Jun. 30th, 2013

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Jun. 30th, 2013 08:48 am
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Maaan, not bein' at school is so boring! There just ain't that much to do. On the bright side though, I been workin' on my zombie survival plan, y'know. Just in case. Lookin' up old news that happened while we were all at school, If found some articles about some people eatin' other peoples faces! That just proves there're zombies out there and we all gotta be ready, don'tcha think?

Y'all should get your zombie survival plans done too. And make sure they don't involve no magic, 'cuz ya can't use that shit outside of school. If y'all got any questions or need any help though, I can do it! I'm somethin' of an expert of zombies, trust me.

Anyways, somebody should come visit me! It's kinda lonely over here at home without no friends. I'm sure momma wouldn't mind! She'd probably cook a real nice dinner, she's always sayin' I need more friends around. She's a real good cook, too, so you should come over so I can get a good dinner. I mean, not like a regular good dinner, but a special good dinner, the kind she only makes for guests and stuff.
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Finally, I've been able to get to Arkham. My annual month-long trip to see Uncle Hans was delayed due to my ridiculous brother putting himself in hospital, but now I'm away from all that nonsense. And my uncle has not one but three test subjects to work with this summer! I forsee great gains in knowledge being made this vacation, I shall have to keep very careful notes for future research endeavors.

Daniel Cain, who has been helping my uncle in procuring specimens, shows some promise, too. American medical wizardry is so different.


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