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[Filtered to Iroh]

[There are a few inkdrops before he starts writing.]

What would you have me do?

[/filtered to Iroh]

[filtered to Xion]

[There's EVEN MORE inkdrops here, because how do I socialize]

... I'm sorry.
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First let me say a great big hello to all of you! I hope you're all excited for the Summer holidays. I certainly am! But I feel like before everyone leaves for the holidays next month, we have some things that we need to discuss. I hope that none of you mind that I took the liberty of having the house elves deliver tea to all of you as, as well as giving you a note telling you to check for this entry. So all of you should be here soon, I should hope. Unless you intend to ignore this, but please don't. I would be disappointed in you.

Anyway, the point of this is to discuss the going ons lately! We have not had a staff meeting in a while and I figured one over the journals would be much better! That way, we can sit in the comfort of our own offices and discuss things. I think the biggest thing we should discuss is this fighting.

So much fighting going on! We need to figure out a way to make the students get along. Preferably before the end of the year, or else they will all go home stewing on things and that is not healthy at all. While I know that Mister Strider just won the egg competition, I think perhaps he needs talking to. I don't think we should dock the points though, as those were certainly well earned and he and Mister Robinson were a very good example. Mister Vantas was most definitely out of line in some of the things he said, so I feel all the blame does not belong solely on Mister Strider.

This is just touching on the surface, I think. If anyone else has things they want to bring forth and lay on the table, you are more than welcome to! At any rate, I am done for now and will wait patiently for everyone to respond.

ϟ 2

May. 25th, 2012 04:46 pm
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[Filtered to all third years minus Maka]

I can't believe Maka is mad at me over something so stupid. She thinks I talk about her behind her back. I never talk about her behind her back!
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So I gOt ThIs QuEsTiOn FoR aLl YoU mOtHeRfUcKeRs WhAt KnOw AbOuT mAgIc.
Is It PoSsIbLe ThAt MaYbE a MoThErFuCkEr CoUlD hAvE a CuRsE oN hIm?
LiKe A kInD oF CuRsE tHaT mAkEs It So WhEnEvEr A mOtHeRfUcKeR mAyBe DoEs SoMeThInG eLsE tO aNoThEr MoThErFuCkEr, JuSt TrYiNg To Be AlL fRiEnDlY aNd ExPrEsS a LiTtLe MoThErFuCkIn TeNdErNeSs, ThEn ThE sEcOnD mOtHeRfUcKeR jUsT gEtS aLl SaLtY wItH hIm Or MaYbE aLl SnOw StOrM oN tHaT fIrSt MoThErFuCkEr'S aRsE aNd EvErYtHiNg Is AlL rUiNeD?
oR a HeX?

Cut for the crazy-stoner-text impaired. )

Day 6

Apr. 8th, 2012 12:50 pm
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I have an announcement!

Professor Iroh said that...I could live with him, and that Feferi would be living with him too. So it's like I have a sister now and everything

...We're a family now, okay? So you won't ever have to hear about my parents from me again.

Day 5

Mar. 30th, 2012 06:43 pm
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[There's a long pause before anything else shows up on the page.]

I'll be going home early for the holiday. I have some business I need to attend to back at home.

I won't be able to receive any owls or regular post either, so don't please don't worry.


Mar. 28th, 2012 09:44 pm
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So many exciting things lately! Where do I even begin?

First let me extend the warmest of welcomes to all of our new staff members! It's an honour to have you all on board, and I can't wait to get to know everyone. In fact, would any of you be interested in coming to my office for tea before the Easter holidays? It would be lovely to have you.

To all of you students, and not just the ones in my house, I have a question! As you know, back in the beginning of the year when I became Head of Hufflepuff, I mentioned taking the house on a field trip as celebration! Well, one thing or another has delayed it but I'm finally putting the plans into serious... well, planning. And I have decided to make it a school-wide field trip!

But of course, I am the Home Economics Professor, so I will be incorporating teaching into it, so you all get to experience how wonderful my class is! And then you may sign up for it... But I digress.

I need a few ideas! What are some muggle places you would be interested in visiting, that you think would be relevant to Home Economics? I would love to have your suggestions. I was definitely considering a Muggle tea house, so you can see how they make tea! As well as perhaps a few electronic stores, to allow you to spend muggle money for budgeting lessons- you will of course be able to keep anything you buy.

But please, do give me ideas, I need them. I would also very much appreciate volunteers for chaperoning, just to keep an extra eye on the students, if anyone is interested.

And finally, Homework! Recent events have inspired me to give everyone something a little different, and while it's not particularly relevant to Home Economics, I would still like you to all write an essay on who you admire most. I think it ties in nicely with parents day as well as us acquiring new staff! I would like for it to be around ten inches, and it is due after the holidays, so you have plenty of time!

Oh look at me rambling on, I do apologize. Nevertheless, that is all! Happy early Easter, everyone!


Mar. 26th, 2012 11:52 pm
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I Confess That I Have Not Been Keeping Up With This Journal As Much As Is Recommended
Its Not That I Do Not Enjoy Writing Down All My Thoughts
On The Contrary I Find It Soothing
I Simply Misplaced It Under A Pile Of Dresses At Home Over The Summer
With All Of The Moving I Did
It Slipped Into An Unconventional Hiding Spot
I Had Thought To Check Under The Bed But Not Under A Seemingly Innocent Pile Of Clothing
I Guess Its Good That Uncle Thought To Send It To Me Via Owl

That Aside
What Have I Missed
Since Lacking A Communication Device Has Made Me Into A
A Person Whose Life Goal Is To Continue Living Under Rocks For Long Periods Of Time

[ ooc; might be slow, sorry about that. ]
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A very belated apology if anybody was bothered by my mother and father when they visited. I'm aware that they can be somewhat... unconventional.

