what we practised for, so let's get out there and give Hogwarts a performance they'll never forget!


Nov. 12th, 2012 05:46 pm
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I'm in a bit of a pickle right now. This will be my last year at Hogwarts and I know that while some students may not know what they want to do with their abilities, I do. I know exactly who I am and what I want to be. However, there is a family expects me to take up a job working for the ministry.

We are not wealthy, nor prestigious, but they hold me up to high expectations--I assume this is because they want me to become well...wealthy and prestigious. I wish to use my magic for other reasons, but I have no idea how I would be able to bring this up to my father. I also don't trust him to not overreact; he has a habit of doing so when something doesn't go exactly as planned.

I suppose what I'm asking for in this journal is advice. It would be much appreciated.
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oh crap.
if you see some boxes of bertie bott's beans, can you give them back to me?
and no matter what, don't open them!
you hear me?

[If your character DOES open them, they'll get some confetti and silly string thrown at their faces while a horn blares rather loudly. Shaking them will get you the same result.]
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I'm glad those creepy things that followed some of us around are gone. Did anyone else have one? It got really annoying being called a failure 24/7.

The holidays are coming up pretty quickly. I'm going home for sure. It'll be kind of nice to get back to my recording equipment. I've written out a few new songs and I'd really like to finally get them down.

Oh, and speaking of the holidays we have the Yule Ball to start thinking of as well. The Music Club is going to be playing so we'll have to work on a playlist for that as well. I'm thinking we should do a mix of traditional holiday songs and some normal songs as well?

And more importantly...I'll need a date. Not a just-friends-date either. I'd like to take my date out beforehand. I'll even actually dress up.

[Private to himself.]
I actually have presents to buy this year. Guess I'd better start making a list.

..shit I just realized I'll need actual dress robes too. Ugh.


Nov. 11th, 2012 02:40 am
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hey anyone out there mind doing a little sharing about what they up and dream about? and i'm not talking about the future and that kinda shit - i'm talking about when you're all cozied up in your beds at night and dead to the world.


Nov. 8th, 2012 11:46 pm
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[How are you all doing Hogwarts? Hope you're doing well because Molly has no idea that the journal is on right now]

Hm...I wonder if this is right. Oh, I don't want to disappoint Toby by drawing him like this! Maybe I could add some more whiskers...

[Hi, Hogwarts, be prepared. There will a lot of cat drawings on her journal]


Nov. 6th, 2012 03:29 pm
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Guess the Brits do know a thing or two about parties. Can't think of a time when America celebrates with burning effigies country wide.


Oct. 25th, 2012 12:17 am
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You think someone fucking died the way everyone lost their shit about losing the match! It's enough that people made such a fit about it, but it has been an entire fucking day and people are STILL complaining about the stupid game!

[Filtered to Georgia, but hackable to people if they're capable.]

I saw you wearing the scarf I got you, I guess it really did work for a good luck charm!

[Filtered to Mabel]

You completely saved my ass with that scarf, thanks again!
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As hilarious and thoroughly entertaining as it was to watch our esteemed and ancient Professors bumble about on the pitch, I fully expect that the actual Slytherin team will do quite a bit better than that lot did.

I say this not as a captain, but a very nearly unbiased observer.

That being said, I hope my teammates are staying in tip-top shape in preparation for the match on Sunday. Practising may seem grueling at the moment, but it will all pay off in the end. Particularly if we want to beat out Ravenclaw in points.
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Alright, Slytherin? In my capacity as Quidditch Captain, we shall be having try outs this weekend! Obviously, I will lead us to glorious victory and we will not make a mockery and a sham of the most fabby house there is.

Don't try out if you can't handle a couple of balls thrown at your heads! Oo-er~

Also, is anyone good with...rap?


Sep. 9th, 2012 03:09 pm
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[filtered from Equius]



Sep. 8th, 2012 04:42 am
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Thank fucking god that's over. I swear if I spent another minute with those nerds I would've stabbed something. You're lucky I didn't at all.

Probably would've if my knife hadn't been confiscated, but that's beside the point. How any of you can even stand being a Ravenclaw is beyond me, it's a miserable time just being in the same room as you.

Fuck all of you.



Sep. 6th, 2012 08:59 pm
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Hello everyone. My name is Ib Amano. It is nice to meet you.

I am interested in joining a club. I am already in the art club, but my parents say I should join one more, so I would like to ask for recoman recommendations.

I apologize if my English is not so good. I am trying to get better.

Thank you for your time.


Aug. 15th, 2012 12:09 pm
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This has to be the worst idea I've ever had, but I'm actually considering trying out for the team.

I must be ill. Maybe if I ignore the inclination for long enough it'll go away.
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Why would a cat eat a quill? I ask you.

[There is a little girl's voice]

Ginger, can I talk to the paper people? I will sing my arsey song!

Libs, no, they don't want to hear–

–Sex bum, I am a sex bum, poo poo BUM BUM ARSEY!

Uh, sorry, my sister, she, uh, just learned to talk and–Ouch, don't bite!


[And the audio abruptly cuts out.]

[ooc: Trying to get back in the swing of rping! And non-North American characters will PROBABLY notice that fanny IS KIND OF A BAD WORD FOR A TODDLER TO SAY.]
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Seeing as the summer is drawing to a close, cutting short all of the students' entertaining activities while away from your fellows, I thought now would be the appropriate time to assign an essay that will be due your first week back. I would take this opportunity while away from school to get the research portion done, and any questions that have not already been answered through the journals can be directed to me in person when you return to Hogwarts.

There is much to be learned from Muggle potions making, which is known as CHEMISTRY. Each student should pick something used in the Muggle world, such as a medicine, intoxicant, solvant, or other potions-like substance, and write an essay detailing the ingredients, uses, and manufacture of the product, as well as identifying the wizarding equivalent, and comparing and contrasting the two. There is no required length, however poorly written and researched essays will be marked down accordingly.

First through fourth years may pick from the following list, or chose their own, as they like, however fifth years and above are expected to find something not on the list of appropriate complexity. This will require investigating Muggle resources, as you will not find the required information solely through wizarding texts. I recommend that students work together to complete this assignment.

List for 1st - 4th years. )
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I never thought I'd say this, but the summer hols have been soooo dreadfully boring that I actually miss being at school. At least at Hogwarts, first years catch fire occasionally, and so on.

Hanging about some daft camp isn't much, but at least

[ooc: And after an indented word or two, the entry stops there. Ink on Strike event starts today!]


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