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Maaan, not bein' at school is so boring! There just ain't that much to do. On the bright side though, I been workin' on my zombie survival plan, y'know. Just in case. Lookin' up old news that happened while we were all at school, If found some articles about some people eatin' other peoples faces! That just proves there're zombies out there and we all gotta be ready, don'tcha think?

Y'all should get your zombie survival plans done too. And make sure they don't involve no magic, 'cuz ya can't use that shit outside of school. If y'all got any questions or need any help though, I can do it! I'm somethin' of an expert of zombies, trust me.

Anyways, somebody should come visit me! It's kinda lonely over here at home without no friends. I'm sure momma wouldn't mind! She'd probably cook a real nice dinner, she's always sayin' I need more friends around. She's a real good cook, too, so you should come over so I can get a good dinner. I mean, not like a regular good dinner, but a special good dinner, the kind she only makes for guests and stuff.
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You're starting to worry me kiddo.

Besides, even if it did happen, I'm pretty sure the ministry would be alright with kids using magic if it's to protect themselves from something pretty non-muggle like a zombie outbreak.

Also, it'd be a good idea to mind your language, just because you're at home doesn't mean we let it slide.
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Why do you need proof that there are zombies? They've already been proven, they're called Inferi, and they're animated by Dark magic.

Besides, I think if they overran the world, the school would hardly be paying much attention to people violating the underage magic rule.
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Muggle world zombies come in all kinds..there's the kind that are made from some kinda virus and then there are the science experiments gone awry kind and lots of other ones. [Inkblots] If it's a virus, I wonder if it would spread fast and how it'd be transmitted. In some lore it's by getting bitten and in some it's an actual virus that kills you and then reanimates you.

Magic kind like Inferi don't seem too tough of an undead type to me.I mean, for those to even exist there has to be someone controlling them right? So if you kill the wizard controlling them they go back to being inanimate corpses I imagine. There are tougher magical beings than them out there to worry about I think.
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Heck, you know you can give me a call if you need someone to come over! We can go jump off a roof and see if we bounce like the old days!
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You do know that cannibalism exist in the world, right? While it's not common, it isn't zombies just because someone tried to eat the face off another.

Undead are more common than you believe though. You do know that, right? Not that I would put vampires on the same level as zombies, but I'm sure that dark magic of that caliber exist that can reanimate the dead to do their bidding. But I'm pretty sure that zombies would be easily dealt with by the Ministry, if not wizards with decent education.

It's hardly worth worrying over.