[By Rarity's standards, they can be a source of shame, although they're dearly loved nonetheless. Both parents are far less dignified than she; if someone were being rude, they might call them hillbillies. At least the both of them are familiar with magic.]

Nonetheless, I'll not complain overmuch, since it's important to appreciate one's family! [Especially once they're gone.] It's difficult to be negative when the weather is becoming so lovely, not to mention the new potential for spring fashion.
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Congrats to Hufflepuff on their win. I wasn't at the match either but I could hear all of you cheering all the way up in Ravenclaw tower as well as Mr. Karkat's shall we say..colorful commentary.

Not that I really expect to have much time to do so I think that instead of studying over break I'll actually read for pleasure.
Is anyone reading anything exciting that they'd like to recommend?

1st Card

Mar. 25th, 2012 09:48 pm
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Well, now, boys and girls, it would seem you have yourselves a new Professor here.

I am Doctor Facilier, and I will be teaching you what you might call... Muggle magic. Now, don't you scoff at that. Voodoo, Tarot card reading... They're just as much magic as any wand-waving you all do, and even more so than peering into a crystal ball or tea leaves.

Voodoo is my specialty, now, but I also practice Hoodoo and read Tarot cards, and I'm not too shabby with Shamanism, if I do say so myself. And we'll be covering all that and more in class.

'Course, my class isn't for everyone. It takes a great deal of skill to master these arts, not to mention an open mind.

Now, who's up for the challenge?

One ♒

Mar. 25th, 2012 10:37 pm
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Students of Defence Against The Dark Arts class number twwo, I ask that you refer to chapter 35, specifically pages 223, 230 and 237 before you attend your first class.

I suppose I should also introduce myself wwhile I'm at it. My name is Murdoc. You wwill call me Professor Donoghue. I wwill be the second Defence Against The Dark Arts. Any questions should be directed here. That is all.

[Filtered to Eridan Ampora]
I believve wwe need to talk.

[Filtered to Cyrus Onikous]
I'll behavve if you do.


Mar. 19th, 2012 04:26 pm
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So now that all of that is over and done with...for future reference:

- The Charms room is warded against ghosts
- All presents from guardians should not be kept in your dorm if they're going to smother or smell after a while
- Don't assume you're ever in a zone where your guardian can't see what you're doing, apparently they're allowed into the journal system for the occasion

I think that's about it. Anything else?

Day 4

Mar. 18th, 2012 01:33 pm
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[This was private, or at least she could have sworn it was private, but apparently her extreme state of mind just up and sapped her magic.]

They're not here...

I guess they really are pretending Hogwarts doesn't exist

this is dumb it shouldn't bother me

but why doesn't anything they do or say make sense?
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so yo guess what everybody
its march
means zombie jesus day is coming up too
and with it a chance to go the fuck home

it also means we arent gonna see hide nor hair of the fifth years because theyre too busy giving themselves library suppositories
shit absorbs into the bloodstream faster if taken anally
so bon voyage to them

that was one hell of a match last weekend wasnt it


Feb. 5th, 2012 01:50 am
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[Filtered away from Maka and baby!Death Eaters.]

[There is a large ink blot here, this is a last resort ok]

I usually wouldn't make an inquiry like this of the student body, but. I hadn't found anything that informative on the subject that wasn't completely unrelated in the library and Madame Pince was not very helpful.

Well. What should you– If your friend were to–

If you at times feel that you are less in control of your actions in the presence of a certain person, what condition might that be indicative of?

[ooc: For the filter, use your own judgment! It does not specifically say that but you know who you are.]


Feb. 3rd, 2012 07:23 pm
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I would just like to let you all know that I am going to do everything within my power to make sure you are all safe. If any of you would like to talk privately, I am here. I know this is a difficult and scary time, and some tea and talking is a great way to calm the nerves.

Additionally, and this is nothing but a personal favour to me, and not an official rule, but... I would like to ask that until this issue is resolved and the culprit is caught, please do not hide all of your conversations over the journals with a privacy spell. When everyone is hiding things from us Professors, it looks very suspicious! And it ultimately makes it all the harder to track the person responsible down.

Obviously this is not mandatory, but it would help very much.

Azula, if you would be so kind to meet me in my office for bit of tea, I would be delighted.

Third Throw

Feb. 3rd, 2012 06:47 pm
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[Filtered from Staff]

So we all know it was Azula, right?

I saw people looking at Galen, but come on. They would've said if somebody died. That means it was the Imperius Curse or the Cruciatus Curse. And being manipulative and torturing people are Azula's specialties.

(ooc| Sokka's pretty emotional right now, which makes him a sloppy charmer. So it's possible for a  teacher to hack.)

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Students and staff, I regret to inform you that we have a serious predicament on our hands.

I recieved word from the Ministry today that there has been a report of the use of an Unforgivable Curse by a minor, within the Hogwarts grounds.

While we do not yet know the identity of the individual that cast the curse, I can assure you that we will be doing everything we can to discover them, and anyone who may have had a hand in the affair. The safety of my students is my utmost concern.

Until the culprit or culprits are caught, I must insist that students take great care in the corridors. You shall be accompanied to and from classes by your professors, and I would ask that any free time is spent in your respective common rooms, rather than roaming the castle. Prefects, I must ask you your cooperation as well, to see that these rules are upheld.

I am truly sorry that such a thing should happen during what should be a time of peace and celebration.

I would like to request all staff members meet in my office at your earliest convenience.

((OOC: Feel free to comment to this post like you would any other! Teacher characters, please join in on the staff meeting :3))


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