Jan. 11th, 2013 05:45 pm
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Now that we've returned both from our holidays and from our graceful plummet into the past and future, I feel that we are overdue for some introductions.

We shall begin with the best one! Here I am, Professor Jack Sparrow! The charmingest of charm teachers with multiple talents in various areas. My enjoyments include rum, wine and scotch on occasion.

I was severely tempted to greet all of your smiling faces with an essay, but that would require setting one. Instead, I ask that you step forward, introduce yourself and tell me ONE thing that you are supposedly good at so I'll know if you'll be of any use in the future I can get to know you!
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I'll never understand why everyone makes such a fuss of the Yule Ball. I fail to see the point of making everyone dress up just so that they can dance while other people stare at them. The royalty nonsense is just a big popularity contest, it doesn't have anything at all to do with merit, as many of the nominees so clearly illustrate. I, for one, am abstaining from all that rubbish and choosing to do more useful things with my time.
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Ah, it's that time of year again! The Yule ball is coming and I'm sure everyone will look beautiful! This is to the students who need some help putting their Yule ball outfit together - Mamma is more than happy to help and since everyone has been good and staying healthy, I have more than enough time to make some dresses or at least help with fixing any old ones you might have.

Feel free to ask me about any mending spells here or sharing your designs, darlings~!

(ooc: Gkika's old beer house had frequent dance numbers with various outfits and she often made the costumes for the girls herself - she knows what she's doing!))


Dec. 10th, 2012 10:44 pm
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Alright, practical jokes are fine, but someone better tell me the password to Gryffindor tower. I don't know who knocked me out and put me in the Slytherin common room, but it's old now. Who ever you took that sweater and tie from will find them on one of their couches.

Once I get back in to my dorms, I think we need to have a snowball fight. We could do it between houses, like Quidditch since there is no match this month. Don't be sad when Gryffindor wins though.

[[ooc: For the event, Katniss' dad never died and she's a well adjusted tomboy with less social awkwardness. She's also a Gryffindor for the event.]]


Dec. 2nd, 2012 12:19 am
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If you will allow an old man to regale you with a tale of his youth, I should like to inform you all that when I was a student here we had to FIT into our robes to be accepted. What has the education system come to, I ask! I thought I'd be professoring...professing? Not nannying!
Is it too late to call shenanigans? I'm calling shenanigans. I resign. I quit.

I'll be in my office if anyone over the wise age of eleven has anything of worth to mention.


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