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[ooc: This? Is a complete lack of filter. A message intended for Gryffindor is on the loose, possibly done intentionally to make a point.]

Ahhh, the match between Slytherin and Ravenclaw is coming up, and that means some leisurely time for-

AHAHAHAHA I can't even finish the sentence! My little joke is just too damn funny! It's so funny I [inkblots, shaky writing, some tear from the quill being pressed way too hard into the paper]almost can't take it!

Teammates, I have an important announcement! Ah, my proud little lions, my radiant favor smiles upon you! Some especially so. You know who you are. Keep this up and I'll have to really be on my toes next year if I want to retain my captaincy and for this, I am so, so very, very glad. Don't think that I haven't caught the subtle but heady aroma of unquenchable revolutionary hunger wafting off of some of you. OHO, no no no NO. I can taste it - it is like ambrosia! - and this promise of a challenge sustains me.

But others.

Ohhhh, others, others, others, others, others. Far, far, far too many others!

I don't know if you've become distracted by school or if you've gotten sloppy over the holidays or if your mind has turned into an impassable, confusing labyrinth of hormones or if the birth pangs of this new post-war existence of ours has turned your life upside down or if you've just gone DEAD inside - the hot blood coursing through your veins chilled blue by some unseen and unstoppable force of doubt and dread!! You are not the same players that made it through my incredibly scrupulous and only occasionally arbitrary cuts! And this makes me sad. I've never known such sadness! It's RIPPING ME APART. And when I'm this consumed with despair, I take swift action.

As a wise man once said, the flavor of revolution is delicious, and Gryffindor, I am laying out the freshest ingredients for coup d'état for you.

The members of the team who have been making me so depressed will find a letter in a red envelope on their pillow. The contents are all long and personalized, but the core message is the same: shape up or I kick you off the team. Kick is a metaphor, of course! I much, much prefer beating people with my fists!

If you're not currently on the team, you've got the chance to dazzle me. For once, every Gryffindor is invited to watch the team practice. Stick around after we're done and show me what you've got. Anything's possible.

[ooc: why yes, this is a petition for new Quidditch team members, how did you know??? It's just the Graham and Amelia Show right now and I'd love some co-stars. So. sign-upsign-upsign-up]
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I missed my birthday last month. Hn. It's highly unlikely it mattered though.

It seems we have a few fools in our midst. Those who allow such people to rile them up are even bigger fools.

[ooc: strikes can be hacked if you really want to :3]


Jan. 12th, 2012 02:21 am
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Despite its persistently dusty appearance, returning to Hogwarts always has its advantages.

During our vacation, Liz dragged me to see a muggle movie named Midnight: Broken Dawn. Frankly I am appalled at how muggles view Vampires and Werewolves. How could a vampire travel to Brazil? This is just illogical to me.

And when I asked Liz to explain, she told me that they sparkled in the sunlight, but I cannot fathom why this would be the case.

I am left to presume this is another case of muggle movies adapting novels poorly.

[ooc: "Midnight" is what I'm calling "Twilight" for all intents and purposes.]
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The adventurers guide to the galaxy. London strain. Tomb hunter. European treasure?? Fisticuffs!! Oh blimey Scrums The lost skull Fisticuffs is actually a viable journal name No

Weekend at dangers
a Jake English journal

January 06 2012: A grand opening indeed.

Ahoy my good chaps! Lovely weather today aint it? My name is jake english as aforementioned. I am a fifth year hailing from the noble house of gryffindor. From this day henceforth this is officially now my journal! Or "wizard blog" as all the kids here call it these days.

Here i will recount all my smashing adventures -- tales of heroisms, intrigue, action, adventure and perhaps even romance. *A hearty wink for all the lovely ladies out there* It will be a primary source for all my peers out there fresh off the press!! I can tell this will be very gripping and i bet my bottom boonbuck you lot would also have a spanking ripsnorter of a time reading this.

Now onto the swashbuckling adventures!!

A couple weeks ago i brought out my arms and set off towards the one ruin of the island i reside in. The weather was rather harsh that afternoon. The rain splashed all over my face with an almost cruel intensity to make up for the absence of snows chilly ferocity. The sky was getting dark and the frightening fauna were sure to scour the area with blood lust in their eyes. It was as if the world was weaving an intricate web to deter me from my journey what with the way its coming together in perfect harmony to piss me the fuck off. Alas it did not win!! I gripped my pistols tighter and trudged on and persevered.

I reached the ruin at about seven. Hungry tired and excited i entered. The inside was pitch black. Luckily taking a page from ms lara croft the famous archeologist i came prepared with a flashlight. What did i find?

Friggin canned goods. The cans look so bloody old that it makes one wonder if the ancient mayans had can openers already. I went home disheartened and with an arm full of carrots and peas in a can. And then i played weekend at bernies in my dvd player! Have you guys watched it? If not i strongly suggest it. Its so friggin hilarious.

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Jan. 5th, 2012 06:42 pm
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 It is quite nice to be back! Christmas was good, of course; my parents sent nice things. But spending the holiday -- Ha, spending most days! -- with Lawrence is rather boring.

You are all quite more interesting! And now there is a whole new year to have fun in!

Does anyone have exciting plans for this year?


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