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I sincerely never thought I would say this but I am so tiered tired of baking.
I can't do it anymore!
Dad's stocked up on so many mixes that I can hardly not use them at all, but!
I miss making potions!
I don't suppose those fall under some loophole in regards to the "no magic outside school" rule, hm?
Hoo hoo, I'd be whipping them up left and right if that were the case!
There's only so many times you can flip on a mixer before your brain wants to short-circuit, I suppose.
At least I can re-re-re-read my mystery novels...
Though, I will say it is much less interesting when you know how the story will end up! :B

Anybody doing something particularly interesting this summer?
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Dear me, I never thought I'd see the day. You're not ill, are you?

I believe I heard talk of visiting some relatives in Australia next month. I've yet to decide if I want to go, though at least the weather is bearable at this time of year.
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It's full of animals that want to kill you, and will do so by hiding in your shoes and waiting to ambush. Perhaps I'll stay home. It depends if Will and Phin are going.

You can send me something if you have an over-abundance of baked goods but don't be surprised if your next owl has a message from my mother asking for recipes.
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Hm, that's a jolly good point actually. Perhaps the wildlife might be worth tolerating my brothers for a fortnight.

And you must be joking, my mother loves those places. I can't understand why, but she occasionally goes shopping with my aunt.

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ok that pun was awful but ill forgive you for it since youre in the egbert family
still never thought id see the day jane crocker would be tired of baking
granted potions are more fun and more dangerous since a fuck up will usually result in some sort of unprecedented explosion
ever tried finding a new mystery novel to read

not really unless you count camping in the forbidden forest with jake
i seriously shouldnt have put that idea into his thick skull fml
i shouldve known better
for real
hindsight has 20/20 vision and i hate it
other than that i plan on catching up with the muggle world
recent events new music and all that good stuff
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hell if i know about any mystery novels
the only ones ive read are encyclopedia brown nancy drew and the harvey boys
maybe you can get caught up on mystery tv shows

oh good
yeah well i wasnt thinking at the time
now its a thing and i apologize to the whole school for giving it to him
were all going to die and its all my fault
ok well no its jakes fault too since he actually fucking went through with it but whatever

glad i dont have that problem
i just have to deal with puppets all day every day for my whole summer break
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they are mystery books for kids
granted ive never actually read the harley boys ive just heard of them
as far as the shows go well they gotta solve the mystery in like an hour tops
some stretch for 2 episodes holy shit
its like they took scooby doo and just stretch it to fit an hour

youll be hard pressed to scare him
ive seen the guy scared only once

theyre an extended family i can do without
the only reason i put up with them is because my bros cant even breathe without them in the house
now that i think of it though i dont think bros bro cared all that much for them either
guess i inherited it from my uncle

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Why, Miss Crocker, you ask that as though I'm not always doing something interesting.
That doesn't resolve you of your problem, though, so I suppose we should put our heads together and figure out a way to apply my good fortune to your problem.
It seems you're looking for something to read.
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I'm fully capable of catering my presented pieces to my audience.
How do you feel about ponies?
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Give me a few days and I'll have something for you.
I've had a side project for a while, anyway.
Might as well put it to good use.

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I ain't really doing much this Summer. It's actually turnin' out pretty boring so far! I wanna do stuff, but I just dunno what to do. You got any ideas, miss mix-a-lot?
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I'm considering hosting a party at my abode near the end of Summer when I return home. Mother's place has much more space to accommodate the amount of people that may be arriving, and she does enjoy a good party.
It's one of the things that I feel like she was born to do.

Other than that, I can't really say I have a lot on mind. Mostly the usual.
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It just means that she's a fairly social creature. I suppose that it makes sense for what she does.

I usually get new books to read that I can bring with me to school once school is back in session. But I usually tend to the stables. My horses always miss me terribly while I'm gone.

I also have lessons in fencing and other activities I don't get to work on while I'm away.
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Ah yes! Before turning to the art of magic, I was put into extracurricular that a girl of my stature should be adept at.
Horseback riding and fencing were two of my favorite things, I found. We have a stable on our property. Poor dears miss me when I'm gone this long.

We have padded clothing for it. It is much less dangerous than it used to be, I assure.
I am quite good at it, if I am to be a bit pompous.

[Her mom totally passive aggressively puts all her trophies above the fireplace or in its own glass case. The nerve of that woman!]

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