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Very amusing. I applaud whomever managed to move me all the way from Gryffindor tower to the Divination tower while I was asleep, but I am going to need to know the new password so that I can get back in and collect my belongings.

The heavyset female-identified guardian assigned to the Gryffindor portrait hole refuses to even give me a hint, as well. She is acting very strangely indeed. She looks as if she has seen a ghost.

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[There is a 12-year-old Kankri standing petulantly in front of Gryffindor tower, in a bright red sweater that's a little too big for him.]
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I'm sure you've all be wondering why I've had the ground outside of Greenhouse One plowed as I did. To answer that, I'm asking for volunteers to help finish the job. You're to be planting magical seeds within the garden. When they grow, the vines will snake over the the greenhouse, and then roses will sprout from within the vines. These plants are of my own creation, and once fully grown they're quite lovely. They are charmed to collect sunlight and filter it into the greenhouse as well, so they won't be blocking out the sun like you might expect.

I would like for a few students to volunteer for this task. Consider it penance for all of the trouble caused a few days ago.

Also, every student in my class are to meet this Monday in Greenhouse three. We will be planting and growing orchids for Professor Donoghue and Professor Matteris's wedding.

Love, when it's genuine, is a beautiful thing, wouldn't everyone agree?
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I'm not entirely certain what kind of illusion this is, but it is a very convincing one. A...very. Convincing one. I have no idea how it was accomplished, but whoever did it should be commended for their creativity, as well as for their talent.

[Filtered to Sal]
Sal, something's happened.

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Well now, I'm glad to see everyone back at school safe and sound and ready for what has already begun to be an eventful year. I know that the first little while has been quite busy and exciting for many of you, but now is not the time to forget that you are attending this prestigious academy first and foremost to study.

Now that everyone is back for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to repeat my previous assertation which I recognize may have been overshadowed by more pressing matters in the past weeks, which is to say that for those of you who would be comfortable speaking to someone who can offer an unbiased perspective and also who can be approached much like one would a peer, I am willing and able to offer my unique and unbiased perspective as a not-quite-peer mediator. This goes for faculty and students, I remain unbiased either way and will be willing to listen to any concerns that any individual might wish to raise. I also will be willing to provide advice as to appropriate avenues to carry these concerns on, should the individuals in question wish to do so, in order to minimize offense taken by any party and, ideally, help to foster a deeper sense of camaraderie and understanding between fellow students, fellow staff, and between the faculty and the student body, as well.

I do not wish to come across as obtrusive in any way, particularly as my transcorporeal privilege can make some reticent to approach me, and I recognize and respect this, and will refrain from approaching anyone who may be triggered by my appearance. However, should anyone wish to reach me, they need only inquire into the whereabouts of Kankri Vantas, and you should find me in fairly short order. I will do my best to be readily available and approachable for students and faculty alike, but of course not in a manner that could be construed as obtrusive, obnoxious, or offensive.

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